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jaegerdarfo: I don't think it's related since I can move or symlink and get it working20:27
darfook. i saw that item in the kernel changelog but don't really understand what you20:38
darfoare working on so just threw it out there20:38
jaegerAppreciate it :)20:39
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rmullcontrib/mpd not building for anyone else?21:37
rmullsrc/archive/plugins/Iso9660ArchivePlugin.cxx:118:32: error: too few arguments to function 'void _cdio_list_free21:37
rmullwill try rebuilding libcdio21:39
rmullsame failure21:41
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pedjarmull, same error here22:03
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pedjarmull, from mpd-0.20.16 changelog 'makes the iso9660 archive plugin compatible with libcdio 2.0.'22:06
pedja0.20.18 is the latest22:06
rmullpedja: good eye, I guess that explains that22:14
pedjactrl+f ftw :)22:17
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