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john_cephalopodaThe atom and rss1 feeds update, but the links they supply lack an '&' character in some location, which breaks them.00:00
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.3.3 -> 17.3.401:49
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brian|lfswho broke opentpd brian|lfs> jaeger, my discord works07:10
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> I looked around on google07:10
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> and there is some werid bug when you open and update long stgory short07:10
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> uninstall discord delete .config/discord from home folder reinstall logout and logback in07:10
brian|lfs<brian|lfs> I will upload the 0.0.4 to my repo07:10
brian|lfsshit dam clipboard07:10
brian|lfswho broke openntpd
brian|lfsQuestion what servers and stuff would I have to point to try crux 3.407:18
brian|lfsI'm a daring man07:19
frinnstdunno but try chrony. It's the bee's knees!07:36
frinnstlooks like alan forgot to replace the patch file. send him an email07:41
brian|lfsah ok I'll try chrony07:56
brian|lfsthis shit is getting annnoying my clcok gets slow in crucx lol07:56
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frinnstbrian|lfs: my quick and untested patch looks like this:
frinnsti've also emailed alan about it09:04
brian|lfsthanks man no biggie I installed chrony09:10
pedjasmart decision09:15
pedja'dog's bollocks', 'the bee's knees'. English is fun09:23
pedjafun fact: this ':-' is called 'dog's bollocks', for obvious reasons09:25
frinnstbees knees is an awesome expression09:27
pedjabees are awesome, too. interesting creatures09:30
pedjawasps, otoh. fuck wasps, and the depths of Hell they came from09:33
pedjayay, server side glvnd finally lands in xorg master09:38
frinnstwasps are cunts09:55
frinnsthornets are pretty cool tho. atleast here in sweden09:55
frinnstquite calm09:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libsdl2: update to 2.0.7, new maintainer10:42
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pedja <--for context11:48
joacimi dotn know the difference between wasps and hornets11:56
joacimi know what a bee is tho11:56
joacimbees are cool11:56
joacimhavent seen one in ages tho :(11:56
pedjaall hornets are wasps, but not all wasps are hornets, apparently. rather complicated family tree, that12:02
joacimso that kid nobody knows the father of?12:02
pedja'A wasp is any insect of the order Hymenoptera and suborder Apocrita that is neither a bee nor an ant.', well, that explains it12:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: wg: 20170706 -> 2018020214:57
frinnsthornets are big as fuck15:55
frinnstwe call them "b´┐Żlgetingar" in sweden15:55
frinnstnot very common, atleast not where I live. All we get are fuckyou-wasps15:56
joacimhad a wasp sit on my arm for about 15 minutes16:00
joacimand i was too scared to chase it away16:00
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Anselmoive never been terribly scared by bees and wasps and things x-x16:05
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j_vfrinnst: you mentioned gpg key in your last contrib ML post. i've never set up git for ssh auth (only github, and i think that was different) and not via gpg key... is there more i need to do?17:44
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tilmanj_v: i'm guessing the gpg key is for signing your ports18:36
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j_vtilman: thanks18:37
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pedjacitywide power outage ftw19:03
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asisis it possible to contribute port with texinfo file included ?19:12
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j_vasis: see
pedjadoes prtverify check for texinfo files?19:38
j_vwell, it checks for info directories19:39
pedjaGNU is consistent, so they are (mostly) there :)19:48
asisbut for C programming 'info libc' is better than 'man' command19:48
j_vasis: it isn't wrong to install texinfo or info files to your crux system19:49
j_vthe way i look at is that it just isn't concidered acceptable to include them in official ports19:51
j_vthat's one of the nice things about crux, you can fork a port locally, and because of prtdir precedence in etc/prt-get.conf, you get the effect of overlays19:52
asisyes i discovered this, i customize a little the ports for my need (info for example)19:53
tilmancheck out the 'pinfo' reader20:12
j_vi see continued devel is at
j_vwould be nice if they would make a release newer that 0.6.10, which was in 201020:17
j_vtilman, took some legwork to get the tip of the devel source for pinfo to build, but now that i did, i see that it's pretty nice20:39
asisi did nt know about pinfo20:51
j_vi'm throwing together a port for the tip of current development plus a few fixes20:55
pedjaif there is a way to get specific commits from Github web UI, I am not seeing it21:00
ryuoSo the employees are experiencing the same horror that processes face sometimes?21:01
ryuoInstead of a segfault they get a facefault?21:01
pedjaSlashdot is still around? wow21:02
ryuopedja: a shell of its former self. it's been sold twice.21:02
asisi too read slashdot every day21:05
pedjaI was surprised to see that Sourceforge got a facelift21:06
joacimwatching people walk into glass door is funny as hell tho21:07
j_vpedja: it sometimes varies, but the general method idea is:$user/$repo/archive/$commit_sha1/$repo-$commit_sha121:12
pedjathanks, j_v , I'll try that21:13
j_vthe commit sha1 can be the shortened version, though should note that the actual directory in the tarball will often be the full commit sha121:13
j_vso i usually use, in the build(): cd $name-${version}*21:14
pedjaI usually shallow clone it, then pick from there, but in this case, even shallow clone is fscking huge :)21:16
pedjaand for one-off, just seems...wasteful21:17
j_vah, makes sense you trying to get an archive, then21:17
j_vsucks that the pinfo source tree doesn't include prebuilt info page for pinfo itself... now i gotta come up with some hack to get it built or have pinfo depend on texinfo21:27
j_vasis: here's the pinfo port based on current git plus some fixes ups:
j_vsee the TODO note near the bottom, about creating the pinfo.info21:43
asisgreat ! i will pkgmk it21:51
asismaking the package the patches are missing22:02
j_vah, yes, sorry forgot about that... create a tarball of whole port... give me a few moments to upload to my vps22:04
asisno problem22:05
j_vi also added it to my port collection at
fun_Nice port.22:15
j_vwas thinking of adding a prebuilt copy of the page, but seems pretty easy to adjust, especially if one has texinfo installed anyways22:16
asisj_v, installed i will try it, thank you22:20
j_vwelcome... was curious my self to see what it's like... i like it's default keybindings when there is no rc file22:23
j_vah, the default rc file has good keybindings also, and the color scheme isn't too bad either22:29
asisthe keybyndings is nice, ... the color scheme (red on blue) is strong22:32
j_vyep, when i originally tested it out, i hadn't actually installed it yet, so it couldn't file the rc file22:33
j_vthen i cut the example out of the info file, and it's keybindings were more like gnu info (yuck)22:34
asisafter years of using the original gnu info on 'libc' i have a new tool22:37
j_vafter adjusting the color, this one is much easier on the eyes and with vi-like keybindings, very usable for me22:40
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pedjaI just love when patch hunk 1 of 15 fails to apply for no apparent reason, makes life so much more fun...23:18
pedjasince I made the patch, that makes me only partially a loser that can't make a patch properly, I think23:21
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darfoI wrote an awk script to convert all .info files into one big man page. See df repo inf2manp.23:34
darfoAllows me to use searching across the entire glibc info for developing code23:34
darfoand all the keystrokes are just whatever pager the man command uses (in my case less)23:35
darfoI use it mainly with home ports against big GNU software like gcc, etc because was said earlier the .info has more detail help23:36
darfoSome source comes with the .info pages already built and the are easy to convert23:37
darfoOther sources have to be built to get the .info files made23:37
darfothe rationale is that disk and memory is cheap so why not have all the small files in one large file that is easy to search23:38
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