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ryuoSomeone with too much time on their hands.00:58
joacimi've had a day like that00:59
joacimthe store i worked in did this service where we configured windows for people so they didn't have to press next for 5-10 minutes on a new computer01:00
joacimwas a big sale, so we pre-configured about 100 computers01:00
ryuoSeriously? There's people that lazy?01:01
joacimnot just lazy. they're the kind of people that will type in the password wrong, and blame you or the computer01:02
joacimi like the customers that say they forgot the password, but the reality is that one or more of the keys are broken01:02
joacimthose are a lot more humble and nicer to work with01:03
brian|lfswhy not 40+ computers with a Linux penguin on the screen01:03
ryuothat's rare but it happens.01:03
joacimos x and their language selection screen speech01:03
ryuoit's not os x anymore.01:04
ryuoit's mac os.01:04
ryuoACTION rolls their eyes.01:04
joacimi havent heard cortana much due to having configured most computers in norwegian01:04
joacimbut i've heard macs speak all the time01:04
jaegerI heard cortana say a bunch in chinese recently01:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: sic: new maintainer. fix mandir.07:25
frag9Hey guys, what's happen with the port opt? I try to install some package (depends) and the fingerprint isn't sync. Example: Samba, Libguev, Libsndfile07:27
frag9footprint *07:28
frinnstdepends. did you get a MISSING or NEW error?07:30
frinnstNEW 'errors' are quite common and normal. It just that the build system has picked up another installed library that you have installed that offers some functionality07:30
frinnstif you get a MISSING error then something probably went wrong07:31
frag9Polkit for example say MISSING and is a permission error, when I have NEW I don't care about it07:32
frinnstcan you paste the error somewhere? works07:33
frag9I'm from tty but let me see07:34
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: dvtm: new maintainer. update to 1.5 release.07:36
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-glib: new maintainer. update to 1.326 release.07:50
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-cairo: new maintainer07:53
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frag9But I see the port and have a file as name pre-install with the creation of user and permission, I know I'm stupid so how I cant execute prt-get and it execute all pre-install file07:57
frinnsthehe dont say that08:00
frinnstyou have flags for running installscripts08:00
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-pango: new maintainer. fix perms.08:01
ryuofrag9: not really a problem. footprints can vary depending on dependencies.08:02
frinnstfrag9: something like this: prt-get depinst --install-scripts <port>08:03
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-glib: fix perms08:04
frinnstyou can also toggle in prt-get.conf08:04
frag9Yeah, I fixed this with prt-get --pre-install --if depinst <package>08:05
frag9Thanks guys you are awesome!08:05
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-cairo: fix perms08:06
frag9I was 5 years without use crux and I be so loss08:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: p5-gtk2: new maintainer. fix perms.08:20
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: makeself: new maintainer. update to 2.3.1 release.08:37
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: intel-ucode: new port14:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iucode-tool: new port14:17
fun_Nice job with intel-ucode, pedja.14:27
pedjaI've been using it for a while, so I guess its tested enough14:28
pedjafamous last words[tm]14:29
fun_I'll drop mine14:29
fun_Did you check jaeger 's port?14:30
pedjawe talked about it when he was testing grub2 intel-ucode patch14:32
pedjaI prefer using the 'official' tool for manipulating microcode14:35
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fun_Fine by me. Thanks.14:48
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frinnsthow do one use it?16:01
frinnstjust install and reboot?16:01
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frinnsta readme might be useful16:02
joacimsudo chown -R $(whoami) /usr/local/bin16:03
joacimsmart man16:03
joacimfound linked to in
ryuo... seriously?16:08
ryuook... makes me glad i didn't jump on the hype train for node.js16:09
ryuothese people are insane...16:09
Anselmofix permissions, or just run as root all the time . . .16:11
joacimsome day i'll be the ones that get to administrate their servers16:11
joacimand get to respond to their demands for root access and the ability to run untested code on production servers16:11
pedjafrinnst, intel-ucode?16:16
pedjayou are right, README would be useful :)16:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: intel-ucode: add README16:52
brainzmanI have createdd a package but when I run pkgmk the Build Result failed. With a bsdtar: *: Cannot stat: No such file or directory16:57
brainzmanAny idea how to fix this?16:57
darfopkgmk -d might fix it if you haven't already downloaded the source16:58
darfoor the source= in the Pkgfile doesn't match the source file downloaded16:59
ryuobrainzman: do you actually install anything from build()?16:59
ryuobrainzman: that's a common message when the destination directory is empty.17:00
darfoAh I missed "Build Result"17:01
brainzmanryuo: No I have not, that what I was missing thanks !17:02
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j_vis anyone using virtualbox much?17:39
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darfoi gave it up. Using KVM/QEMU CLI. I lost faith in virtualbox after Oracle took over Sun.17:42
j_vthat is understandable... i was only looking at alternate options for testing builds (like for proving out builds and issues we're seeing with go)17:46
AnselmoACTION uses qemu a lot17:46
j_vqemu is my preferred, especially if it's a non-linux guest or i want to test alternate setups17:48
ryuoACTION uses LXD.17:51
darfoI thought virtualbox juse qemu/kvm under the covers.17:53
pedjaryuo, LXD is on top of LXC, right?17:54
pedjasimilarly to libvirt and qemu/kvm?17:55
Anselmo"LXD is a next generation system container manager. It offers a user experience similar to virtual machines but using Linux containers instead."17:58
darfoYes, but I am not sure. It's been a long time since I used virtualbox.17:58
darfoAnselmo: minus the overhead of a VM, plus the lack of isolation from the host17:59
darfoso similiar is somewhat overloaded in that quote17:59
pedjavirtualbox kernel modules will be merged upstream soon-ish, iirc17:59
Anselmowell. . .it depends what you're using your VM for, but yes it seems a little bit of a stretch to me, too18:00
darfoi like both containers and qemu/kvm but they each have their niche18:01
darfoand sometimes it just has to be a dedicated machine18:01
AnselmoI've never particularly used containers,18:02
Anselmoor not so labled, anyway18:03
pedjahas anyone played with ?18:03
pedjacontainers are useful as lightweight VMs or to, well, contain, some software that I either don't want on a system or am too lazy to package18:11
pedjaand some upstream actually prefer shipping their sw in a container, for one reason or another, particularly if it depends on a bunch of libs that are tricky to get right18:15
pedjathat's why I like Anaconda project18:17
pedjaPython virtualenvs on steroids :)18:19
ryuopedja: yes.18:29
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pedjaryuo, what do you use for creating OS images? shell script(s), packer, something else?18:37
pedjaheh. I forgot to add llvm and mesa to Docker image, and now I wait for them to build, before doing something actually useful.18:39
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ryuopedja: eh, scripts?18:49
pedjaah, OK18:50
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: go: removed build artifact cache19:57
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frinnst2testing a 4.15 kernel again. when I disconnect my workstation will have crashed21:46
frinnstlast time it took around 180 minutes before everything just locked up21:46
frinnstnew kernel is without the new amd display code thingy21:52
abenzfrinnst: ever tried bareos or backupPC?21:53
frinnstbackula was a beast, fork right?21:54
abenzbareos is a fork of bacula, yes21:55
frinnstwe run veeam at work and at home i do btrfs snapshots + send & receive22:01
frinnstveeam is awesome. bit expensive tho22:02
abenznothing serious, just a fun project of sorts, so will give those oss solutions a go first22:26
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pedjaholly fuck, Ozark is incredible23:21
joacimfor a moment, i thought ozark was a backup utility23:22
joacimi've just been watching parks and recreation recently23:23
joacim+ the last season of mr. robot23:23
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pedjaI've watched the half of the previous season, and none of the last, so please, no spoilers :)23:34
brian|lfswow was like holly shit 1747 people in here23:39
brian|lfsthen I realized I clicked on the wrong tab23:39
brian|lfsBut 69 is a good number23:40
pedjafrinnst, anything mentioned here sounds familiar?
pedjamaybe your issues are with mesa23:43
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