IRC Logs for #crux Monday, 2018-02-26

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frinnstjaeger: you run a elasticsearch cluster, right?08:56
frinnstgot any info on ram usage?08:56
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frinnstawesome: [Redis.cpp:1330] ERROR: MISCONF Redis is configured to save RDB snapshots, but is currently not able to persist on disk. Commands that may modify the data set are disabled. Please check Redis logs for details about the error.09:13
frinnstbut there was enough space to fill the disk with ~2gb of syslog messages09:14
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frinnstfucking webdevs..11:20
frinnst<webdev> why doesnt vhosts work? the domain is pointed to the IP!?!11:21
frinnstdoes the webserver know about it? noooooooooooooo11:21
joacimmaybe consider getting into woodworking12:08
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pedjaa bit of snow --> lot shorter queues in the bank.12:26
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iperf3: new port12:45
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joacimpedja: got the kvm switch, but, it came with a us style power plug13:55
joacimthe adaptor itself is universal tho.13:56
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pedjajoacim, EU power plug wasn't an option when you bought it, or they fscked up?13:57
joacimdont think they messed up13:57
joacimi guess their supplier only bundled the us plug13:58
joacimits one of those fiddly bits you can snap onto the power adapter13:58
pedjaI think I've seen that on digital camera adaptor13:59
pedjaor something like that13:59
pedjahow much was it in the end, with shipping/VAT/customs?14:01
joacim461 USD14:03
joacima bit much14:03
joacimfor some reason they wrote 50 USD on the package, so i paid about 35 USD at the postal office to have it released14:04
joacimthe kvm switch doesnt have the amperage printed anywhere. and i can only find low amperage 9V adapters14:05
joacimi assume the required amperage for 9V adapters should be higher than the bundled 12V one14:06
Anselmocan you not get an adapter fairly easily?14:08
AnselmoI recall finding far more US to EU adapters in european stores than vice versa. . . but perhaps this varies by country14:10
pedjajoacim, best to contact them and ask14:11
joacimthat'll take time14:12
joacimeasier to just run out and get another adapter14:12
joacimor just the travel plug14:12
joacimtho i expect the latter will be fairly expensive14:12
AnselmoI have some very cheap and simple US to EU plugs. . .14:13
joacimi find ones for about 25 USD...14:13
pedjajoacim, I'd still contact them. not mentioning that the kvm comes with only US plug is an important pre-sale information :)14:17
joacimi expected it to come with none tbh14:18
joacimand my stuff kinda just fell out of the box14:18
joacimso i wouldnt be surprised if the plug fell under my bed or something14:18
joacimfor some reason, stuff like that is many times more expensive here14:20
joacimfor just one14:20
pedjaoh, USA, when will you switch to metric/220V, like the (almost) rest of the world14:20
joacimisnt japan split in half?14:21
pedja100V, 50/60Hz14:26
jaegerfrinnst: that very much depends on how much data and what your mappings look like, etc.14:27
frinnsthow much ram do you have for your cluster? and how many nodes?14:29
frinnstbtw, new keyboard :D14:29
jaegerLooks nice. :)14:33
frinnstmy 5th mechanical.. this is a fucking disease14:33
pedjasubtle color scheme, I like it. which one is it again? I forgot14:33
jaegerI have a 3-node cluster at home with a small amount of syslog data in it... each node has 2GB RAM and 1GB assigned to ES14:33
frinnstducky one two skyline14:33
pedjaah, yes14:33
jaegerI like the colors on that one a lot14:33
frinnsti got a bunch of extra blue/gray keys for esc, arrows and other14:34
frinnsti REALLY like the profile of the keys.. my old duckys thick pbt were crap14:34
frinnstand no flimsy wasd plastic. just lovely14:35
jaegerat work we use a 15-node ES cluster with 32GB given to ES on each. but that one has a boatload of data in it14:36
frinnstwe run 3 notes a' 8gb ram for graylog14:41
pedjafrinnst, any of those keyboards has LEDs, or you don't like that kind of shiny :) ?14:41
frinnstseems like I can never throw enough ram at it14:41
frinnstproblem with LED is that you need to use useless abs keys14:41
frinnstif you want it to shine through14:41
frinnstthe top one in that picture has background led14:42
jaegerfrinnst: shard count and cluster state size also affect RAM usage greatly. Which version of ES are you running?14:43
jaegershard count AND shard size, I should say14:43
jaegerI need to upgrade my home lab cluster to a newer version14:47
pedjaI'd guess that shard count and size are workload specific? what works for one won't necessarily work for another?14:52
jaegervery much so14:52
jaegerThe answer to EVERY question about ES is "it depends" - not even joking :P14:52
jaegerwell, maybe not every question... I can think of a couple that wouldn't be14:54
jaegerIf you ask if you should upgrade, they always say yes14:54
frinnstheh yeah14:54
jaegerAnd if the question is "should I give the ES node more than 32GB RAM" the answer is HELL NO14:55
frinnst5.6.8 is the version we run14:55
jaegerOK, that's good. I recently upgraded the cluster at work from 2.2.1 to 5.6.4... was on 2 for so long14:55
jaegerMy home cluster is 2.4.6 or something14:56
frinnstyeah same here, graylog didnt support new versions for a very long time14:56
frinnststill doesnt support 614:56
frinnstTotal: 91 indices, 4,356,738,674 documents, 1.1TB14:56
frinnstACTION is hunting around in graylog for any useful ES info14:56
jaegerhow many shards?14:56
jaegerNot bad14:57
frinnstnot more than 32gb ram? why?14:57
frinnstother than its wasteful to waste that much ram on fucking java.. :)14:57
jaegercompressed OOPs14:58
jaegeryou will seriously gimp your performance going over 32GB, until you reach 40 or more14:58
frinnstmaybe pli's gc can help :-)14:59
jaegerPerhaps :)14:59
jaegerThe ES folks don't even like it if you use 32GB exactly, they prefer to stay at like 30.514:59
jaegerI don't think that makes ANY difference because a 32bit number is a fixed quantity :P but whatever14:59
pedja'Just how far under 32gb should I set the JVM? - It depends' :)15:01
jaegerindeed :)15:01
pedja <--interesting read15:02
jaegeroh, interesting, they've actually updated it with some thresholds where compressed OOPs are disabled... and they're actually below 32GB15:03
jaegerthat's new since last time I was there15:03
pedjaI like the name of the previous section of the guide, 'Don't touch these settings!'15:05
pedjaES is a complex beast, it seems15:06
frinnstits pretty awesome and terrible at the same time15:09
frinnsthad a little ES hickup this morning... or rather last night. Not really sure what happened yet15:12
frinnstgraylog stopped logging to ES for some reason. and that triggered a chain reaction of aweful things :-)15:13
frinnstnothing major, just the graylog journal thought it would be a good idea to fill the disk. Sloppy me not giving it its own disk15:14
pedjaI am curious. how do you, I guess, profile java application, to see how it's doing, does it use all the resources or is it starved, that kind of thing15:14
frinnstsince it couldnt offload to ES15:14
frinnstI havent needed to yet. that day, that sorrow15:14
jaegerNot sure, I've not needed to do that either15:21
jaegerIf you don't already do it, automatic pruning of old data that you don't need anymore is nice15:24
jaegernew keyboard is possessed!15:28
frinnstI got a bunch of blue extra keys15:29
jaegerand you're swapping them while it's plugged in :D15:29
frinnstof course15:30
frinnstbut the enter key on the numpad didnt want to go on15:30
frinnstsporting a blue esc and enter key. just like the kids are!15:33
jaegerfrinnst: I can sympathize with your addiction, I have 4 mechanicals (though I still need to sell the bluetooth one)16:12
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jaegerwow, apparently they abandoned those keyboards entirely and won't even warranty them anymore16:31
jaegerDefinitely never buying another varmilo keyboard :P16:31
jaegerEven more crazy, I just pulled it out of its box to charge it up and test it again and now it doesn't even work properly. LOTS of missed keys16:31
joacimsounds like quality =)16:33
jaegerOddly enough it worked perfectly when I bought it... but it had one problem16:34
jaegerIt doesn't register itself as a keyboard, just a HID device16:34
jaegerSo mac OS can't swap the alt and win keys without third-party software like karabiner16:34
jaegerI bought it to use on my work laptop (mac) so that was a bummer16:34
jaegerReplaced it with a code keyboard TKL and I've been meaning to sell it but I've been lazy and it was sitting in its box16:35
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jaegerglad I didn't sell it now because that would have been a shit deal for whoever bought it16:35
joacimfound a us to euro plug adapter. they wanted 26 dollars for it16:35
joacimthink ill just wait 2 weeks and get a pack of 5 for a dollar from china16:35
jaegerthat seems high, yeah16:36
joacimi hate selling maybe broken stuff to people. dont want to take money for something that i think might be bad16:36
joacimi dont mind selling old stuff like that tho. got a motherboard with a bad ram slot. might just need a reflow since putting pressure on the slot makes it work again16:39
joacimcould sell that for 5 dollars16:39
jaegerI might put it on craigslist or ebay for 25 or 50 bucks with the clear warning that it's crap and may be useful for parts only (the switches are decent, as  far as I can tell, it's the board that sucks)16:40
jaegerIt has gateron brown switches16:40
jaegerTis iis  test fr te buetth kebrr. It's a iecce f ssit.16:41
jaegerhaha, some people online say it works fine if you attach your usb bluetooth dongle to an extender with a ferrite core on it16:42
jaegerIf the bluetooth controller is so bad it needs that, damn16:42
joacimyeah. just the switches can be costly by themselves16:45
joacimseen a few people complain about broken springs in their keyboards16:45
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pedjaChrome, you POS16:54
joacimreminds me. always have a bit of a laugh when people talk about Windows POSReady16:55
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pedjait will rather get stuck in D state waiting for something, then exit with an error. argh.16:56
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pedja'graceful degradation? nah, we are THE GOOGLE, you peasant'17:03
john_cephalopoda'But look at this new JS framework that nearly loads as fast as the old one, when you use SPDY!17:06
frinnstjaeger: ouch. I bought varmilo keycaps for my code and old ducky. they were awesome17:09
frinnstI assumed the rest would be nice too :17:09
jaegerThe keycaps and switches are fine, as far as I can tell. It's all the PCB or the controller (or both, maybe)17:10
jaegerAh, well. Now I know. :)17:10
frinnsti really like the low profile my keycaps had17:10
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pedjajohn_cephalopoda, have you read Gamers Nexus article about their...adventures...with Google Fiber?17:20
john_cephalopodaNope, haven't seen that one yet.17:20
pedjacheck it out, if you have nothing better to do, it is pretty good17:21
mayfrosthoy do I get to ssh into crux?17:32
jaegerafter you start sshd, same as any other linux. :)17:35
jaegeradd 'sshd' to the SERVICES array in /etc/rc.conf17:35
jaegerthen either reboot or start it with '/etc/rc.d/sshd start'17:35
mayfrostok thanks17:37
mayfrostI have now crux on an arm btw17:38
mayfrostis a slightly different version but I scavenged the kernel and modules from another distro17:38
jaegerfrinnst: I really did like the low profile floating keycaps, yeah17:40
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pedjanote to self: read the fscking notes17:53
pedjasoftware hates me today, and it is mutual17:53
john_cephalopodamayfrost: Oh, cool. There was a CRUX-ARM project once, but I think it died.17:55
AnselmoI have crux arm running n my raspberry pi . .17:56
jaegercrux-arm is still around, crux-ppc died off17:56
AnselmoI am not sure who works on it, but it is being worked on17:56
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john_cephalopodaAh, ppc was the one that died.18:00
john_cephalopodaHmm, I hope that there will be affordable RISC-V boards soon, so I can try and port CRUX to it :D18:00
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mayfrostjohn_cephalopoda: I hope it doesn because I got it from there :^)18:09
john_cephalopodaWell, I just remember that I reported a dead link to some CRUX port to some architecture on the wiki once.18:12
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mayfrostare clueless people allowed here? because I am clueless on how to get ssh working18:30
john_cephalopodamayfrost: Of course clueless people are allowed here. :)18:31
john_cephalopodaWhat issue have you got with ssh?18:32
mayfrostactually I think I dont have internet at all18:33
mayfrostI have an IP tho18:33
john_cephalopodaWhat do you want to do?18:34
mayfrostdid ports -u and connection fails18:35
mayfrostrsync error in socket io18:37
mayfrostnever heard of this18:37
Anselmohave you set up ethernet or wifi at all ?18:38
john_cephalopodamayfrost: Does "ping" work?18:39
mayfrostAnselmo: did dhcpcd eht0 just in case18:42
mayfrostpreviously set nameserver18:42
mayfrostjohn_cephalopoda: ping is not working18:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libcanberra: force '-j1' for install target18:43
mayfrosttemporary failure in name resolution18:44
john_cephalopodamayfrost: /etc/rc.d/net18:44
john_cephalopodachange the "DEV=enp11s0" to whatever your device is called.18:45
jaegerYou only need to change anything if you're NOT using dhcp18:45
john_cephalopodaYou can list all available devices with "ip link".18:45
john_cephalopodajaeger: An interface called "eth0" sounds suspicious.18:45
jaegerhow so?18:46
Anselmousually I just run dhcpcd without any specified device,18:46
jaegerThat was the standard for a LONG time before the "persistent names" thing18:46
mayfrostI am using dhcp, can I put eth0 instead of enp11s0?18:46
john_cephalopodaDevice naming is enp<number>s<number> nowadays.18:46
jaegeryou can ignore DEV= if you're using dhcp18:47
Anselmorun ip link18:47
jaegerThe /etc/rc.d/net script is setup to start DHCP by default and doesn't need a dev specified18:47
Anselmoif you arent sure what device name to use, that will show you whats avaliable18:47
jaegerIt's only if you need a specific config that you need to change it18:47
mayfrostyeah I run ip link and shows eth018:49
pedjaspecifying a dev in net script breaks DHCP (don't ask me how I know)18:49
jaegerNot just editing the DEV= line, that won't break anything18:49
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jaegerIn case I'm not being clear enough in general, the DEV= line has *no effect* on dhcp with the default /etc/rc.dnet18:50
jaegerIf you've changed the net script, of course all bets are off18:50
pedjaI meant passing the dev in 'sbin/dhcpcd' line. sorry about that18:52
jaegerYeah, I was trying to clarify for others18:52
mayfroststill no connection18:52
ryu0is the device even reachable?18:53
Anselmoyou could kill dhcpcd, and then restart it, which will give you some output and perhaps show if there are errors18:53
ryu0or, check what 'ip address shows.18:53
ryu0or, check what 'ip address' shows.18:53
mayfrostI got a gateway if I do ip route18:55
ryu0can you ping it?18:55
mayfrostyeah, no packets lost18:57
mayfrostwait, the address of the gateway be the same on the network right?18:59
mayfrostthe gateway is different on this machine19:00
jaegerdid you get that gateway from dhcp or set it yourself?19:00
jaegerIf you got it from dhcp and the gateway is NOT on the same network, the dhcp server did something wrong19:01
mayfrostI got it fromg dhcp19:01
jaegerI would suggest stopping dhcpcd, removing addresses from the interface, and starting over. Sounds like something is wrong19:03
mayfrostI set static ip and put correct gateway on the net file and got no gateway at all upon restart19:14
mayfrostI will assume it has to do with kernel modules and firmware not getting along in this CRUX ARM version19:15
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: fossil: new maintainer19:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: pkgconf: new maintainer19:43
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: spm: new maintainer19:46
ryu0mayfrost: in most networks, the gateway must be in the same subnetwork.19:46
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ryu0how are you trying to set ip address anyway?19:46
ryu0for ipv4, it's something like:19:47
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ryu0ip -4 address add dev $DEVICE $IP/$PREFIX broadcast +19:47
ryu0ip -4 route add dev $DEVICE default via $GATEWAY19:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: at: new maintainer19:48
mayfrostI set the net file and restarted19:48
ryu0net file? that contains commands to setup networking only last i checked19:49
jaegerIsn't networking what we're talking about here?19:52
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jaegerTime to upgrade my home lab ES cluster, I think20:24
j_vjaeger: Is that ES for Elasticsearch?20:43
jaegerfrom 2.4.6 to 5.6.820:52
j_vskimming over the web page for it, looks very useful20:53
jaegerIt can be, certainly. It can also be a lot of work :P20:53
j_vYeah, looks like that, too. Wish I had time for that right now. Adding to the TODO list, though.20:55
abenzI've been giving a few "home lab" projects a few spins in the past few days20:55
jaegerboom, upgrade done20:56
abenzsome projects are really "production ready", the commnuity has come a long way since the early 2000s20:56
abenzstuff like bareos (network backup), are quite nice20:56
jaegerfrinnst: have you gone through a major version upgrade of ES yet?20:58
j_vAdding bareos to the list, too. Thanks.21:02
jaegerand kibana upgraded too21:17
pedjasnow outside, fresh cup of coffee at the desk, and revdep finally stopped whining21:25
jaegercurrently 16.6C here, got some windows open while I work :)21:32
pedjais that usual for this time of year where you live?21:48
pedjaHawaii, right :)?21:48
abenzwow hawaii? what a life!21:49
pedjamaybe we've seen him in the background of Hawaii 50 episode21:51
jaegerNo, it's uncommon for this time of year21:52
jaegerAnd it won't last more than a day21:52
pedjatbh, I don't know where jaeger lives, but I like to imagine him in the hawaii shirt hunting coconuts :)21:53
jaegermidwest USA21:53
jaegerhawaii probably wouldn't hurt my feelings21:53
joacimcan still wear a hawaii shirt21:53
Anselmodoes one hunt coconuts ?21:53
pedjaif one chooses to21:54
pedjain other news, I am really liking solvespace CAD software. I might package it, even21:57
pedjathe only possible issue is that I keep json-c at 0.12.x, because 0.13.x breaks gdal, so testing solvespace might be tricky22:00
pedjawell, it would work for *me*, but that's hardly the point of pushing something to contrib22:01
jaegerIt would be hard to find naturally-growing coconuts anywhere near me but maybe that's part of the hunting22:01
pedjagive it a few more years of global warming, who knows :)22:07
jaegerheh, perhaps22:08
pedjaglobal warming or nuclear winter seem to be the (shitty) choices these days22:11
john_cephalopodaI prefer global warming.22:13
pedjathat's like preferring plague to smallpox. both will kill you, only at different speeds22:20
frinnstjaeger: not in production, no22:22
frinnstI upgraded it along with graylog ways back, dont remember the versions. but it was 1-2 years ago22:22
frinnstfrom 2.x to 5.x22:22
frinnstno problems in my case22:22
frinnst(that I recall)22:23
jaegerJust curious. I wrote ansible playbooks to do most of the work for us at work and just re-used one of them for my home lab. If you want a copy let me know22:23
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frinnstIm always interested in ansible playbooks!22:24
jaegerless important for a small cluster but it was really handy for 15 nodes :) And it did make my 3-node upgrade very quick22:24
jaegerok, sec22:24
frinnstI never have time for preventive stuff at work. Its either emergencies or help offload my coworkers with tickets :(22:24
jaegerThis was for 2.x to 5.x, would need to be slightly updated for other versions, and to change plugin names, etc.22:25
frinnstcool. cheers!22:25
jaegerIt only stops the cluster and performs the upgrade. You might ask why it doesn't restart but that's because puppet handles that part for me22:25
jaegerpuppet makes sure the config is converged and the service started but I like using ansible for one-off orchestration tasks like upgrades22:26
frinnstvery cool. Hope I'll have some time tomorrow to play with it :-)22:27
jaegerIf you want it, I've also got a playbook that does a rolling restart. That's saved us a LOT of time22:28
frinnstbring it on22:28
jaegerBy default it restarts the cluster but you can also use it for a single node in bad garbage collections or something22:30
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jaegeractually about to use it since I updated some settings on my local cluster :D22:40
frinnstgl :)22:40
jaegernot worried, used this one plenty of times22:41
joacimwould like some machines for testing22:42
jaegerI've really enjoyed having the vmware cluster for home lab stuff22:42
joacimbut living with a 10A fuse. dont think i have enough overhead22:42
jaegerIt's possible to get pretty low-power systems for that sort of thing, if you're interested22:45
jaegerlike atoms or NUCs or something22:45
jaegerfrinnst: all done, worked perfectly. :)22:49
joacimthe atoms are still pretty expensive22:59
joacimi can rent a server from kimsufi23:00
joacimthey have those dual socket systems23:00
joacimnever tested the total power consumption of my desk23:01
joacimso could run around and take notes of how much i have spare23:01
frinnstsurely not your entire house runs on one 10A breaker?23:02
joacimor go with wifi somewhere else in my flat23:02
joacimthere is a corner in the livingroom on a 16A breaker23:02
joacimbehind everything, not a place i want to run cables and switches for23:03
joacimi rent, so finding a place that isnt stupid in some way is hard23:03
joacimi can have decent internet here, so it isnt all bad. most other places that i have looked at have you share a single adsl line with someone else23:04
frinnstI have different breakers on each side of my living room23:05
frinnstand stuff like microservers doesnt use much W23:05
joacimthe way the power outlets are laid out, i end up using the 10A breaker labeled for "lights and utilities" for almost everything23:06
joacimexcept washing machine and such ofc23:07
joacimlandlord even installed one of those 2x2 outlets on the wall, and hooked that up to the 10A breaker23:07
joacimcan live with that kind of crap with small adjustments, so it isnt too bad23:08
frinnstI dont think you need to worry about it unless you install a full rack :)23:09
joacimlost count of how often i've had to run out into the hallway to flip the breaker switch back up23:09
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*** abenz_ has quit IRC23:15
john_cephalopodaMy stovetop broke some time ago. Now I can't use one of the 3 heating plates, else the fuse will blow.23:15
john_cephalopodaThe other two are really good though.23:15

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