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pedjaoutputclass and all that jazz00:00
pedjaand nvidia always waits after the xorg-server release to push support for it in the driver, last minute changes in xorg bit them once or twice :)00:03
pedja1.20-rc1 was tagged a few hours ago, so the release should be soon-ish00:05
pedjamiddle/end of March would be my guess00:06
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mayfrostanybody got a script automating crux installation?01:27
darfoRomster: found a way to set the mimetype on my df port's files using WebDAV.01:31
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xckoAnyone experiment with running crux on none x86_64 architecture like a pi?01:33
darfonow all I've got left is testing the git hook to make sure it updates the mimetype01:33
xckoI switched to gentoo for the cross architecture support, but it's kind of a pain - I prefer crux01:33
AnselmoACTION has a raspi on crux01:33
Anselmoit seems sensilby happy01:34
xckoAnselmo: any weird behaviours like in prt-get readme iirc it says something about inconsistent behaviour if CFLAGS!=x86_6401:35
xckoor anything in core not compiling?01:36
AnselmoI altered the pkgmk config from what was the default on crux-arm01:36
xckooh huh I didn't know about that01:38
xckoThat's awesome, is there anything substantially different between crux-arm and crux?01:42
xcko(other then arch ofc). pkgutils works the same, ports system is the same etc?01:42
Anselmoit works the same01:44
Anselmothey have seperate arm-core and things01:44
Anselmofor some patched packages01:44
AnselmoI had to mess a lot to make the kernel work on the pi01:45
Anselmoand ended up stealing raspians kernel, but since that its been working well01:45
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jaegermayfrost: maybe not exactly what you want but some docker image automation02:02
mayfrostjaeger: thanks for that02:07
mayfrostI meant something simple to be honest like
mayfrostwant to know what to change there so it can do crux02:09
jaegershould be fairly easy to convert, just take the handbook steps and use those commands instead of the gentoo-specific stuff02:13
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mayfrostbtw I wrote a guide myself02:17
mayfrostis step by step so I dont forget02:18
mayfrostis in FDL if is any good
brian|lfsthats a weird url lol03:23
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mayfrostis an anime fan from what I can tell03:28
mayfrostthe creator of that site03:29
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jaegerpedja: seems like it's working now on the single-GPU machine with xorg-server 1.19.603:49
brian|lfsjust fixed mumble if anyone cares there was a patch I needed to add to my package03:52
brian|lfsI would like to know why mumble don't build with QT5 seems archlinux don't bu ild with QT5 even mumble03:52
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v0latileHey guys, When I installed CRUX I unselect the package inetutils, so now application like xchat don't resolve the DNS, I installed inetutils and rebuild the application and nothing04:29
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ryu0glad we could help...04:35
brian|lfshmmm inetutils does with resolving?04:42
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jaegermore likely there was an issue with the resolv.conf or gateway or something04:42
brian|lfshey root never come to IRC with the name root or you will be screwed with04:42
Guest25362I always change the name root to superman and root is a account without priv hehe04:44
brian|lfsroot is the same as our inetutils usewr04:44
brian|lfsv0latile, inutils shouldn't cause DNS issues04:45
brian|lfseither your gateway is wrong or /etc/resolv.conf is wrong04:45
v0latileMy resolv.conf is default like always, I try with hexchat and don't have problem04:46
v0latileI don't know why don't work, in the desktop work without problem04:46
brian|lfscan you ping google04:46
v0latilePerfect, without problem04:47
v0latiledig, ping work perfect04:47
jaegersounds like name resolution isn't the problem, then04:47
brian|lfsjaeger, I seen an old linux unplugged from 2014 about CRUX you wre in the chat big time lol04:50
jaegerI couldn't participate in the voice part of the interview at work so I was in chat04:51
jaegerfrinnst did a fine job, though04:51
brian|lfsmumble was probably broken on CRUX back then even if you were at home04:51
brian|lfsah ok that was frinnst thats cool04:52
brian|lfsI like him he a cool person loves to get nippy at me if he feels a question I have is stupid or myh logic don't make sense lol04:52
brian|lfsits all good no hard feelings04:52
brian|lfsthen again there are days he just goes off and your not sure why lol04:52
brian|lfsI would check my and lastlog04:54
brian|lfsand maybe messages for a clue04:54
brian|lfssometimes even check dmesg04:54
brian|lfsfor a long time I had USB debug on it was terrible all the junk being thrown04:55
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frinnstcome now, im kind!06:47
frinnstI do come across as a cunt sometimes though :(06:47
xckoAre there other parallel crux projects besides crux-arm? crux-mips or crux-musl or whatever?06:50
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Romsterxcko, welcome i am the resident port horder/packrat :)08:35
Romsternot what i am aware of08:35
xckoThanks Romster. I just learned about crux-arm from Anselmo today, I'm not sure if it's listed on the crux homepage08:40
Romsteri am not sure if it's maintained still08:43
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ryu0xcko: there was also crux-ppc, but that's dead.09:03
Romsterbeing how crux is anyone can pick up where they left off from.09:05
Romstermy net has been crap the last two nights and i see bug reports and stuffs i have noticed needs attention09:05
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pedjajaeger, nice. iirc, single GPU worked pretty much OOTB (once I figured out Nvidia's glvnd docs). and that's the only scenario I could test10:31
pedjaiGPU and dGPU combo is the most common these days, and that's when the fun starts :)10:32
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