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kabanlyalyafrinnst: Try topre keyboard(IMHO - best switchers). My choise - HHKB2 Pro Silence.,hhkbpro2&pid=pdkb400ws03:06
AnselmoACTION has one of those, albeit unsilenced03:07
kabanlyalyafrinnst: Who use this shit?
kabanlyalyafrinnst: and again...
kabanlyalya15 keyboards... Lol...03:12
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kabanlyalyafrinnst: and again
kabanlyalya15 keyboards... LoL03:15
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brian|lfswe don't even have uranium03:37
brian|lfsthat sucks how would I build my bomb03:37
Anselmothere is some radioactive material in smoke detectors03:43
Anselmoperhaps you can process that03:43
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brian|lfsnah really need uranium for cura to function04:04
brian|lfsok trying to write a bunch of packages to keep pur package mangers from getting confused is there a way to rename the source file in my Pkgfile when it downloads so its not just a version number for the package name04:15
brian|lfsexample way archlinux deals with it source=(fdm_materials-$pkgver.tar.gz::${pkgver}.tar.gz)04:17
brian|lfstried doing that on CRUX obviously changign the rest of the line also and CRUX don't like that04:17
jaegeryeah, that wouldn't work without changes to pkgmk04:18
jaegeryou can get decent links out of github using tags, there's a page on the wiki about it04:18
brian|lfsok not sure what you mean04:19
brian|lfsthe url is good problem is the file name is just version.tar.gz04:19
j_vbrian|lfs: try this:$version/$name-$version.tar.gz04:19
jaegeryes, and you can get urls from github that don't do that04:19
jaegerusing tags04:19
jaeger(the git tags)04:20
j_vor this:$version/$name-$version.tar.gz04:20
j_vlike jaeger is saying, it will depend on how they tagged it04:20
brian|lfsoh ok thanks guess I'm not that familar with github04:20
j_vto find out tags, go the releases link, will include a link to tags also04:21
brian|lfsoh ok04:24
brian|lfsso in this case I would go to
brian|lfsand look for a tag file04:24
j_vactually, I just checked that repo, i see that they not only have tags, they have actual release tarballs04:24
brian|lfswell 2 down04:28
j_vI see some of those, like the 3.2.1 and 3.1.0 releases/tags, will need the trick mentioned above and in the wiki page jaeger mentioned04:28
brian|lfsok this is starting to get annoying we don't have arcus either04:33
brian|lfsno python sip04:35
brian|lfsno python-sip04:35
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brian|lfsturns out all the samething sip and python-sip04:47
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j_vI see that darfo's sip port packages both python2 and python3... pretty cool, if you're going to need both anyways05:01
brian|lfsany ideas on python-numpy05:03
brian|lfsI checked I have fortran on my system05:03
brian|lfssorry not sure why the url is so long05:03
j_vI have numpy in my repo05:04
brian|lfsah ok05:04
brian|lfssmall word05:04
brian|lfswhats your repo05:05
j_vj_v on the ports page05:05
brian|lfssmall worlds05:05
brian|lfsok looking05:05
brian|lfslookling closer looks like I nee the python3 one specifically anyhow05:06
j_vsure, it's there also05:06
brian|lfsinstalling your repo can never have enough lol05:06
j_vthe numpy version is not up to date, because recently they have an ABI break05:07
brian|lfsoh ok05:11
brian|lfsyour python3-numpy is missing numpy as a dep05:11
j_vi've dropped the port that depended on it, so if you need a version bump, let me know05:11
j_vit IS numpy05:11
brian|lfsoh ok hmm05:11
brian|lfsinteresting it said it couldn't find numpy05:12
brian|lfsoh sorry says missing atlas05:12
brian|lfsnot sure what that means05:14
j_vhmmm, give a sec05:15
j_vdid you install python3-setuptools and all it's dependencies?05:17
brian|lfsnot sure will try to install it05:18
j_vthat's what it looks like it needs05:18
brian|lfsya it was installed just re-install it05:19
brian|lfsre-installed it05:19
j_vwhat about all it's dependencies, ala: prt-get depinst python3-numpy05:19
brian|lfshmmmm not sure still didn't work05:19
brian|lfssame error05:20
j_vhmmm, i look deeper05:20
brian|lfswell it sayhs broken toolchain as one of the errors05:21
brian|lfsrunning revdep don't think anything is broken can't hurt05:22
brian|lfsmy system has python2 as default is that correct05:23
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j_vwell, i see one difference, is you have g77 installed. i try installing that to see if that breaks the build here05:30
brian|lfsits a weird permission thing just got it to install05:30
brian|lfsit worked fine just doping package make05:30
brian|lfsno clue lol05:31
brian|lfsbut its installed now seieng I didn't see any permission errors05:31
brian|lfsor maybe reinstalling python or soemthign fixed it05:31
j_vok. so you're good as far as numpy is concerned?05:32
brian|lfsya I'm good05:33
j_vok, cool.05:33
brian|lfsnot sure what all this quickcontrols is  pyqt5-common05:33
brian|lfswell try with just qt5 and go from there05:34
j_vno idea, i avoid qt usually, though recently installed it for trying out virtualbox, which i'm not very impressed with05:34
brian|lfswith virtualbox or qt not impressed with?05:35
brian|lfsoh ok05:35
j_vqemu is much better05:35
brian|lfsI bougt a vmworkstation license for like $5 on ebay lol05:35
j_vahh, thats esxi and such it's it? i've never used it before.05:36
brian|lfsgoing to take a walk to 711 need a breather05:36
brian|lfsno its the equivalant of virtualbox but form vmware05:36
j_vgood idea, i need to go pollute my lungs a bit05:36
brian|lfsI'm making progress maybe in a week have cura installed lol05:36
j_vthat's 3d printing stuff?05:37
brian|lfsya slicer05:37
brian|lfsusually I just boot to windows to slice05:37
brian|lfsbut I"m like be good to have it for the communityh in Linux05:37
j_vcool, never messed with any of that. looks like neat stuff, but way of my price range right now05:37
brian|lfslook up the creality cr-10 or 10s05:38
j_vs/way/way out05:38
brian|lfsabout $400 USD05:38
brian|lfsbut if you wait and watch goes ons ale all the time05:38
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brian|lfsbe back in a bit05:38
j_vyeah, i'm off until busines pick back up... no spending like that05:39
brian|lfsouch sorry man05:39
jaegerhaven't tested with nvidia yet but this seems like a promising start for mesa and libglvnd stuff:
jaegerGoing to try to build a compatible nvidia port tomorrow, probably05:41
j_vIf you get it to work for nvidia, i'd be interested in testing here. nouveau has led to a few X lockups here, so would mind trying it with libglvnd to see if that helps05:43
j_vi've tried upping the debug output from kernel, but the output hasn't been fruitful05:44
j_vi've had to ssh in this box a few times, because it crashes X when it happens and i lose the keyboard05:46
j_vluckily doesn't happen very often05:46
jaegerI'll definitely ask for some testers if I get it working05:48
j_vok, cool05:48
jaegerWould be nice to do away with gl-select entirely05:49
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j_vno doubt. would be nice to just adjust to boot params to boot OSS or PROP driver and just reboot into the one desired for what ever reason.05:52
j_vbeen a while, probably have blacklist nouveau also, if i remember correcty, to boot the proprietary driver05:54
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j_vI see that arch is building mesa against libglvnd by default. And I think you were saying the other day that your laptop graphics worked nicely on arch installed on your new laptop, if I'm not misremembering anything.05:57
jaegeryeah, I installed arch on it for a little while so I could compare optimus setups, the glvnd thing was just a side-effect, heh05:58
jaegerBut it seems like switching to libglvnd is not only the right thing to do (tm) but will make optimus setup easier05:58
j_vnice. i like the sound of that.05:59
j_vbtw, I managed to rebuild all of core on both on those qemu vm installs, no glitches noticed, so i'd say things are looking pretty smooth from what i can see.06:00
jaegerawesome, glad to hear that06:01
jaegerWill poke at it more tomorrow; for now, it's time to sleep. Night06:03
brian|lfsback j_v06:06
j_vthat was quick... hey, i remember when 7/11's were only open from 7am to 11pm :)06:07
brian|lfsI never seen that06:08
j_vwell, i'm older that i look on irc06:08
j_vsorry, i shouldn't crack jokes. i always forget the punch line.06:09
brian|lfswhat you about 9006:09
j_va few years past half that06:10
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brian|lfsit built with just qt5 fine06:19
brian|lfsso only thing left is cura its self06:19
brian|lfsall lied need python-scipy06:22
j_vah, that's from the same devs that code numpy06:23
j_vyou can find links to it on the numpy home page, i think06:24
brian|lfsI have it just follwing the arch packages for cura and modifying them06:27
j_vi look at their stuff quite often. it's better that trying to read ebuilds or debian/rules06:28
j_vdebian rules is pretty worthless really, without a deep knowledge of their packaging... to much black magic under the covers there for the likes of me06:29
j_vi used debian for several years, mainly for how easy it was to start with a vanilla base and build up, but adding packages was a pain in the ... well, the behind06:31
brian|lfschecking is over rated took those lines out06:33
j_vyeah, i spent a bunch of time playing that game with a bunch of perl ports a while back... what a twisty worm that was06:33
brian|lfswhat nibbles06:34
brian|lfsor snake06:34
j_vyeah, just like06:34
brian|lfsscipy is pretty big06:34
brian|lfsglad I opted to just build it for python306:34
brian|lfshasn't bombed yet but still compiling06:35
brian|lfswhats the options for optional deps I forget when writing packages06:36
brian|lfsis it OPDEPS or something06:36
j_vI've seen it a couple ways. I usually use: '# Optional: '06:37
j_vsome use: '# Nice to have: '06:37
j_vor something like that, i haven't seen a rule for it, but i like that it's used06:37
brian|lfsoh ok so no mandatory way06:38
j_vwell, not that i know of06:38
brian|lfswell looking on google it don't show work it shows making packages in crux 2.406:39
j_vi would ask jaeger, frinnst, jue, tilman, teK_ or someone like that.06:39
j_vbut you can also look in the handbook and the port guidelines on the wiki06:40
j_v is a good one refer to06:42
j_v even06:43
j_vah, well, i don't see it in either of those06:45
brian|lfsso probably what we think06:54
brian|lfsCura works06:54
brian|lfspretty good for first shot after it install06:54
brian|lfsbut need to buid python-zeroconf for networking support06:54
brian|lfsI have an ultimaker3 which uses the network to print06:54
brian|lfsI did python3 for everything didn't see the point of support old and new pythons06:55
brian|lfsI did my deps accordingly so no issue06:55
j_vif it'll do py3, no point using py2. python 2 in going to dropped from support by numpy by 201906:56
j_vprobably scipy, too06:57
brian|lfslooks like for python-zeroconf I need python-netifaces06:58
brian|lfswhich we don't have a port for06:58
j_vyou should see my haskell repo... not that was frustrating. and all so i could build pandoc... turns out i was better off just using haskell stack and installing a local user copy of pandoc06:59
brian|lfswell df has python-netifaces07:00
brian|lfsand correct version07:01
j_vyou use portdbc?07:01
j_vis command line tool to query the crux portdb. i like it.07:02
brian|lfsahh nice07:02
brian|lfsI'll give it a shot sometime07:02
j_vlooking at the portdb in a browser is nice if you want to take a look at the files, but for just finding out if a port already available, portdbc is helpful07:04
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brian|lfsok I"m done for tonight lol07:18
brian|lfspackages all on my repo minus the ones I borrowed from other people07:18
j_vit's about time for me to zzzzz07:19
brian|lfssame here07:19
j_vjust finishing a few tweaks for my ck4up conf files07:19
brian|lfsI would hope that cura would see the python-zeroconf without a recompile07:20
j_vok, well, what i have done will have to be enough for tonight07:23
j_vgood night07:23
brian|lfsgood night crashing Cura seems to slioce find not sure about the networking07:33
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: updated to 17.3.607:59
frinnst"This is a emergency release, addressing GPU lockups in the i965 driver."08:00
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cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: mesa3d-32: 17.3.5 -> 17.3.609:37
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Romsterrip cruxbot 201810:52
frinnstrip crux.nu10:58
joacimare we all switching to lunar now?10:59
frinnstlooks like the entire DC is down, even their website10:59
frinnstbet the power is out and all UPSes have run dry10:59
frinnstnot sure how their generator status is10:59
frinnstJust nu: Omfattande str�mavbrott i Kalmar11:01
frinnst"major power outage in kalmar"11:01
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frinnst32cm snow11:02
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crash_nice go out with the pulka and stjärtlapp :)11:39
pedjajaeger, I have glvnd-enabled nvidia port if you want a starting point11:57
pedjaapparently, Massdrop heard from Nvidia that GPU craziness won't slow down until at least Q3 2018.12:03
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: gawk: update to 4.2.112:16
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Romsterwell kamar wasn't down for that long12:22
Romsterdid it lose the uptime on
ryu0ACTION watches cruxbot start to gnaw on Romster's leg.12:24
abenz_this is pretty cool12:29
abenzcan literally admin the whole system from a webui12:30
abenzI reckon that will make "linux sysadmin" entry barrier much lower12:30
abenzanyone can do complex setups with a few clicks, no shell knowledge required12:30
ryu0if it's so great, why isn't it packaged by major distributions?12:33
ryu0interesting. only source is their deb packages.12:35
ryu0theory: cpanel ate their lunch...12:36
frinnstI am new to this and can you guide me how to do this in cpanel.12:43
frinnstindian webdeveloper12:43
frinnstreceived that email 57 minutes ago12:43
ryu0sometimes i think we got too many developers that have no clue what they're doing.12:55
frinnstwebdevelopers are remarkably crap. atleast 95-99% of them12:57
ryu0frinnst: lol.13:09
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joacimlately i've been having similar thoughts13:52
joacimabout people that cant do sensible things like configure networking on their desktop computer, or read and undestand instructions about how to use command lines13:53
joacim"maybe you'd be a good web developer"13:53
pedjaisn't that what the devops movement is all about? merging developers and sysadmins?14:33
pedjablurring the lines between their jobs?14:35
pedja'it works in my Vagrant VM/Docker container? SHIP IT!' :)14:37
Anselmothe worlds a mess14:38
jaegerabenz: webmin has been around for a LONG LONG LONG time14:40
pedja20+ years14:46
pedjaryu0, it broke several Debian/Ubuntu systems, so they dropped it a while back14:49
pedjawebmin way or debian way, can't have both :)14:50
pedjathat's why Yast is openSUSE only, afaik14:51
pedjaand even it can mess things up sometimes, although it's actually tailored for the system14:53
jaegerpedja: yeah, I'd like to look at your libglvnd nvidia at some point15:03
SiFuhQubes is like the blackhole of memory15:13
SiFuhShould change it to the amnesia OS15:13
pedjajaeger, libglvnd, mesa and nvidia ports
pedjathey are not up to date, but should be fine as a reference15:15
pedjaSiFuh, iirc, default hostname for Tails is 'amnesiac'15:17
jaegerThanks, I'll give them a look when I get some time15:20
jaegerIt's kinda hilarious that massdrop is selling motherboard and GPU bundles now... I wonder if that's intended to be a way to swallow the ridiculous GPU prices or just coincidence15:32
pedjaquote from massdrop community lead, or something similar, boils down to 'we won't sell you at MSRP, but we won't rip you off that much, either'15:53
pedjaand the pcgamer article author is sceptical of the whole thing, afaict15:55
jaeger <-- $559 for $398 worth of hardware15:57
jaegerer, $55015:57
jaegerGiven the current GPU market that isn't *terrible* but it's still not worth buying, in my opinion15:57
SiFuhit's all shit these days even the software15:58
pedjait's hilarious that, in the time of hyper GPU overpricing, merely overpricing is marketed as a 'a good deal'15:58
pedjamake perfect sense from the business point of view, thou15:59
pedjaand with ~3 million phones produced *daily*, the situation ain't getting better any time soon16:03
SiFuhMobile Phones = Artificial intelligence laying their eggs.16:06
pedjaone constant in AI research since the 50's is 'we'll have an AI in 10 years'16:13
pedjait turns out it's really hard :)16:15
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u0_a95Hello, some times I have a problem building kernel using prt-get/pkgmk16:16
frinnstI can imagine, we dont provide kernels other than on the install media16:16
frinnsthow are you building it?16:17
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frinnstaaalrighty then16:17
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u0_a95It goes everything well, only the .footprint don't show correct destination files of modules, but they are correctly created inside work/linux-gnu/pkg16:20
Anselmowhere is the kernel package from ?16:21
u0_a95from libre-kernel16:22
u0_a95I'm checking pkgmk and fuction make_footprint trys to replace16:23
u0_a95OMG, make_footprint function just don't work and even if work it gets version of installed kernel not the one being built16:25
u0_a95:O sorry16:25
u0_a95It works XD, that's why replace16:26
u0_a95why this function replacing version ?16:27
u0_a95I will comment the sed part, but if someone have the work to implement this... must have a reason16:29
Anselmosometimes people write scripts and then dont adequetely test them16:30
Anselmoor only test them on their own machines, in specific circumstances where they work16:31
u0_a95can you imagine why you wold do this ?16:31
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u0_a95sed "s|\tlib/modules/`uname -r`/|\tlib/modules/<kernel-version>/|g"16:33
Anselmosometimes I rebuild kernels of the same version I am running, while I add drivers or figure out how to get something to work16:33
AnselmoI imagine people working on kernel development may do similar things16:34
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u0_a95hummm, sad I miss the point of changing .footprint16:35
u0_a95I will remove sed and proccede, later when pkgmk is updated it will return16:35
u0_a95I will lose time to see how make iso of crux work16:39
u0_a95at the moment I have a virtual machine I want transform into a bootable iso16:40
u0_a95but I think wold be better if I use crux tools16:40
Anselmoyou're attempting to build the crux ISO ?16:42
u0_a95I will, I want iso with some changes and updated packages16:43
AnselmoI see,16:43
u0_a95but wold be nice if uses already built packages16:44
u0_a95I use /usr/ports/packages ...16:44
u0_a95I go check this today, will be my first bootable iso16:45
AnselmoI havent built one of the ISOs from crux before, would it be possible for you to sync the /usr/ports/ into some directory?16:45
Anselmoare you already running crux?16:47
u0_a95yes, on host and virtual machines16:48
u0_a95I just push some changes to branch r-0.3.3
u0_a95I think I need more coffee, I go out for one and come later ;) thank you to all crux'xers16:52
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joacimmore computers would be nice. getting pretty cold in here23:44
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