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aragornIII'm at the tty so I can't post the log but it says "screens found, but none have a usable configuration" and then EE No screens found". The amdgpu and kms used to load at boot (the screen would glitch for a second as the driver changed) and then I would just startx.00:11
jaegerIf you have internet connectivity you can paste with wgetpaste or with curl, something like: curl -F 'f:1=<-' < /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:12
jaegerWith that said, I imagine if you sort out the kernel config, the Xorg error may go away00:13
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jaegerdo you have amdgpu and kms built into the kernel <*> or as modules <M>?00:14
aragornIIand kernel mode setting, etc.00:15
aragornIII've updated kernels with no problems. It's only xorg after the latest updates00:16
brian|lfsI guess I need a syn li nk for sip pyqt5 don't see it becuase its not in the root of /usr/inclue/python2.7/00:20
frinnstyou dont need to include amdgpu as <*> nor firmware. it just takes a little longer for kms to load with it as <M>00:22
frinnstwhat kernel are you using?00:23
aragornII4.14.20 I haven't updated to 4.12.24 yet00:24
frinnstI had a major crash with early 4.15 and afterwards half of my hardware wouldnt initialize.. stuff like gpu, usb ports and whatnots. I had to do a complete poweroff and kill power00:24
frinnstmight be worth trying00:25
frinnstbuggy bios probably, but still00:25
frinnstwithout logs its hard to help00:26
aragornIIi have the correct amdgpu bins compiled into the kernel as <*> and it's been working great. it's just after an xorg update or some other recent update that I can't startx  now00:29
frinnstah. I updated amdgpu 6 days ago00:31
aragornIIi did a prt-get sysup --test and then upgraded everything the other day. I was also having some shared library errors so not sure if that had anything to with it00:31
frinnstprevious version of xorg-xf86-video-amdgpu was 1.4.0. editing the version= and pkgmk -is should revert it00:31
aragornIII'll give that a try00:32
frinnstbut if you have library issues its probably something else. You could brute force it: prt-get -fr update $(prt-get listinst)00:33
frinnstthat would rebuild and reinstall everything00:33
aragornIIwhat could cause the library issues?00:34
aragornIII did run ldconfig so I'm not sure if I messed something up there00:36
frinnstimpossible to say without seeing the actual errors00:36
aragornIIi did try reinstalling blender the other day and I had a libwebp error00:37
aragornIIamdgpu 1.4.0 is done compiling so I'll have to reboot. I'll report back if that fixes the problem.00:40
aragornIIthanks for your help00:40
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aragornIIalright I reverted to amdgpu 1.4.0 and recompiled xorg server but the driver switch at boot is still not working.00:53
brian|lfsswitch to nvidia00:58
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jaegercheck the output of 'dmesg', maybe, see if there are any amdgpu or modesetting errors01:09
aragornIIhmm no errors01:12
aragornIIi recompiled the kernel just now so i'll reboot and go from there01:13
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aragornIIit's working now01:16
aragornIIi reverted to amdgpu 1.4.0, recompiled xorg-server and the kernel01:16
aragornIIthanks for the help01:18
jaegerglad it's working again01:18
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brian|lfsabout to give up and use the package straight from arch thats already compiled becuase I don't see the difference between it and what I have04:58
brian|lfshmm may have finally found a patch for pyqt505:01
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brian|lfsno wonder Romster didn't update firefox-rust it takes time to compile05:54
abenz_brian|lfs: which repo?06:02
brian|lfswell he has rust on his repo I just tested firefox-rust 59.0.206:06
brian|lfsand it installed fine need to upload06:06
brian|lfsromster that is my repo is brianlfs06:06
brian|lfsrust which builds it
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brian|lfssorry mean 58.0.206:20
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frinnstrust & up to date firefox is in opt/3.408:30
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