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marakuin case you haven't fixed the problem by now, i'm using nvme on my laptop (with crux) and it's working pretty quickly joacim03:19
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brian|lfshyou guys see this today LOL Linux Journal:06:09
brian|lfsWe started things off with Best Linux Distribution, and nearly 10,000 readers voted. The winner was Debian, with many commenting "As for servers, Debian is still the best" or similar. One to watch that is rising in the polls is Manjaro (7 percent), which is independently based on the Arch Linux. Manjaro is a favorite for Linux newcomers and is known for its user-friendliness and accessibility. And, now for the top three LJ06:09
brian|lfswinners: Debian (33 percent), openSUSE (12 percent), and Fedora (11 percent).06:09
jaegerAnyone have a current version of discord working? I'm just getting an instant exit after starting06:40
brian|lfsya I have discord06:42
brian|lfsthat error sounds familar why I'm not recalling right now06:42
brian|lfswait lied let me trying installing it guess it was built beforje I got my new comptuer been afew months06:44
brian|lfsthis may take a few needed clang for some reason lol06:51
jaegerI wonder if canary works better06:51
jaegerworth a try06:51
brian|lfsWhat's canary06:51
jaegerapparently their beta track06:51
brian|lfskits some lib thats broken06:52
brian|lfssomeone on here caught it months ago and gave me a deb file to extract it from06:52
brian|lfsdiscord is downloading to compile now06:54
jaegerWas it libcxx? I already have that installed06:55
brian|lfsmight of been06:55
brian|lfsgtk gconf libnotify xssstate glibc alsa-lib nspr nss libsigc++ libc++06:55
brian|lfsmine said it must be my lucky day and asked me what package I want and crashed lol06:57
brian|lfsis that what yours did06:57
jaegerIt doesn't ask for anything, just runs for a little bit installing updates, then crashes06:58
jaegerpublic test build 0.0.7 also crashes06:59
brian|lfsI'm looking on arch aur right now06:59
brian|lfsok mine was outdated try 0.0.4 right now07:00
jaegertried 0.0.4 and 0.0.7, both crash the same way07:02
jaegertrying canary now07:02
brian|lfsfrom what I see its handing on updating on launch on my end07:04
brian|lfsvery odd07:04
jaegercanary dies the same way... so I wonder what they're all missing. I've got all the deps I could discover myself installed... cups, gconf2, xorg-libxscrnsaver, libcxx, etc.07:05
jaegerOh well, it can wait for tomorrow, too tired to keep digging at it now07:05
brian|lfsdo you have xdg-utils07:08
brian|lfsand libxst07:08
brian|lfsjust reaching comments on archlinux aur07:08
brian|lfshmmm Looks like it should have an optdep on wget for uploading crashdumps07:13
brian|lfswtf does that mean07:13
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brian|lfsjaeger, my discord works07:26
brian|lfsI looked around on google07:27
brian|lfsand there is some werid bug when you open and update long stgory short07:27
brian|lfsuninstall discord delete .config/discord from home folder reinstall logout and logback in07:27
brian|lfsI will upload the 0.0.4 to my repo07:28
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ryuobrian|lfs: so did the transfer complete?09:05
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: scite: update to 4.0.315:22
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 17.3.415:25
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joacimpedja: was it you that recommended galculator?15:40
joacimthis is pretty much exactly what im looking for15:40
pedjajoacim, yes15:41
joacimthis one seems nice enough too15:43
pedjanasc look interesting. I use Ipython/Jupyter Notebook for that kind of thing, thou :)15:44
joacimbut insect looks like all kinds of wrong15:44
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joacimipython seems a but much for a dumb like me15:46
joacimkinda reminds me of simply running an interactive shell to do maths =)15:46
pedjawell, I am using it, and I am dumb af, so you'll be fine15:46
pedjathe added bonus is that Anaconda has all of that nicely packaged, so I don't have to do it, being lazy bastard and all15:49
pedjaPython really has an amazing array of scientific packages15:51
joacimi find these kinds of applications are really nice for planning purchases and stuff like that15:52
joacimfor stuff that isnt so complex that you need a spreadsheet15:52
joacimlike when i want to quickly get the total price for a file server, and i want to modify the prices as i find cheaper deals or options15:53
joacimasign values to variables15:53
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pedja <--nasc is using this under the hood, afaict15:54
pedjalibrary that powers it, I mean. I think I even have a port for it somewhere :)15:55
pedjayes I do. it would need updating, thou. hm. I might push it to contrib, even15:57
joacimyeah. seems somewhat powerful15:57
joacimbut the gui leaves a lot to be desired15:57
joacimall those modes, but i think only a notepad style calculator is comfortable to use15:57
joacimi find myself switching between modes all the time in traditional desktop calculators15:58
joacimso i just end up using google for conversions and larger problems15:59
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pedjaGNU Units is pretty nice for conversion16:03
joacimyeah but thats another application16:04
joacimalso want something like spotlight/alfred/launchbar/quicksilver16:06
joacimsince those are nice like that for stuff that i want to know right there and then16:06
joacimdictionary, simple calculations, launching applications16:06
pedjasomething like Albert(Alfred for Linux)?
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joacimi know16:18
joacimbut trying out the alternatives and figuring out what works well takes time16:18
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joacimtempted to give elementary os a go16:27
joacimit looks really nice16:28
pedjaI've heard that its very polished16:31
joacimi notice that fedora have a crapload of packages, but often dont have the kind of applications that i want16:31
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joacimdoesnt have nasc, ulauncher, albert, or autocutsel16:31
joacimim not smart enough to make my own rpm package either16:32
joacimseems like it is much easier to find uncommon applications on smaller distributions16:33
joacimeasier to make packages for smaller distributions too16:33
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pedjaI can wrap my head around spec files, sort of, but the Debian and friends build system is black magic16:42
pedjabut there is some tooling around that, on most distros, to make packaging a bit easier, so16:45
pedjaand, of course, packaging is the 'easy' part, maintaining it can be...fun16:46
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pedjadepending on upstream, granted16:47
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joacimwas checking out lunar, source mage, and arch before i landed on crux16:48
joacimthose were very simple and easy to understand16:48
joacimkinda just barely figured out how to make an ebuild too16:48
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gtk3: updated to 3.22.2818:03
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jaegerI use the python shell for math now and then, but if I really need to do something complicated, I pull out the ol' HP48GX :D18:43
jaegerStill a damn solid calculator18:43
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john_cephalopodaI had to get a TI-83 plus back when I was in school.18:58
john_cephalopodaBased on a Z80 :D18:58
jaegerI also have a TI-85 somewhere, those were pretty common18:58
john_cephalopodaCost 80€, as much as a cheap android phone. And there are dozens of free calculator apps :þ18:59
john_cephalopodaThose things are overpriced as hell :D18:59
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pedjasome engineers I worked with would kick your ass for saying that :)19:11
pedjaHP vs TI thread on the local BBS was epic19:17
pedjaredoing the 20+ pages of calculation because the last value you compute, using a big formula, shows that the system is over-engineered, is fun19:28
pedjawhen asked how to avoid that, my professor said 'you just have to do it many many times, to get the feel for it'19:30
joacimgot both a ti-83 and ti-84+ here19:41
joacimthe ti-84+ i found in a dumpster =)19:42
joacimno idea if it works. I don't have AAA batteries for it19:42
joacimthink i should replace the backup battery too19:42
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john_cephalopodaTI-83 had the disadvantage of having no USB port on the standard one.20:06
john_cephalopodaOne needs an adapter to connect it to the computer.20:06
joacimback when i used it. usb had just about managed to become common on computers tho20:08
joacimthose cables were pretty sweet looking20:10
joacimtranslucent cable sleeve and plastic housing20:10
joacimwish the calculator body was as rad as the usb cable20:11
john_cephalopodaMan, I want to do stuff with embedded systems now.20:11
john_cephalopoda(Although I spent 8 hours on embedded systems already today :D)20:12
joacimi spent a few hours moving my video game system back into its original case20:15
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darfofrinnst: one of sepen's ports, tree, is used by password-store23:19
john_cephalopodadarfo: I want to adopt tree, so that should work.23:21
john_cephalopodaAlready applied for contrib.23:21
darfocool. I use password-store.23:22
john_cephalopodaHmm, something seems wrong with the sqlite-32 package.23:31
pedjapassword-store is awesome. I maintain my own port because the contrib one doesn't ship with zsh completion (understandable decision) :)23:36
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pedjafew extra deps, too (for pass-otp extension)23:39
joacimpedja: the contrib one works for me23:41
joacimwith zsh completion23:41
pedjawell, zsh can use bash completion, iirc, and I use it when there is no native zsh completion.23:48
pedjaor, in the case of git, zsh wrapper for bash completion23:51
joacimi didnt do anything special myself tho23:55
brian|lfshello all23:58
john_cephalopodaHey brian!23:59
joacimhow do you do23:59
john_cephalopodaIt looks like the flyspray atom and rss1.0 feeds are broken. rss2.0 works fine though.23:59

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