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funIs there a know problem with ports failing to build when are already installed because libtool relink uses -L/usr/lib -L$DESTDIR/usr/lib and the installed .so version is used?00:00
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abenz_jaeger: so you keep all your big files on NAS?03:34
abenz_what do you use to transfer? NFS?03:34
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aragornIIok the latest xorg updates seemed to have severly impacted my install. I'm using amdgpu with all of the correct kernel settings and firmware and now I cannot start X04:03
aragornIIit worked fine before but i'm not quite sure what to do.04:05
jaegerabenz_: mostly smb/cifs via samba but some NFS also04:10
jaegeraragornII: any errors in the xorg log?04:10
abenz_I see04:10
aragornII"screens found but none have a usable configuration". I also noticed that the driver doesn't seem to be loading at boot (the screen would glitch and then switch to the correct driver)04:17
WorksteraragornII, prt-get readme xorg-server04:19
Worksterand prt-get update -fr `revdep`04:20
Worksteralso check the dependency tree prt-get deptree xorg04:20
Worksterfor any missing ports you need to install04:20
aragornIII'm using irssi from the tty rn so I'll try that and report back04:22
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aragornIII recompiled xorg-server and amdgpu but the driver just isn't loading at boot anymore04:54
aragornIII updated quite a few xorg packages today so I'm not sure what caused this04:56
Worksterrevdep returns nothing?05:05
aragornIIprt-get update -fr 'revdep' returned "package revdep is not installed". Did a prt-get search for revdep but nothing came up.05:08
Worksterthen you need to install prt-utils05:09
Worksterfor revdep05:09
aragornIII'll try that. What does revdep do?05:11
jaegerLast login: Sat Jan 20 09:21:05 2018 from
jaegerninja/jaeger ~ $ tmux -2 attach -d05:16
jaegeroops, sorry05:16
aragornIII tried 'prt-get deptree xorg' and all dependencies were installed05:16
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aragornIIrevdep return a few broken packages but nothing related to xorg or amdgpu05:26
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frinnststop snowing ffs!11:35
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pedjanice, gentle rain here11:50
frinnstdid you have disk problems pedja?12:32
pedjanot since yesterday :)12:33
frinnst\o/ what was it?12:33
pedjaext4 ate grub12:33
pedjaand some kernel modules12:33
frinnstlet me know if you need storage space to back stuff up to. not sure how useful it is with your connection (what is your connection?)12:34
pedjalousy upload12:35
frinnstbummer. iirc you have a shell account on my box? just dump whatever you want there12:35
frinnstencrypted ofc. im a curious bastard :-)12:35
pedjaI had on your old box, one that you sold domain for, iirc12:36
frinnstsame account, just another domain. you could use to connect12:37
frinnstsame box*12:38
pedjaoh, really? it didn't occur to me to try :)12:39
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pedjaheh. I found the keys, but I forgot what the passphrase is, and pass ls comes up empty. oh, well12:53
pedjaI'll hook up pass and ssh-add one of these days[tm]12:56
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frinnstheh, give me the new pub key and i'll add it13:08
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frinnsthmm ImportError: No module named asn1crypto.algos14:15
frinnstsurely that module should be included in python-pyasn1 or python-cryptography ?14:16
frinnstsilly python-paramiko14:17
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frinnstahh yes, "python-utils" and "python-util" are not the same15:33
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pedjaFreeCAD has to be one of the most unintuitive pieces of software I ever used20:05
john_cephalopodaBlender is also very unintuitive.20:08
john_cephalopodaCAD might have even crazier requirements than normal 3d modelling.20:09
pedjawell, I though being drafting technician by trade would help me get my head around it. nope :)20:10
john_cephalopodaI tried out FreeCAD some years ago. Then recently tried out some others because FreeCAD simply had to many deps to package. And the other ones were simply WAY more complex and unintuitive.20:11
pedjaI use appimage for it20:12
pedjait is fun when I watch YT tutorial, spend half an hour looking for commands the presenter is using, and then realize it's the custom workbench, horribly broken and unmaintained for both FreeCAD versions20:15
pedjaiow, it worked once upon a time, on some random git snapshot20:16
joacimblender seems strange. apparently it can edit videos20:21
joacimseems like the kind of feature i wouldnt expect from 3d modelling software20:22
Anselmopart of that is for adding in threedee models into videos20:49
Anselmoas you need some sort of motion tracking things to insert that20:49
joacimthat makes sense20:51
joacimjaegers would look odd if they'd float around the screen when the camera moves20:52
jaegerI can look odd even without moving cameras21:03
joacimwould look ok if a jaeger was just a guy in a suit21:04
pedjato be fair, main focus of FreeCAD is 3D parametric modeling, not 2D drawing. Draftsight is pretty cool for that :)21:41
joacimmy windows machines cant access eachothers shares, can't access my samba shares. my fedora machine can access my samba shares, but not the shares from my windows computers.22:05
joacimi guess windows is popular since the issues keep people employed22:06
john_cephalopodajoacim: You could say the same about Fedora, since they can't access the Windows shares ;)22:13
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joacimfedora can access the samba shares at least22:25
joacimmy windows machines can only access their own localhost shares22:25
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aragornIIafter a few xorg updates, amdgpu doesn't load at boot anymore and I can't start X. It was working perfectly fine before.. had all of the amd firmware compiled into the kernel, kms configured, etc22:52
jaegercan you pastebin your Xorg.0.log?23:41

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