IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2018-02-24

marakuthanks for adding the intel microcode to contrib pedja!00:02
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AndChat146900@jaeger, keep up the good work man00:19
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AndChat146900I'll start tinkering with optimus once I finish my base installation xD00:20
jaegerIt's confusing... I can get cuda tests working but no use of the nvidia GPU on the X display00:24
AndChat146900What about the other way round? Via bbswitch00:26
AndChat146900Nvidia is always off until optirun/primusrun are executed00:27
AndChat146900And intel is the one that the X server runs on00:27
jaegeryeah, this is using bbswitch, bumblebeed, and primus00:29
AndChat146900The card is off when not in use?00:29
joacimim guessing there is no way to escape out of the fedora loading logo so you can fix fstab00:29
joacimthe typical keyboard shortcuts for switching between the VTs doesnt work. not like im used to at least00:30
AndChat146900jaocim, alt + right and left arrow keys respectively?00:31
joacimoh. didnt try those00:31
joacimdid the typical alt+function keys00:31
AndChat146900joacim, ctrl+shift+1,2,3...etc00:31
AndChat146900Ah ya00:31
AndChat146900I tend to forget these sometimes00:31
joacimyeah. i always try different combinations of them, until i find the correct one00:32
AndChat146900You can try ctrl+alt+1 then 2 then 100:32
AndChat146900This would show this aglrx error that would stop X on the 100:32
AndChat146900Seen this behavious in many distros00:33
joacimthere's a lot of magic these days that do nothing but frustrate i think00:47
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: xsel: new maintainer01:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mksh: new maintainer01:40
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pekwm: move to github move man page01:42
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 64.0.3282.140 -> 64.0.3282.16701:43
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dasporkI get some weird behaviour on ports that the url does a http->https redirect with a fresh install of crux. Is this a known issue? Looking at google results I dont see anything related.02:30
dasporkSorry testing in a VM before installing so no real paste: httpup sync awesome02:31
frinnstlooks like are doing something strange02:34
frinnstworks for me02:34
dasporkhappened with a few of them not just freedesktop02:35 etc02:35
dasporki changed the pkg file to https and it downloaded fone.02:35
jaegerno problems here... are you going through a proxy that's misbehaving, perhaps?02:36
Romsterweird i got a mirror of distfiles at
frinnstor an evil isp02:36
frinnst% Abuse contact for ' -' is ''02:37
Romstersomeone must be eves dropping on your unencrypted packets02:37
Romsterare you on lte/4g or something daspork02:38
dasporktotally possible as im in china hahaha02:38
Romsteryou can install wgetpaste02:38
dasporkoh i use proxychains->shaodowsocks so  its not an issue normally, but i have not ever encountered this02:38
jaegeralternatively: cat <whatever> | curl -F 'f:1=<-' ix.io02:40
dasporkits funny the china firewall is usually pretty good about not messing with OSS stuff02:42
dasporkwell sorry for the nonsense. i never encountered that in the last 2 years so it never crossed my mind02:44
Romsteri've never seen it either, but then i've not seen users in china use crux afaik02:44
dasporkwell now you have at least one haha. I wanted something with ports and something lighter than portage. Seems a good fit for me02:45
Romstercrux is more hands o but i like the control02:46
dasporkis there a reason the https isnt the preference in the builds?02:46
dasporkpart of a guideline or something?02:46
Romsterwe are slowly moving to https, i at least did a heap of commits for https02:46
jaegerprobably no specific reason, maybe there was no https version or the maintainer just picked http arbitrarily02:46
Romsterhttps wasn't so in-forced then02:47
dasporkcool i was asking cause when i do my install on my laptop ill make a note of all the ones i hit and contribute the changes back02:47
Romstermost sites will have HGST or 302 moved http header to https02:47
Romsteri recently move mesa3d mesa3d-32 fro ftp to https02:48
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dasporkWell i had zero problems getting it running. I think my only hurdle now is going to be getting a UEFI install working, have zero experience with it. Gonna have to read carefully02:50
dasporklaptop has no legacy support so no option.02:50
Romsterjaeger, have you made a docker 3.4 image yet? i need to start testing, i know if i try to upgrade 3.3 to 3.4 in place i'll probably break the toolchain02:51
jaegernot yet02:52
joacimhow do fedora devs even breathe. what kind of moron could make a piece of shit like that02:53
RomsterMISSING   -rwxr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/mtr-packet02:53
RomsterNEW       -rwsr-xr-x      root/root       usr/bin/mtr-packet02:53
Romsterwhy do i get this in footprints from docker and on my system they both have the same mask set.02:53
joacimmigrate my home dir to a different drive, and now i get errors about not having access. file permissions are exactly the same as before02:53
joacimif i login as root, then su - to my regular user, everything works fine02:54
dasporkits not an issue of the root of the mountpoint is it?02:54
dasporkyou are mounting /home and not /home/user?02:55
Romsterthat would be fairly obvious if you got that worng.02:56
joacimmounting my drive to /home, it contains /home/joacim02:56
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dasporkjust making sure, sometimes the obvious merits utterence02:56
Romsterfstab isn't wrong on mount options?02:57
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joacimyanked the line, commented out hte old line, pasted a new line and changed the UUID to reflect the new drive02:58
joacimthe drive is mounted02:59
joacimapparently selinux gets in the way of simple drive migrations03:03
brian|lfsI think I finally figured out the issue with chromium03:22
brian|lfsit needs nginx as a dep now03:22
brian|lfsI was finally able to get an error I could make sense of03:22
brian|lfsya I tried going to slashdot it kept giving a bad gateway and said something about nginx below it03:23
brian|lfsas soon as I installed it error went away03:23
brian|lfsjand the freezing went away03:23
SitriLike, is nginx even running?03:23
Romsterbut it bulds just fine and works for me brian|lfs03:25
brian|lfshmm its froze for me since 6403:26
Romsterand i don't have nginx installed03:26
brian|lfsits always but fine and would freeze every other website03:26
Romsteranyone else having any chromium issues?03:27
brian|lfsI haven't seen anyone complain so not sure I"m on archlinux website right now they have it in red03:27
brian|lfsthe version number not sure what that means03:27
jaegerprobably reported out of date03:28
Romsterit means it's a old version and a new one is out03:28
brian|lfs well then 167 is out of date already03:28
brian|lfsand we just pushed it out today03:28
Romsteri can't win03:29
jaegeryou can't ever win when it comes to browsers.03:29
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Romstervalid point03:30
brian|lfsagree to that03:30
brian|lfslook at the arch build of it only difference I see is there using clang to build it03:30
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brian|lfsI don't think using gcc vs clang would cause it to ljock while running it03:31
brian|lfsunless its a patch where not using03:31
brian|lfseither way so far with the nginx hasn't froze yet03:32
brian|lfsI don't get it I'm not running any proxy server over ehre03:32
brian|lfsI do have windows server 2016 on one box and apache on another box03:32
Romster 64.0.3282.18603:33
Romster404 not found -_-03:33
brian|lfsnice it was so bad they yanked it03:33
brian|lfsI imagine if problematic we may have to go to clang to compile on crux 3.4 if the new GCC becomes an issue03:35
Romster and that xml doc doe snot even list 64. anything03:35
Romsteruseless fucks03:35
brian|lfswee still should apply for api keys for chrome and chromium03:36
Romsteri bet they just haven't uploaded it yet03:36
brian|lfsyay mr. obvious lol03:36
Romsterwhy? so google can track our usage? fuck that.03:36
brian|lfsWhat's a matter Romster you have a bad week also03:37
brian|lfsmine was busy03:37
Romstermine is always busy03:37
Romsteri need a break but i don't see me getting one anytime soon03:38
brian|lfsI feel the same way03:38
brian|lfsI live on the east coast of the USA ihad a great uncile die so looks liek I will be going to San Francisco nextr weekend thats not my kind of break a funeral03:39
brian|lfsso whos gonna buy a 30TB Samsung SSD lol03:39
Romsteroh that sucks.03:43
Romsteri'd buy several if i could afford them03:43
brian|lfssame here sounds like they won't be available for consumers03:43
brian|lfseither way production just started of them this week I read03:44
Romstermore like the price tag could get you a car03:44
brian|lfsprobably probably one drive the price of my rig over here03:45
brian|lfswhich has an I9-7980XE 128GB of DDR4 2 1TB m.2 drives 4x10TB segate cloud enteterprise drives03:45
brian|lfsPhanttek Elite Extreme Case03:46
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brian|lfs2 1080TI video cares like 4 radiators03:46
brian|lfslots of LED blind and custom water cooling03:46
brian|lfs'and probably still cheaper then one of thsoe drives03:46
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Romsteri don't get the light up the case like luna park... it's just annoying having all that light03:50
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joacimthe pulsing leds on my motherboard drove me nuts03:51
joacimtook me 3 months to figure out i could disable those in the uefi settings. thought i had to install a windows utility03:51
Romsterand then you be like, finally.03:52
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brian|lfsI can turn mine off03:55
joacimthe opteron server i wanted is gone from the list04:01
joacimso is the next best thing E504:01
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joacimcan live with that one tho04:03
v0latile Yeeh, my firts port04:14
brian|lfswhats that xfce?04:19
ryuobrian|lfs: nope, it's xfce's evil twin.04:31
ryuojoacim: Kimsufi still has opterons:
joacimyeah was looking at those as well04:32
joacim+ those dual socket systems on kimsufi =)04:32
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ryu0ha. seems sourceforge and slashdot are having a nervous breakdown.05:20
j_vlooks like their recent datacenter move may not have gone as well as they might have hoped05:25
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ryu0seems they're in some deep 💩 .05:53
j_vthat seems a reasonable assessment by the look of things.05:57
j_vmakes me wonder how solvent they are.05:57
ryu0nobody cares about slashdot but sourceforge is still relevant.05:58
brian|lfssourceforge has allways had slow servers05:58
brian|lfsI could give two shits about them05:58
ryu0brian|lfs: how generous. i'd only give one.05:58
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brian|lfsoh 69 ohhh yessss05:59
j_vright now, sourceforge being slow would be an improvement05:59
brian|lfsslashdot came right up for me06:20
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firashey there guys, so I managed to get a base installation up and running, I still have some minor questions tho, the first being how would one configure an application that relies on a source file as its configuration file (dwm, st ...etc), the second being "ports -u" updates ports (meaning it only syncs) how would one upgrade (or install/build) updated ports08:35
Romsterprt-get diff08:39
Romsterprt-get sysup08:39
Romsterprt-get help08:39
Romsteryou need these08:39
Romsterand as well as08:39
Romstera source file for configuration?08:40
firasyes like dwm's config.h08:41
firasthanks for the above commands08:41
Romsterah probably best to make your own Pkgfile for that.08:42
firascan you guide me to a wiki page or something?08:42
Romsterand add that file as the source=08:42
firasmy own Pkgfile means I have to create my own port?08:42
Romsterlook at existing Pkgfiles for ideas.08:42
firasI will thanks08:42
Romsteryes easier than it sounds08:42
Romstermkdir ~/ports08:43
firasand then I populate it with x11-wm/dwm for example08:43
Romsteradd a new prtdir /home/firas/ports to /etc/prt-get.conf08:43
firasthat's really simple08:43
Romsterthen make a ~/ports/dwm directory add a Pkgfile08:43
Romsterthen use pkgmk to build08:44
firasbut how would prt-get know that the one I want is the one in ~/ports/x11-wm/dwm and not in contrib08:44
firasah use pkgmk, I see08:44
Romsteryou add the prtdir line above contrib08:44
Romsterorder matters in prt-get.conf08:44
firasthat's really nice and intuitive08:45
Romsterand straight forward08:46
Romsteryou can even use an existing dwm port and copy it to ~/ports/foo and edit it there.08:47
firastbh I've spent a couple of hours trying to figure out the mess on my previous exherbo installation, to find out that such a thing like CRUX exists08:47
firasRomster: that's really cool, the syntax in the Pkgfiles is human readable as well08:47
firaskudos to the devs08:47
Romsterit would be nice ot publish ports when/if you get something that the general community could find useful08:48
firasthis thing is awesome08:48
Romsteryeah not like ebuilds are.08:48
firasebuilds and eapis had me going crazy for the past week or two08:48
Romsteryou might go crazy about missing programs or dependency hell or broken something but it's really not to bad to fix.08:49
firasI've attempted an elfutils/tcc/musl cross toolchain for one of my linux installations, CRUX is a breeze xD08:50
firasso if I wanted to let's say reconfigure my whole system from scratch, I would just be populating the ~/ports with all sorts of configured Pkgfiles for all my system's installed ports, then I'd place the line of my local port dir above all other lines or maybe comment the others?08:51
Romstercrosstool-ng might make that easier08:54
Romsterpretty much firas08:55
firascool, thanks for your time08:55
Romsteras long as you don't set prefer higher to yes in prt-get.conf08:55
Romsterelse any version that's higher of the same name will get used then08:55
firastime to get working then08:57
firasoh one last thing08:57
Romsterthere is no last things, you'll be back with more :D08:57
firasyou know for example, tarballs of many packages/projects have these "configure" files which have what available compilation options the package has like (--disable-static, --disable-nls ...etc) basically a full list of what options I can choose from08:58
firaswhere can I find this file here on CRUX to further tune my configuration options in Pkgfile08:58
firashaha xD ofcourse there'll be more, that's just for now lel08:58
Romster./configure --help09:08
Romsterwill show all the options09:08
Romsterconfigure is part of autotools and most projects ship there own. the ones that don't you need to run either ./ or something or autoreconf or they don't use that and cmake or other build system09:10
firasah yeah like mk and stuff09:10
Romstermeson scons cmake jam so many09:11
firasninja perhaps?09:11
Romsterninja is more for building09:11
Romsterin place of make09:12
firasah ok09:12
firasRomster: okay I got some more questions this time, a proper uninstallation with deps would be "prt-get remove port"? removing orphans (that are not base packages which don't have dependencies, but like real orphans) "prt-get remove ${prt-get listorphans}"? for ports that choke at missing files due to incorrect URLs the proper behaviour would be to make my own port and correct the URL and notify the maintainer09:15
firas(Example fribidi on mpv)? as for kernel building, grabbing the tarball from kernel archives and throwing it in /usr/src/linux, then manually unpacking it and making it is the proper way (or perhaps a local port)? Take your time, I really don't wanna be a pain in the neck.09:15
ryu0firas: don't mind that possibility of going crazy. we're all fine.09:25
ryu0-eye twitch-09:25
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fun_firas: i use pkgfoster from prt-utils to remove orphans09:40
firasfun_: nice thanks09:45
firasOk, I'm receiving a mismatch error for config.h when attempting to build from my local port09:49
Romsterpkgmk -um09:51
Romsterrm .signature09:51
Romsterunless you make a signature key for yourself and add it to /etc/ports/09:52
firascool thanks09:52
firasRomster: how would I properly uninstall a port with deps?09:53
Romsterthere is no way to but manually removing ports. prt-get remove or pkgrm09:54
Romsterprt-get deptree foo09:54
Romsterprt-get dependent foo09:54
firasRomster: okay, I sent a couple of questions above, can you help me resolve them?09:55
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firaswhat values should the release/version be of a port that's hosted on github and has no releases (only way to get it is via git clone repo)?10:54
j_vfiras: what is address to repo? i might be able to help figuring that out11:01
tilmani suggest you roll your own tarballs of that repo11:01
tilmanasking your users to install "whatever" (= tip of master) sucks11:01
j_vyou can often get even github repos to tar up a snapshot for a commit, if the repo is setup right11:02
mayfrostmouse is not responding in dwm, could it be something missing?11:02
tilmancheck xorg log11:03
tilmanstrongly doubt its your WM :p11:05
firaswell I managed to create my first ports for dwm,st with patches applied and everything working fine11:05
firasjust stumbled upon this situation and got confused11:05
firas@tilman, I'll take that into consideration thanks11:06
tilmanif git-archive works with github these days you're golden indeed11:06
firasweird after building that package it's in /usr/local/bin and it's not found by bash, should I copy it to /usr/bin?11:08
j_vcan usuall adjust that on the make command line like: make PREFIX=/usr DESTDIR=$PKG install11:10
firasj_v, that's what I thought as well11:10
j_vif it's a suckless package (dwm, st), then look in in the sources11:10
firasj_v, so for similar packages, I'll have to download the tarball of the latest commit from github and work my way from their?11:10
j_vthat works if there is no release tarball for it, or like tilman said you can roll your own... git help archive will explain how to export a tarball from a git archive easily enough, i've always thought11:12
tilmanj_v: thing is that the remote needs to support git-daemon for it to work. github didnt support it for a long time11:13
j_vwell, some of my ports are kept on github, and when i want to test latest, i can just subsitute the commit sha1 (short version) for many of them to get a snapshot11:15
j_vok, i said part of that wrong, not my ports, but upstream for some of my ports11:15
j_vit's a hit and miss kind of thing. i know that it works for nsjail, bspwm, sxhkd, sutils... a bunch more11:17
j_v$git_sha1/bspwm/$git_sha1.tar.gz is the way it works most of the time11:18
j_vdamn me, that last '/' should have been a '-'11:20
firasgr8 thanks, don't damn yerself xD11:22
firaswill test it in a while11:22
j_vah, just get frustrated with my typos11:23
mayfrostI dont see evdev recognizing the mouse11:31
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: Merge branch '3.3' into 3.411:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pekwm: move to github move man page11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: xsel: new maintainer11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mksh: new maintainer11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: postgresql: 10.1 -> 10.211:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: stellarium: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pavucontrol: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: gtkmm3: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libcanberra: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: xsel: unmaintained11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: spm: unmaintained11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: pkgconf: unmaintained11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mksh: unmaintained11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: fossil: unmaintained11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: go: removed build artifact cache11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: intel-ucode: add README11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: intel-ucode: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: iucode-tool: new port11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: makeself: new maintainer. update to 2.3.1 release.11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-gtk2: new maintainer. fix perms.11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-cairo: fix perms11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-glib: fix perms11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-pango: new maintainer. fix perms.11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-cairo: new maintainer11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: p5-glib: new maintainer. update to 1.326 release.11:37
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: dvtm: new maintainer. update to 1.5 release.11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: sic: new maintainer. fix mandir.11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: mtr: 0.86 -> 0.9211:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: ccze: move man pages11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: chntpw: add missing field UR11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: chatty: change packager to maintainer11:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: bftpd: 3.8 -> 4.811:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: libtorrent-rasterbar: 1.1.5 -> 1.1.611:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: boost: 1.65.1 -> 1.66.011:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.911:38
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.4]: qiv: update source url11:38
frinnstmayfrost: what does your X log say?11:38
john_cephalopodaOh, nice, canberra is in 3.411:40
mayfrostfrinnst: here is the complete log
frinnstodd, keyboard works without issues, right?11:46
mayfrostodd indeed11:47
frinnstwhat kind of mouse is it? a regular usb corded mouse?11:48
frinnstyou need a special driver for logitech wireless thingies11:48
mayfrostI am in a virtual machine so the one specified in qemu11:48
frinnstnot sure what the default driver is in qemu. i usually use "-usbdevice tablet"11:50
j_vthat's the only  way i've had much consistent luck with mouse in qemu...        ^11:52
mayfrostI'll try that flag to see if it changes11:53
j_vthis somewhat mirrors what frinnst said, but might be worth a look:
mayfrostok mouse now works, yay!12:09
mayfrostbad news is it wont let me escape the virtual terminal12:09
mayfrostand I am just too new to dwm12:09
j_vtry cntl-alt combo12:09
j_vi might be remembering that wrong12:10
mayfrostyeah, it still grabs me12:14
mayfrostbut at least I can now keep on experimenting12:14
firaswait a sec, there's a binary version of every package correct?12:28
j_vthe iso has all of core, some of xorg, a small subset of opt, none of compat-32, and none of contrib12:32
firaswhat are the ports that are forcefully being compiled with -O2? I'm using -Os and I noticed some like GCC have overlapping (multiple) O2... ?12:37
ryu0firas: some packages force their own optimization levels.12:39
firasryu0: I know of that but still seeing -O2 then -Os then -O2 on the same line doesn't look good xD12:45
firasI think the final flag is what gets applied?12:45
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libcanberra: Explicitly enable audio backends13:58
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mayfrostI have no idea how to get an external repo15:05
pedjamayfrost, which one?15:09
mayfrostis it "sync transmission-remote-cli"?15:17
mayfrostthat only gives me that specific pkgfile15:19
Anselmoare you doing ''httpup sync [...]'' ?15:21
Anselmoor, wait, do you want the whole repo, or just transmission-remote-cli15:21
mayfrostI would prefer the whole repo15:23
Anselmodo you want to download it once, or do you want to update it each time you run ports -u as well ?15:23
Sitrimayfrost: look at /etc/ports/15:24
Anselmofor the latter you can add this file to /etc/ports:
mayfrostupdated is nice15:24
SitriMake a .sync file there15:24
Anselmoand also gettheir signature probably. . .15:25
mayfrosthow do I get that file from the command line?15:30
Anselmowget and curl are both popular for that sort of thing15:31
mayfrostyeah but wget is failing me15:31
Anselmoyou can run ''curl $URL > file''15:32
pedjamayfrost, install portdbc, then you can do something like 'portdbc getup 6c37'15:33
pedjabut you'll need to get the .pub file manually. put httpup/rsync and $ to /etc/ports/, run 'ports -u' to pull it15:35
pedjato use it, add the repo to prtdir line in prt-get.conf, run 'prt-get cache'. that's it :)15:38
pedjathe order of the repos in prt-get.conf matters15:41
mayfrostgot the httpup file15:42
mayfrostis an rsync file?15:43
pedjasome repos use httpup, some rsync. it doesn't matter15:44
mayfrostwhats the proper naming for this 6c37.httpup file?15:46
pedjait's already properly named :)15:46
mayfrostI see is written different than the rest15:48
mayfrostinternally I mean15:49
pedjarepo URL? yeah, it's a Github thing15:50
mayfrostyes, the others have host, collection, and destination15:50
mayfrostwait, is the pub file the same? I thought it was a key15:53
pedjapublic key, yes15:53
jaegerthe pub file is a key, it's separate from the sync file but needed15:54
mayfrostoh, so the only two similar are httpup and rsync files15:55
mayfrosttaking notes of this btw15:56
jaegercurl -Lo 6c37-git.httpup ''15:56
*** SiFuh has quit IRC15:58
*** SiFuh has joined #crux15:59
mayfrostrepo is working now16:00
mayfrostsignature mismatch found16:03
mayfrostdo I just remove the .pub file?16:03
jaegerIf you have the pub file in the right place and you're getting a signature mismatch, report it to the maintainer listed in the port's Pkgfile so they can fix it16:03
jaegerIf you don't want to wait for a fix, remove .signature from the port's dir16:04
mayfrostthe pub file goes in /etc/ports ?16:06
jaegerMake sure you have the 6c37-git pub file, not the 6c37-dropin or 6c37 one16:07
*** joacim has quit IRC16:07
mayfrostok, cant find the .signature file anywhere16:07
*** joacim has joined #crux16:07
jaeger.signature is in each port's dir16:07
jaegerGotta go for a while, back later16:08
mayfrostsee you16:08
*** maraku has joined #crux16:24
*** onodera has quit IRC16:48
mayfrostnope cant find the signature file and wont install due to signature mismatch17:03
Anselmoif you wish to ignore the signature you can run prt-get with the -is flag17:04
mayfrostthank you!17:06
AnselmoI can try and check the signature and setup the repo quickly. . .as sometimes those arent all up to date I think17:06
j_vmayfrost, did you edit the Pkgfile at all before trying to build? the Pkgfile is included in the signature, so if you alter a Pkgfile in a port directory that has a .signature, then you will need to do as Anselmo said and add the '-is' flag for the build17:10
*** firas has joined #crux17:12
*** firas has quit IRC17:12
*** firas has joined #crux17:12
jaegerwhat do you mean when you say 'can't find the signature file'?17:15
jaegerThere's a .signature file in every signed port's directory17:16
mayfrostj_v: no I did not17:17
mayfrostjaeger: cant find it under /usr/ports/6c37-git/17:18
jaegerfor example17:19
mayfrostsorry I can see it now17:21
AnselmoI think that some of the signatures in 6c37 are just screwed up17:22
AnselmoI am testing a few now and its inconsistent whether they work,17:22
Anselmoeven without editing the Pkgfiles et cetera17:22
jaegerdoh. Perhaps they need an audit17:22
Anselmobut. . yeah17:23
*** volatile has joined #crux17:36
*** deep42thought has joined #crux17:37
deep42thoughtHi, I wonder if there's any standard in crux for development-snapshot packages (built from git checkouts rather than tar balls).17:38
pedjaother than common sense 'use the known commit, don't pull from whatever is HEAD at the time of build' :) ?17:39
fun_Checkouts on HEADs or on tags/commits?17:39
deep42thoughtI'll build HEAD, but I'm also fine with updating the commit everytime HEAD changed17:40
deep42thoughtpedja: I was just wondering if there is some magic (like in arch linux) to reference this stuff in the source array17:40
deep42thoughtbut I guess, there is not :-)17:41
jaegernot currently, no17:41
pedjanot that I know of17:41
deep42thoughtok, thanks17:41
deep42thoughtso I'd just use a package with empty source=() and download it manually in build(), then - right?17:42
fun_deep42thought:  check proot as an example of commit based17:42
jaegerIf you want to get it directly via git, that would work, yeah. Alternatively you could create an host a tarball of the git repo you want17:42
jaegers/an /and /17:44
deep42thoughtok, thanks, I think, I prefer git directly :-)17:44
pedjaout of curiosity, which project is that that you track the bleeding edge so closely?17:46
deep42thoughtalpine :-D17:46
*** asis has joined #crux17:46
deep42thoughtit's rather so old, they don't release anything anymore17:46
pedjaah, the mail client.17:47
pedjathe last commit was on 2018-02-04, so I guess the development picked up17:51
deep42thoughtbut there are no releases17:52
jaegerThat can be annoying17:53
j_vwhile they didn't release a tarball, i see that there is a 2.21.99 version on commit 0473711 (short commit sha1)18:04
deep42thoughtI dig for that18:04
deep42thoughtso my version is 2.21.9.r9.a6441d618:05
deep42thoughtprobably not a bad idea, to build that ...18:06
j_vno problem18:06
j_vi was trying to find a way to get the gitweb to do a rename of the tarball, which cgit will do. but looks like gitweb doesn't do it.18:07
deep42thoughtthere is no tag on that commit18:08
deep42thoughtso how should it know18:08
Anselmoyou can do git checkout for a specific hash ?18:09
j_vi looked in the log, saw the commit id, shortened it to seven chars18:09
Anselmoor this is what I've done and seen done18:09
deep42thoughtthis works also with the full hash18:10
j_vthe gitweb does a snapshot, i think using git archive probably... the checksums usually are pretty consistant when i've used that url method, so it's not as bad as it could be18:10
j_vyes, full hash also works... i like the short one, less to type18:11
deep42thoughtusually I copy/paste anyway18:11
Anselmoyou can just copy /  . ..18:11
Anselmotmux makes that easy :P18:12
*** firas has quit IRC18:18
*** firas_ has joined #crux18:19
*** firas_ has quit IRC18:23
*** firas has joined #crux18:24
*** firas has quit IRC18:24
*** firas has joined #crux18:24
*** volatile has joined #crux18:29
mayfrostI got an error while downloading fribidi18:41
*** deep42thought has left #crux ()18:43
*** asis has quit IRC18:49
firassame 404 not found19:03
firas@jaeger, how's optimus going so far? any luck?19:04
jaegerI did not have any luck with it, working on other stuff for now. I think the nvidia packages may need some tweaks but will need to dig into it more19:04
jaegerWas running into odd symlink updates with ldconfig when the nvidia driver is installed but not active19:05
firas@jaeger, perhaps the intel dxd drivers are overriding these symlinks tto libgl?19:06
jaegernah, ldconfig was updating the symlink to point to the non-active nvidia libGL for some reason19:07
jaegerer, the symlink19:07
firasah I see19:07
jaegerbut it was leaving pointing to the mesa libGL19:07
jaegervery odd19:07
firasindeed, I'll be trying my luck tmw19:08
firasI think uvm and kms need to be disabled on the nvidia package (on optimus setups only)19:09
jaegerI'm going to install arch on that laptop in a little bit to play with the various packages and compare19:09
firasgood luck with that19:10
firasI remember stumbling upon a sane libgl checker on github19:10
firaslet's see if I could find it19:10
firasI remember using it once on Void Linux19:12
firasit worked but the card refused to turn off19:12
firaseven after attempting several acpi calls19:12
firasI think you may find this useful19:13
firasand this19:13
firasany ideas why libreoffice is sucking 100% of my CPU resources?19:14
jaegerturning the card off and on isn't a problem, there's a library linking issue19:14
firasah ok, I thought you attempted to run a Xorg session on the card alone, correct?19:14
jaegerNot on the nvidia card, mine won't work that way19:15
jaegerThis laptop is one of the "hybrid"19:15
jaegerones where the nvidia card is not a VGA device19:15
jaegerit's a '3D controller' (lspci output)19:15
jaegerIt has no hardware muxer nor any BIOS/UEFI control for the cards19:16
firassame as my laptop19:16
firasthe vga is the intel card and it's responsible for the display panel19:16
firasthe nvidia is just a 3d controller and only software muxers are available19:16
jaegeryeah, so you'll have to do the xrandr sink method OR bbswitch/bumblebeed/primus19:17
firaswell back on gentoo, the main problem was turning the card off19:18
firasand the sources of this problem were from almost everywhere19:18
firasstarting for kernel configuration options to kernel boot parameters to misconfigured bumblebeed service file to wrong use flags on the nvidia package ...etc19:19
jaegerin my case, this works: sudo modprobe -r nvidia_uvm; sudo modprobe -r nvidia; echo "OFF" | sudo tee /proc/acpi/bbswitch19:19
firasfor optimus laptops we don't need nvidia-uvm, nvidia-drm, nvidia-kms19:19
jaegerno, but the uvm driver at least gets autoloaded19:19
jaegerand is required for CUDA19:19
firasunless you're using CUDA so yeah there's that19:20
jaegerI had no trouble getting CUDA working, even without any optimus setup19:20
firasbtw, is the gtk engine crux related to this distribution by any means?19:22
jaegernot at all :)19:22
firasah xD19:22
firashmm you got me thinking above, shouldn't mesa be normally pointing to even after the installation of nvidia?19:22
firasyou know to start X on the intel card19:23
jaegerthe symlinks get repointed by 'gl-select' to use the nvidia libs19:23
firasah gl-select19:23
jaegerIt's not the most elegant solution but it works fine for most (tm) cases19:23
jaegerWith that said, I need to investigate if that can be completely replaced by libglvnd now19:24
firasgood luck with that19:24
jaegerI think it's probably mature enough at this point but haven't tested19:24
firasfor the main part I'll see if I can get a basic bumblebee/bbswitch/primus setup working19:24
mayfrostyoutube-dl doesnt install neither?19:25
jaegermayfrost: if you run into a problem with a port, either report it to the maintainer via email, make a bug report at, or ask about it here - if you ask about it here, make sure to give enough info that someone can actually help19:28
mayfrostthanks was about to ask about bug report19:31
mayfrostI'll do it once I finish to check everything19:31
john_cephalopodamayfrost: I'd recommend using pip and pip3 to install youtube-dl.19:34
pedjajaeger, wrt libglvnd, I plan to test it again with nvidia, once all the server bits get merged into xorg-server 1.2019:36
jaegerAs I understand it, the end result should be that we could remove* from mesa3d entirely and provide it with libglvnd19:37
jaegerAnd not need to do anything like gl-select19:37
pedjabut that's the client-side only. xorg-1.20 should provide server-side19:38
jaegerI imagine some patches are available already, I think I read somewhere that fedora is doing this19:38
pedjayes, but too many patches for my liking :)19:39
jaegermayfrost: I was able to build youtube-dl without trouble in a container just now, for what that's worth19:39
jaegerpedja: well, it would only be temporary :)19:39
jaegerAFK for lunch19:39
pedjajaeger, afaik most of patches that fedora uses should be in xorg master by now. enjoy the lunch19:40
pedjait's so nice of fedora to be the guinea pig for features like that :)19:42
mayfrostjohn_cephalopoda: I'll check that19:43
firaslooks like libreoffice with glib is bugged and uses 100% cpu resources19:43
pedjafiras, when you do you what? or is it idling at 100%?19:50
firaspedja: idling at 100%19:50
firaswhen I open the tools > options it drops down19:50
firasdisabled jre already, nothing changed19:51
firasheard it's a bug in glib19:51
pedja6.0.1 idles at 0.2% here. not really a useful data point, I know19:52
joacimjaeger: do you have your zfs port public somewherE?19:54
firasah 6.0.119:56
firasmine is 5.4.x19:57
firasI heard it's a bug19:57
firasread it on a fedora forum19:57
pedjafiras, have a link to it handy?19:58
pedjajoacim, do you want it 'just in case', or did your experiment with omniOS blew up already :) ?20:00
joacimomnios is lacking some convenient stuff20:00
firasya sure one sec20:00
joacimand i dont care enough to start fiddlign about with my own packages or pkgsrc20:00
j_vpkgsrc is fiddly20:01
pedjapkgsrc is interesting, but a bit fiddly20:01
pedjathanks, firas20:01
joacimand as it was mentioned yesterday, zfs is pretty portable, so in case i want to move on to freebsd or something else later, using zfs for my storage would be nice20:01
firaszfs on bsd is stable, on linux it isn't20:02
firasI'd put it on par with btrfs20:02
joacimtried openindiana with the minimal install, and that pulled in a shitload of crap like php and x1120:02
joacimgtk2 even20:02
firashaha xD, try haiku OS20:02
joacimthink ill keep that in a vm =)20:03
firashaha xD20:03
firasit belongs there20:03
pedja'zfs on bsd is stable, on linux it isn't' well, idk, but jaeger moved his zfs pool across several OS without issues, iirc20:06
firasnow hammer2 is something I'd be interested in trying20:07
firasah well if it worked fine for him then let it be20:07
firasbut imo I don't think it's ready on linux yet20:07
firas(the zfs )^20:07
joacimi could move on to freebsd20:08
joacimused that before, and that didnt annoy me that much20:09
mayfrostjaeger: youtube-dl log
mayfrostfribidi log
mayfrostlibsndfile log
mayfrostoverall very good, I couldnt install moc or mpv but I still have mplayer20:10
firasfreebsd is a no-go for users with optimus laptops20:11
jaegerjoacim: no, but I will share it if you like20:11
jaegerI've used ZFS on linux for years now. For *MY* use it's rock solid. That obviously doesn't mean it's guaranteed for everyone, but my experience has been great.20:11
pedjamayfrost, for libsndfile and similar errors, set PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in etc/pkgmk.conf20:12
jaegeras pedja says, my pool has moved over several OSes (solaris, opensolaris, openindiana, freebsd, linux) and it's also changed hardware several times20:12
pedjamayfrost, "NEW" is harmless, "MISSING" is a bug20:12
jaegermayfrost: I think the 6c37-git repo has some quality issues currently. After looking at your youtube-dl log I went to look at the source but it's not even listed here:
jaegerwith that said, it IS listed in which is what httpup uses20:13
jaegerSo there's some desync happening in that repo20:13
firasah cool, good to hear zfs worked great for you on linux20:13
mayfrostpedja: thanks20:14
pedjathere is youtube-dl in contrib, mayfrost. I'd suggest you use that20:14
jaegereven so, I back up my important data  :)20:14
jaegerNever hurts to be careful20:14
joacimjaeger: sounds good to me. i wouldnt mind having it20:15
firashaha I don't think I'm in a proper place to talk about filesystems especially after running a suicidal ext4 -m 0 -O^has_journal on a system which has a lot of power cuts20:17
jaegerThat does seem like planning for trouble (tm)20:17
firasit's one of my test installations but I still lost lots of data20:17
firasthe good thing was that the FS wasn't the problem20:17
firasturns out that building with -Ofast with 20+ more compilation flags (which I though would boost performance), produced broken binaries and lilo was one of them20:18
firasweird behaviour from these broken binaries led to lilo not finding my boot sector20:18
firasand the disk was recognized as zfs_member when it were ext420:19
firasso yeah never go beyond -O320:19
firaslesson learnt20:19
joacim"ugly hacks ahoy!"20:20
jaegerjoacim: :D20:20
*** firas_ has joined #crux20:20
jaegerworkodera: are you aware of any sync issues between git and httpup for 6c37-git?20:22
*** firas has quit IRC20:23
mayfrostmade pkgmk -d and got footprint mismatch for youtube-dl from contrib
mayfrostjaeger: thanks for the warning I'll skip that repo for the time being20:37
jaegerI wonder if your youtube-dl mismatch is caused by something installed from that repo. I didn't see it in the container test build20:39
jaegerwere any of the dependencies installed from there? If so, might be worth rebuilding them from contrib20:39
mayfrostI got another signature mismatch from libsndfile20:39
mayfrostalready changed PKGMK_IGNORE_NEW="yes" in etc/pkgmk.conf20:40
jaegerIf it's the same from your paste, that one should be harmless20:40
jaegergenerally NEW are safe, they just mean something that wasn't in the footprint was added... for example if the package you're building has support for Y but the maintainer didn't have Y installed20:40
mayfrosthow would I proceed for installation?20:41
*** onodera has joined #crux20:41
jaegerwell, the error shows you a footprint mismatch, but the package still built. you can 'pkgadd /path/to/packagewhatever.pkg.tar.gz'20:44
mayfrostit worked thanks20:48
jaeger=======> Building '/usr/ports/pkg/libsndfile#1.0.28-1.pkg.tar.xz' succeeded.21:01
mayfrostfribidi gives me a 404 file not found but both libsndfile and youtube-dl succeeded with pkgadd -f21:09
*** firas_ has quit IRC21:09
jaegeryeah, looks like the fribidi archive is gone upstream21:10
mayfrostthen long live mplayer21:11
mayfrostwell I got only moc to be set with the appropriate drivers but that can wai21:11
mayfrostI was testing but now I am making the proper installation to my server21:12
mayfrostall in all is a good distro, I am liking it21:12
mayfrostthanks for the help21:13
jaeger if you want a backup download21:16
jaegerglad you're liking it so far21:16
pedjafribidi sources moved to Github, it seems21:17
jaegerpedja: you might find this interesting:
jaegerwas rather painless21:24
jaegerI've got to give them credit, was easy to setup21:25
pedjaArch switched to libglvnd a while back, I check their packages from time to time :)21:26
jaegeryeah, looks that way. I have not checked or used it in years21:27
pedjathey are using xorg-server git snapshot, and not release, thou21:28
pedjaI checked, Fedora has 9 patches for xorg, not including wayland ones :)21:29
pedjathat's why I postponed my glvnd experiment until xorg-1.20 lands21:30
jaegerUnderstandable. I will probably go ahead and play with it on my own, though21:31
pedjaI am curious how well it works on hybrid laptops (that's what you are running it on, right?)21:37
*** asis has joined #crux21:38
jaegerThat was the whole point of installing arch on this laptop temporarily... because I think the way our nvidia package is set up causes some issues currently with optimus. Works fine on dedicated hardware21:38
jaegerSo I'm poking around at it for comparison21:39
pedjaI slightly modified nvidia port so it plays nice with libglvnd.21:39
pedjamodifying mesa is not much work, too21:40
pedjanvidia works OOTB, issue I had was with mesa/xorg interaction, iirc21:41
pedjabut hybrid graphics is whole another mess :)21:42
j_vIt would be really cool if the nvidia proprietary driver and nouveau could be switched back and forth without uninstalling one or the other. I've had bad luck when both were installed, though probably I was doing some stuff wrong.21:42
j_vI know a reboot would still be needed, but, man if the libraries didn't have to be switched, just the driver, that would be really cool.21:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: xfsprogs: updated to 4.15.021:46
jaegerI'm installing shadowrun returns in steam to test thing :)21:47
pedjafor science!21:48
joacimwhat else are games for21:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: Merge branch '3.3' into 3.421:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: xfsprogs: updated to 4.15.021:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: chromium: 64.0.3282.140 -> 64.0.3282.16721:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libpth: move man pages21:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libmpeg2: move man pages21:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: gftp: move man pages21:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: clisp: move man pages21:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: dosbox: move man pages, source url fix, remove packager field21:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qemu-agent: 2.11.0 -> 2.11.121:50
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: qemu: 2.11.0 -> 2.11.121:50
pedjaj_v, they don't conflict, you can have both installed at the same time. I had two xorg.conf files, nvidia and nouveau, and just symlinked to one or another before rebooting, iirc21:51
pedjait was a while back, thou21:52
*** frinnst2 has quit IRC21:53
j_vpedja, I believe you, but it always seemed that when I switched from one to the other, I would get weird bugs and troubles with libraries. Probably due to me doing something out of order, or skipping a step; hard to know now.21:54
pedjare-running gl-select is the likely culprit :) (been there, done that, more than once)21:55
j_vthat sounds quite feasable21:55
j_vnouveau works fine for me most of the time. I occasionally like to mess about with blender, and then it was nice to have the proprietary driver going. Been a while though.21:56
j_vI'm looking at trying out dkms, which would be helpful for building the modules for new kernels. I've got a port made up recently, but haven't tried it yet.21:58
jaegerwell, steam seems to work well enough with this setup22:01
*** abenz has joined #crux22:04
joacimthink ill save this project for a new file server.remember that i dont want to configure all the services again when i already had everything working right22:07
pedjajaeger, have you tried any OpenGL benchmarks on it? something like GFXBench?22:13
*** elderK has joined #crux22:24
*** elderK has quit IRC22:24
*** elderK has joined #crux22:24
jaegernothing too involved, just glxgears between the two devices22:26
jaegergoing to restore my crux install before too much longer, probably22:29
john_cephalopodaHmmm, I read something about the kernel supporting UEFI directly, without a bootloader...22:30
jaegerefi stub support22:30
ryu0Kernel stubs...22:31
ryu0Sounds like the start of a new mascot.22:31
ryu0Stubby, the disabled penguin...22:31
john_cephalopodaStubby, the toe.22:35
jaegerEnough sciencing for now... think I'm going to game for a bit for reals (tm)22:38
joacimi've been doing some science with quake champions22:42
joacimbut i'm not very good at it22:42
*** onodera has quit IRC22:52
j_vSomething weird with keyboard in qemu. Shifted '\', which should map to '|', actually maps to '>'.22:57
j_vMakes it very odd to try to do shell pipe lines.22:59
*** asis has quit IRC23:02

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