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jaegerIf you disable frequency scaling (which I think is what you mean) then your CPU runs at full speed00:01
jaegerSo it's probably not that.00:01
jaegerAre you using JOBS or -j in your MAKEFLAGS in pkgmk.conf?00:02
jaegerWhich i7 do you have?00:04
frag9@jaeger Ohh nope, I forget put it, Intel i7-4600u @ 2.10ghz00:08
frag9Can the slowness be justified by the flag -j5?00:08
frag9without the flag -j5 *00:08
jaegerIf you have no -jX flag, then yes00:08
jaegerbecause it's basically -j1 @ 2.10GHz (3.30GHz turbo)00:09
jaegera single core00:09
jaeger-j4 or -j5 should be significantly faster00:09
frag9@jaeger Thanks you, now it goes much faster00:18
jaegerwelcome :)00:20
joacimwould be nice to know what kind of accelerator boards all those people used in their amigas01:00
joacim the two dancing at 1:28 cracked me up. everyone else is sitting down01:01
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frinnstpedja: nah but looks like fun07:33
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frinnst2oops. locked down my firewall a bit way much08:55
Romsterit's not locked down until you lock yourself out and it's over 100 killometers away and no one there to get back into it :D09:01
frinnst2im about 2km away :>09:04
frinnst2no audiostreaming at work until I unfuck-it :(09:04
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Romsterdang the horror09:30
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frinnst2what the fuck. aussies skiing in the olympics09:34
frinnst2do you guys even have snow?09:34
nwedoes someone know if I can set curl options via env?09:40
frinnst2not sure but I would be surprised if you couldnt09:51
frinnst2ugly but yeah..09:53
frinnst2 suggests variables are limited to proxy stuff09:55
nwethe funny thing is that rpmkeys in ansible fails , but with 404 not found ,but working when I running the same command manual.09:58
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libpth: move man pages10:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libmpeg2: move man pages10:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gftp: move man pages10:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: clisp: move man pages10:11
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dosbox: move man pages, source url fix, remove packager field10:11
Romsterfrinnst2, yes we have snow on the mountains10:12
frinnst2south, north or just in general?10:13
frinnst2nothing on the ground in general?10:13
Romsternope unless it's extreme winter weather and then it melts within an hour10:14
Romsterit's more like very heavy hail stones10:14
Romsterexcept the mountains were we can go to snow.10:14
frinnst2wtf. us gold10:16
frinnst2but we beat the norx so all is well10:16
frinnst2female sprint relay10:17
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RomsterACTION hides in the prtverify corner and goes to make a coffee.10:31
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Romstercrikey contrib is gonna take a bit more effort10:33
ryuoRomster: let me guess. you hunt crocodiles? :P10:55
Romsternah rabbits are more common around here10:56
joacimamericans are on steroids, so we figured they'd win anyways. so we might as well let s√łta bror get a second place for a change10:56
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joacimcan't let you win tho. you guys get so cocky10:56
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Romsterwinner winner chicken dinner11:08
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.1.5 -> 1.1.611:30
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: boost: 1.65.1 -> 1.66.011:30
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mtr: 0.86 -> 0.9211:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: ccze: move man pages11:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: chntpw: add missing field UR11:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: chatty: change packager to maintainer11:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: bftpd: 3.8 -> 4.811:49
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frinnst2fucking germans12:36
frinnst20-2 :(12:36
frinnst22 goals in 30 seconds12:37
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pedjaapparently, the total number of condoms taken from the machines in Olympic Village is one of the metrics for how successful Olympics were13:56
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frinnstOT against fucking germany14:23
frinnstwe suck14:23
frinnstholy fuck14:28
frinnstthats just sad and depressing14:28
frinnstaja. grattis14:30
joacimwhat were you playing?14:34
pedjadon't worry, you'll kick their ass at curling. probably.15:12
frinnstyeah should get a medal there atleast15:14
frinnstnorway has 13 golds :(15:14
jaegerI saw some of the SWE vs USA curling a few days ago, we suck at it :P15:30
joacimyou need wild looking pants to get good at curling15:31
pedjato make things more interesting, Eurosport curling commentators organise a poll on who is the most beautiful curling player15:39
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pedjausually the winner is from either Italian or Russian teams15:40
frinnstcan you dope your looks?15:42
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pedjawell... (NSFW-ish)15:45
pedjaGiorgia Apollonio has won that poll the most times, iirc15:49
pedjapeople in the comments for Cinema Sins Blade Runner 2049 video are losing their minds, it's hilarious15:55
pedja'I think it's a masterpiece, hence you're wrong'. yeah, that's how that works15:56
pedja'visually stunning, but empty' pretty much sums up most of the Hollywood movies15:58
joacim"AMD Phenom II X6 1100T 3.3GHz Box only (Processor not included!)"16:01
joacimthisis why 2049 is great16:03
Anselmomore films I should eventually get around to seeing. . .16:04
frinnsti thought it was pretty "meh"16:05
Anselmothat sounds like what I would expect. . .16:07
joacimnot the first time he had a waifu in a movie either16:07
pedjanot many movies 'need' a sequel/prequel/reboot/retelling16:17
frinnstnone do16:18
joacimi thought it was decent enough.16:18
joacimit isn't home alone 516:18
joacimlars and the real girl was awesome tho16:19
pedjafrinnst, Deep Rising does, imho :) (need a sequel, that is)16:20
joacimis that the one that ends on an island?16:20
joacimendings like those are bullshit16:21
joacimnot as bad as the cloverfield paradox and life tho. those had horrible endings16:21
pedjait wasn't a setup for sequel :)16:21
pedjait was making fun of movies that use that kind of the ending in the hope that there will be sequel16:23
joacimthe cloverfield paradox and life had endings that made the movies feel like a complete waste of time16:23
pedjaI am OK with open-ended endings, but it has to be natural16:24
joacimthey weren't just open ended. they're like building something nice with Lego, only for some kid to smash it all to pieces with a sledge hammer16:26
pedja'The Mist' has one of the best endings ever16:28
joacimwhere he kills his family?16:28
pedjaand the score is incredible16:29
pedjamakes you wonder who the real monsters are, as is often the case with King's novels16:31
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pedjaI haven't watched Blade Runner 2049, nor do I intend to. the original doesn't need a sequel, and I am not a fan of either Gosling or Leto16:37
pedjait's telling that all the awards it got so far were for either visuals or score, none for acting or screenplay, afaict :)16:42
pedjabut, to be fair, the original became cult classic years after the release, so16:43
joacimit has the girl from knock knock in it16:46
tilmanpedja: if you liked blade runner, you should watch blade runner 204916:48
tilmaneven if it didn't need a sequel16:48
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pedjatilman, if they remake it without Gosling, maybe :)16:52
joacimembedded epyc an ryzen got announced16:54
joacimnew pc engines board maybe =)16:54
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ryuojoacim: great. now we can make devices and claim they go "vroom".17:03
pedja880$ for 16c/2.15Ghz Epyc Embedded17:06
pedjaI don't understand this line 'AMD also has up to 8x 10GbE on its dual die parts'17:10
pedja8 10Gbit ports? damn17:13
jaegerMaybe that just means it has the PCIe bandwidth for up to 8 10GbE17:13
pedja64 PCIe lanes17:14
pedjaEmbedded Ryzen APUs almost all have dual 10Gbit ports17:17
pedjaif the price is right, they'll make a pretty nice pfSense box :)17:18
abenzpedja: links?17:32
abenzepyc embedded? so soldered CPU ?17:32
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-xorgproto: updated to 2018.319:00
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