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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: chromium: 64.0.3282.167 -> 64.0.3282.18605:00
j_vfound the solution to my qemu kbd troubles: and
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: bluez: fix patch bluetooth.h06:10
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mupdf: fix dependencies: added glu and xorg-libxi06:51
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: consolekit: add missing dependency xorg-libx1106:54
RomsterBe vewy vewy quiet, I'm hunting bugs07:07
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ryu0Romster: you have a strange obsession.09:26
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Romsternah ryu0 :D10:35
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Romsteri do my bit ryu010:42
Romstereven if it's just a tiny bit every week10:43
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frinnstSHIT WEATHER12:19
ryu0frinnst: it's raining piss and turds?12:20
frinnstsnowing turds & piss12:20
dbrookeif the grey smudge I see there is what it's really like then I sympathise12:24
dbrookesunny and 2.6°C here12:25
pedjacloudy and -8 here12:25
pedjaScandinavian weather without the Scandinavian standard of living :)12:27
dbrookemet office has yellow snow warnings for first half of the week12:27
dbrookeACTION hates the yellow snow 8-)12:28
pedjafrinnst, I love how the record high August temperature in Vastervik was 34C. that's a mild summer around here12:29
pedjawell, mild-ish, anyway12:30
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pedjathere are no people on this web cameras. is everybody in church :) ?12:44
pedjaRomster, someone mentioned that fribidi source is 40412:46
Romsterit isn't mentioned on
frinnstall sourceforge urls seems to be fucked12:54
frinnstcomplete redesign12:55
frinnstand slow as dirt12:55
frinnstConnecting to||:443... failed: Connection refused.12:57
Romsteroh great sourceforge12:58
Romsteri'll bump fribidi later when this docker build is done13:01
pedjaRomster, I get 404, too. link from redirects to the wrong one on Github13:02
frinnstah, nevermind regarding - missing a firewall rule :-)13:04
Romsteri'll bump fribidi later when i can test the build.13:12
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fribidi: moved to github13:13
Romsterthanks pedja i missed that.13:14
Romsterhaving a mirror of sources makes it easy to miss 404 files13:14
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: logrotate: New port15:32
ryu0frinnst: it's raining piss and turds?15:41
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brian|lfsno I didn't know christel thank you for the info20:04
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pedjaelinks without javascript support with spidermoneky-38.x? I consider that a feature21:03
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pedjamy poor graphics card can't keep with this in full screen
pedja'very low quality', barely 20+ fps. damn.21:41
joacimisnt the smoothest on my rx 550 either21:43
vitia69my radeon 6620G - 15-32 fps21:47
jaeger60 on a 1080 :)21:47
vitia69heh, good result21:47
joacimis a lot smoother on my r9 fury, but i cant see the framerates in fullscreen mode21:49
pedjasimilar results with both Chrome and Firefox21:49
jaegeryeah, wish I could see the rate in fullscreen21:50
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jaeger is also cool21:53
joacimafterburner maybe21:53
joacimif windows21:53
joacimi know that one shows framerates in dialog windows =)21:53
jaegerThis one definitely makes the card work harder. 60 fps windowed... when I let it run fullscreen for a while, then hit ESC, it shows ~40 momentarily so guessing around 40 fullscreen :)21:54
joacimthat one reminds me of some of those unreal demos floating around21:54
joacimor some late 90s early 00s stuff21:55
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frinnstoops your webgl implementation has crashed22:03
pedjathere is a Shadertoy desktop client, but it's written in rust22:14
john_cephalopodaBetter than one based on Electron22:21
pedjathere is one based on Electron? couldn't find that one22:36
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