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joacimcp /etc/nsswitch.conf{,.bak}01:35
joacimwhy didn't i think of that before01:36
joacimalways typed the entire path when i just wanted to rename a file01:36
jaegerI use that almost daily :D01:38
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jaegerone of my favorite shortcuts01:40
joacimi should read random random articles about distributions and operating systems more often01:42
joacimit's nice finding neat tricks. especially such simple ones01:43
joacimshould teach myself scripting01:43
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j_vsome of the simple tricks are the most useful02:18
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firashey guys, how can I make the painless move from Gentoo to Crux? What stuff should I backup from Gentoo that will make configuring crux easier? Thanks in advance!03:11
firasOh and another question, is it possible to create a local repository from my edited pkgfiles? How would one go when updating these?03:11
Sitriports -u will download all the upstream Pkgfiles and such via rsync03:17
rmullfiras: I am an ex-gentoo user - the biggest adjustment for me was getting used to not having USE flags at my disposal03:18
rmull/etc/pkgmk.conf is similar to /etc/make.conf03:19
SitriIf you have your own, just store them seperately, if they replace anything official (eg: you have a custom netcat or whatever) then you'll need to put yours in the /usr/ports directory apropriately if you use prt-get.03:19
rmullInit scripts are in /etc/rc.d instead of /etc/init.d03:19
rmullYou could also alternatively maintain your own git branch with your patches and sync via git03:19
firasaha I see03:21
firasI really don't mind finetuning the manual compilation flag for each package03:22
firasbut what I'd like to ask if I could use global GCC flags?03:22
firaslike gcc -O2 for example will be applied to all packages or only the ones whick pkgfiles I've edited/03:23
firasthat's cool03:23
firasand if I finally finished configuring-compiling my system03:23
firascan I make an iso of it to use it whenever I want03:24
firassimilar to a backup in concept03:24
rmullthere are scripts available that produce the install iso, but you'd have to customize them as far as I know - I'm not sure if there's a "one click" tool to convert a running installation into a live CD03:37
rmullsomeone feel free to correct me if I am mistaken03:37
firasah I'm just checking their existence nothing more03:39
firasI'm fairly ok with customizing them xD03:39
firasone last question, anyone has a working bumblebee/bbswitch setup on crux?03:40
jaegerI use ~/ports-overlay for my own ports, as an example03:40
jaegerthe 6c37 repo has bumblebee/bbswitch ports, I've used them in the past but I don't own the laptop I used them on anymore03:40
jaegerI got a new laptop that has optimus, though, so I should try again03:41
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firasthat's cool, I have managed to a get a working bumblebee/bbswitch setup on gentoo, what should I look for when attempting it on crux? should I let's say screenshot the symlinks to from a working setup and try to mimic them on crux to get bbswitch working?03:43
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jaegerTo be honest I don't recall very well what I had to do to set it up.. I think it was just install nvidia, bbswitch, and bumblebee, and maybe optimus or primus03:44
jaegerIf I get time to try it again on the new laptop I'll document it a bit03:44
jaegergl-select should handle the main symlinks, etc.03:45
jaegersimilar to the gentoo select thing03:45
firasaha I see, I documented the process of setting up bumblebee on Gentoo here perhaps you can find it useful03:46
firasI'll give crux a go in a day or two after I finish backing things up and hopefully I'll try and get bbswitch/bumblebee working as well and perhaps document them as well03:47
firasthanks for your time03:51
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firasone last question, last time I installed crux as I remember correctly, there were binary packages installed at first, so my question is: are there any guides out there to follow that explain these post installation tasks (configuring each pkgfile, rebuilding the entire system with the newly configured pkgs, creating a local repo, backing everthing up, creating a possible live installation iso)?04:14
jaegerThe handbook is probably waht you want, on the main site04:15
jaegerAlso, I'd recommend trying it in a VM for a bit to see if you like it without losing your main install04:15
jaegerupdated ISOs are also available at to save some build time04:15
jaegersorry for the slow responses, bit distracted04:16
firasit's totally fine, I should be apologizing for the amount of questions I asked04:24
firasthanks a lot for your time04:24
jaegerno worries, feel free to ask :)04:24
brian|lfsNo 3.4 isos04:28
brian|lfssad face04:28
jaegersoon (tm)04:33
brian|lfstomorrow or two months lol04:35
jaegerthe weekend for everyone else, two months for you!04:36
brian|lfsah ok04:37
brian|lfsthats my hair04:38
brian|lfsI know I've lost it trying to grow dreads04:38
brian|lfshappy margarita day04:38
brian|lfswish I had here04:39
jaegerI do plan to try to get a test iso going this weekend, we'll see04:39
brian|lfsI knew what you meant04:40
brian|lfsjust my week has been pretty bad04:40
jaegersorry to hear it04:41
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firasis it possible to remove dependencies of certain packages by modifying compilation flag of a package? it's a bit tedious this way, perhaps I'm doing it wrong?04:46
jaegersince crux doesn't do use flags, that's usually what you need to do. Make your own copy of the port you want to change and build it differently04:47
firasSay I wanted acl to be disabled, on gentoo I would just disable that use flag globally and the acl package won't be installed, how would I do that on crux?04:47
firasOk so basically I'll continue with the defaults when installing and then I'll tinker more post installation04:47
firasplease excuse my ignorance, I've tried several times to get Crux working but truth be told, I find it harder that gentoo lol04:48
jaegerI was a gentoo user before switching, I've no doubt you'll get used to it if you spend time with it... but with that said, it's definitely a more simplistic distro in concept, so you may or may not like that04:50
jaegerlack of use flags, etc.04:50
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firasok I tried to test crux on virtualbox and I can't "make install" the kernel as it says "Fatal: open /dev/ is a directory"05:18
AnselmoI usually never use make install, can you just manually copy the image and things to /boot/ ?05:22
jaegerthat message comes from lilo05:22
jaeger"make install" assumes you want to use lilo and runs it for you05:22
jaegerif you haven't configured lilo.conf yet, you get that error05:22
firasah I see05:24
firasthanks xD been scratching my head for a while lol05:24
firaswill 3.4 feature gcc 7?05:28
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brian|lfsnope switching to colbolt06:20
brian|lfsnot sure how that will compile C programs06:21
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nwedoes someone in here using prometheus to monitoring?  how did you calculate how much disk you need ?07:24
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frinnstpedja: nah, kernel related. 4.14 is rock solid and 4.15 is unusable (well was, never had it alive for this long)08:05
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xsel: unmaintained09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: spm: unmaintained09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: unmaintained09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mksh: unmaintained09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fossil: unmaintained09:36
pedjafrinnst, so it is an issue with DC? well, on the behalf of the community, thanks for being a guinea pig^Wbrave soul that helps AMD fix their shit :)09:36
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pavucontrol: new port09:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gtkmm3: new port09:46
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libcanberra: new port09:46
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frinnstpedja: maybe, not sure. I did use a fresh backport of my 4.14 config10:02
TimB_frinnst: 4.15 runs fine here since december (RC3 or something) on 3 boxes :) but none of them have AMD hardware10:05
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frinnstgod damn python hell10:09
frinnstImportError: No module named wx10:09
frinnstWarning: handle_error(): ImportError: No module named wx10:09
frinnstwxpython no?10:10
frinnstoh right, never did install that one10:11
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: stellarium: new port12:26
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frinnstwtf germany, beating canada in hockey too?13:30
TimB_no working government but at least the doping is fine ;)13:43
frinnstoops germans14:11
TimB_they lost?14:11
frinnstnah, canada reduced their lead14:11
TimB_ah, I see. I don't follow sports, I just saw the opportunity to make that comment :D14:13
rmullTimB_: Masterfully executed14:16
TimB_thank you sir!14:17
frinnstgermany to the final14:33
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pedjathis investigation report is basis for new, harsher copyright laws, apparently
pedja6 years max sentence for pirating Taylor Swift 'song'? fuck, that's harsh15:32
dlcusafiras, rmull: Any experience with Funtoo?  I like that they are commited to openrc.  What's wrong with Gentoo from your PoVs?15:45
ryuopedja: They're songs? And here I thought they were just noise.16:20
frinnstwee, 4.15 still alive16:29
pedjaryuo, noise is an actual music genre. her stuff is the chewing gum for ears (without the fresh breath, with all the pointlessness)16:35
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pedjafrinnst, with AMD DC disabled?16:35
frinnststill dont trust it yet. But when I get a baseline ill reenable DC again16:36
pedjatried any of the 4.16rc's ?16:37
pedjamassive amount of DC code went into it, iirc16:37
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pedjaAMD's Display...something thingie16:38
pedjaDisplay Code. duh.16:40
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frinnst amiga 500+ cartoon classics unboxing :D17:06
joacimi wanted an amiga for the longest time17:22
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joacimgot one of those boards laying around17:55
joacimnever bothered to use it much due to the picture quality17:55
joacimsaw someone hook it up to a rpi too, to improve the picture17:55
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j_vIt's odd that when I use 'prt-get --install-root=path_to_some_chroot info' I see info for the main system, not for the root specified by --install-root.18:46
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AndChat146900Is there a way to automatically resolve dependencies when building ports? pkgmk -d -i will fail on every dependency forcing me to manually resolve dependencies21:07
jaeger'prt-get depinst' is probably what you want21:09
AndChat146900prt-get depinst xorg-server for example21:11
AndChat146900Would apply pkgmk -d -i to all pkgs and dependencies of xorg-server?21:11
jaegerYes. You can see what it would install with 'prt-get depends xorg-server'21:12
AndChat146900Thanks a lot21:12
AndChat146900Lol I can't believe I was manually resolving them, guess I love crux way too much21:12
jaegerGotta start somewhere. :)21:13
j_vabout my comment about the prt-get --install-root option, does anyone think it would make sense if the --install-root option caused prt-get operations to be focused on the install_root specified, not just installation/removal/upgrade?21:22
joacimjaeger: what's the zfs version for your port?21:23
jaeger0.7.5 currently21:24
jaegerj_v: seems reasonable21:24
joacimthanks. might have to beg for your port if my omniosce project fails =)21:25
jaegerno problem21:25
j_vjaeger: thanks for your input21:25
jaegerj_v: I don't think prt-get gets much love these days because nobody wants to learn its codebase21:26
jaegerI might be wrong. I have very little c++ experience, personally21:26
j_vc++ isn't my most fluent language, so it's not like i can code anything in it quickly, but think i can eventually make adjustments i'm thinking of21:27
joacimand the pool version?21:27
joacimlooking around for a chart or something listing what pool version zfsonlinux supports21:28
jaegerfs version 521:31
pedjaOpenZFS is shaping up to be *the* universal file system21:44
pedjathere is a Windows port, even21:45
darforomster: opened a ticket with fastmail re: mime type of the df ports21:48
darfothey sent it to 2nd level. I'll give them a week to answer.21:49
joacimpedja: what i was looking for21:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 10.1 -> 10.222:18
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AndChat146900Another question xD, How would I find what configuration options to use in the pkg makefile when we don't have the configure file?22:29
pedjajoacim, check out ZFS books by Lucas&Jude, they are pretty good22:29
pedjaAndChat146900, there is only Makefile? no cmake or any other of gazillion build systems?22:31
AndChat146900Oh usually these projects come with a file named "configure" that has what options could be used when building the package22:32
AndChat146900I'm just asking if these are included anywhere on crux22:33
AndChat146900Like gtk or qt support on transmission22:33
AndChat146900For example22:33
pedjaupstream ships that in the source. or I am misunderstanding you?22:34
AndChat146900How would I rebuild entire system with ports post binary installation22:37
j_vone way: for p in $(find /usr/ports/{core,opt,xorg} -type d | sort); do prt-get update -fr ${p##*/}; done22:45
j_vmay not be best possible way, and I didn't add contrib or other collections in there, but maybe you get the idea22:46
j_vand that will build EVERYTHING, so be advised, it's probably not even a good way22:48
j_vbetter: for p in $(prt-get listinst); do prt-get update -fr $p; done22:48
AndChat146900I see22:50
AndChat146900How would I add thiz 6c37 contrib repo?22:51
AndChat146900I'm receiving an error when compiling gimp, footprint mismatch usr/lib/gegl-0.2/ and.so22:53
j_vmissing files, or new?22:54
j_vmost likely the gimp configure found libraries installed beyond the dependencies and built extra libs by default22:55
AndChat146900Ah but the build failed22:56
AndChat146900How do I get the build to work?22:56
j_vyou can set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in /etc/pkgmk.conf22:57
AndChat146900Any downside to that?22:59
j_vto add 6c37 repo, need to down load the 6c37.httpup and files, place them in /etc/ports/ directory; run 'ports -u 6c37'; then in /etc/prt-get.conf, add 'prtdir /usr/ports/6c37' (note: order set precedence, like overlays)22:59
j_vmy opinion is that ignoring new files is relatively safe... in my experience missing files are a sign of something wrong23:01
AndChat146900I see thanks a lot for your help and for putting up with my many questions23:01
j_vno problem23:02
AndChat146900Where can I download the httpup file for 6c3723:02
j_vfirst, see
j_vin the column that lists 'Type', the link there will download the httpup or rsync file for that repo23:04
AndChat146900Alright, what about searching for a port and cleaning unneeded dependencies (orphans)?23:04
AndChat146900Thanks for the link above very helpful23:04
j_vfor the pub file, look under 'Public Key'23:04
j_vfor searching, there's prt-get search. i like the portdbc port, let's interface with the portdb on command line23:05
john_cephalopodaAndChat146900: There is prtorphan.23:06
john_cephalopodaOh, wait, it's actually for something else.23:06
j_vfor miscellaneous tools for working with ports and collections, see the prt-utils port in opt collection23:07
john_cephalopoda(It lists installed ports that aren't in the enabled port directories)23:07
j_vmake sure you read the manual pages for these before using any of them, as some cleaning operations may clean more than you expect23:07
AndChat146900So to add the contrib repo, what do i need to type?23:07
AndChat146900I will hopefully23:07
AndChat146900Just want to finish the base installation23:08
AndChat146900Before I fall asleep, while waiting for chromium to build xD23:08
j_vthere is a line in /etc/prt-get.conf that is commented with contrib line: prtdir /usr/ports/contrib23:08
j_valso need to rename /etc/ports/contrib.rsync.inactive to /etc/ports/contrib.rsync23:08
j_vthen 'ports -u contrib'23:09
AndChat146900Okay cool. Thanks again23:10
j_vi suggest spending some time reading the handbook:
j_vyou're welcome23:10
j_valso prt-get, pkgmk, pkgadd, pkgrm manual pages... will help a lot23:11
j_vnone of those reads are very long, and will make things clearer23:11
AndChat146900Will do, thanks tho I might ask for help in a couple of days after having finished my installation and when in need of a backup/own ports23:12
AndChat146900Im really sorry, i generally dont ask these questions as I know they're a given and can be found easily if I looked hard23:12
j_voh, no problem, don't mind helping... we all started somewhere23:12
AndChat146900It's just that I had a bad data failure and I'm left with this android device to search for help and it's not good for reading trust me23:13
AndChat146900But yeah I'll read what you've suggested23:13
AndChat146900Thanks again for your time23:13
j_vdon't worry about it, it's no big deal23:13
j_vwelcome, hope you enjoy crux...23:14
AndChat146900I sure will, exherbo just did it for me and I won't be looking at gentoo for a while now23:15
mayfrosthello everyone new to crux too23:20
mayfrostis there a chart somewhere I can see the dependencies of ports?23:20
j_vi'm not aware of any charts. the dependencies are listed in each port's Pkgfile and can be listed using 'prt-get depends PORTNAME'23:22
j_vthe prt-get depends line with actually do a recursive listing to lists dependencies of dependencies, also23:23
j_vthat doesn't read out as well as I meant it, hopefully you get the idea23:24
AndChat146900Ok I stumbled upon some missing errors23:28
AndChat146900When compiling surf23:28
AndChat146900And libreoffice23:29
mayfrostxorg-server depends xorg-xf86-video-<something> and xkeyboard-config and xorg-font-<something>23:29
mayfrostdidnt see this mentioned anywhere else23:30
j_vcould you paste those errors to a pastbin site? and put the link in here?23:30
AndChat146900Ill try23:30
mayfrostbtw has anyone made a port with ratpoison?23:31
mayfrostI planned to make ports but not sure if its a good idea to start with a window manager23:32
*** abenz__ has joined #crux23:33
j_vthe first ports I made were for window manager and window manager support stuff23:35
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j_vsorry if don't answer right away, i'll be afk on and off for a while23:38
AndChat146900These are the missing files (in a form of a screenshot)23:39
j_vthose files for cyrus-sasl are a known issue... safe to ignore in this case, imo23:43
j_vwill build ignoring footprint without setting globally: 'prt-get install -if cyrus-sasl'23:45
joacimi think -if might start a rebuild23:46
joacimwould be quicker to pkgadd the package23:46
joacimshould be in /usr/ports/opt/cyrus-sasl/23:46
j_vgood point, hadn't thought of that23:47
joacimunless you've specified a different directory in pkgmk.conf23:47
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AndChat146900I see thanks23:49
AndChat146900Alright working fine now23:50
jaegerTrying to get bumblebee/bbswitch/primus/cuda working on the new laptop, so many moving parts23:52
joacimi tried getting that kind of stuff working on my W500, but I gave up and disabled the radeon chip after a while23:53
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