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brian|lfsseriously wasted all my time compiling cura and building deps and they have it as a fuse image now lol03:33
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abenzjoacim: what about the electricity bill though?04:26
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Romsterbrian|lfs, please explain07:08
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joacimabenz: landlord is stupid enough to have baked that into the rent, for tax reasons07:50
pedjaRomster, I think he means Appimage08:07
pedjabtw, Romster, you might want to modify libdca to use 'usr/share/man'08:11
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ryu0Looks like Amazon has made its impulse purchase of the year:
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workoderathese company owned home automation things creep me out10:13
frinnstwhats the point of a "smart" doorbell?10:17
frinnstyou get a notification in your phone if someone rings the door? why?10:17
frinnstmaybe jeff's alexa bought it by accident?10:18
frinnstRing has raised $209 million so far and was last valued at $760 million, according to Pitchbook.10:18
frinnst.. so its just a security camera company?10:19
joacimso you can tell people you'll be out in a few minutes, in case you're on your porcelain throne10:22
SiFuhkde still runs like a sloth in a snow storm10:32
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: tevent: update to 0.9.3610:37
dbrookemy "smart" doorbell is homebrewed but among other things it pauses media playback so I can hear it and creates a syslog entry, the letter box flap is also monitored11:07
SiFuhI can imagine it suddenly turns off the TV, stops the food from cooking, pauses the flush of a toilet11:10
SiFuhSwat team arrives and someone presses the door bell. The world comes to a stand still.11:11
SiFuhEvery house receives a message about someone ringing your doorbell.  Breaking news! dbrooke's doorbell has rung.11:12
dbrookewell I could hook it up to an irc bot if you like 8-)11:12
dbrookebut it does pause the TV if that's playing11:13
SiFuhYou can knock on my door and ring the bell as much as you want. If I am not expecting you, I don't fscking care ;-)11:14
SiFuhI have been in trouble for this a few times11:14
SiFuhSame with phone calls. If you call and I don't expect a call. I also won't answer.11:14
dbrookeI'm selective on phone calls, anonymous get told to leave a message and greylisted numbers don't actually ring the phones, they just send ringing to the caller for a while before going to voice mail11:18
SiFuhI don't even have a ring tone :-)11:20
SiFuhvibrate is also not activated11:20
SiFuhonly a blue flashing LED11:27
frinnstSTOP SNOWING11:47
frinnstfor fucks sake.. ~50cm in 3 days11:47
SiFuhhate snow11:50
dbrookeabout 2cm on the ground here, still seems to have brought half the country to a halt11:50
frinnstvisibility is ok now. maybe 100 meters or so11:51
frinnstyesterday we had maybe 20m11:51
SiFuhwhen I lived in KG we had 12 feet of snow. Very fun to watch. But I still hate snow.11:51
pedjasnow I can live with, the ice beneath it is...fun11:55
SiFuhi used steel scourers and socks on my boots12:00
pedjaworse still is slush, nicely frozen over night. going to the store is an adventure :)12:00
pedjabut, even will all that, I'll take it over 45+C summer any time12:01
SiFuhhell no12:02
joacimWe had a 10-15C summer just a few years ago. It was amazing12:33
frinnstpacked snow gets mighty slippery too12:34
frinnsti almost spun on my way to work in a roundabout12:34
joacimsounds like fun12:34
frinnstfrontwheel drive ftw sometimes12:34
joacimpacked snow is only a problem if it has been polished. i much rather walk on hard packed snow than this salty slush we have here12:36
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SiFuhI installed openSuSE and killed before th hour ends19:18
SiFuhI installed again. This time everything. Wonder how long before I kill it19:19
ryu0SiFuh: why?19:25
SiFuhwhy not?19:25
SiFuhtoo many computer and notebooks here19:26
SiFuhi realy need to test19:26
SiFuhand KDE is still sh!719:27
Anselmotest what?19:55
ryu0Anselmo: probably if they're functional.19:56
Anselmoah, mm19:57
Anselmoand opensuse might as well19:57
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pedja'Bufferbloat (min/max) 74/1808ms, Consistency 71%'23:23
pedjafor the upload, download is much, much better23:24
jaegerpedja: not having any luck with libglvnd and glx, symlinking still seems to be required. Also trying with xorg-server from git but still failing to initialize glx23:27
joacimthey made 0 effort for their installer on openbsd23:39
pedjajaeger, yes, but the symlinking can be done in the port, no need to run gl-select. and, when I tested it, xorg-server picked up glx without issues23:40
pedjathe issues were with mesa at the time23:41
jaegerThe point is for them to coexist, though, so that glvnd does all that shit for you23:41
joacimmaking partitions yourself, unpacking the tarballs, and installing the bootloader yourself seems easier i think, than their installer23:41
jaegersymlinking in the port does indeed remove the need for gl-select, which is fine, but breaks working on an optimus laptop23:43
pedjajaeger, and the glvnd does that, for client-side GLX/GLES/EGL23:43
jaegerI'd like it to support both23:43
jaegercan load either from mesa or from nvidia but not both23:43
jaegertrying to get modulepath patches for xorg-server to work for that but not having much luck so far23:44
jaeger <-- see this thread if you're interested in the modulepath stuff23:45
pedjain the nvidia-glvnd port, went into 'usr/lib/nvidia/xorg/'23:48
jaegeryes, that's where I've put it in mine, too23:49
jaegerbut X will never see that without some effort23:49
jaeger"some effort" could be a symlink or the modulepath patches23:50
pedjathey should be in master (1.20) by now23:51
jaegerThey are, but that introduces more problems. Seems like nvidia doesn't work with ABI 24 :P23:52
jaegerI may hunt for specific commits in the 1.19 branch or add the patches there... going out soon but will get back to it later23:54
jaegerI think I'll also ignore the optimus setup until a single discrete GPU setup can work properly23:55
pedjajaeger, fedora has 9 patches for 1.19.x xorg23:56

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