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jaegerHeh, no. It's pretty hard to brick modern x86 hardware20:09
jaegerWith that said, I wouldn't recommend 3.4 yet20:09
ryuojaeger: unless you're using one of those boards where a driver bug can brick the BIOS.20:14
ryuoit's weird.20:15
brian|lfsis it an old IBM at20:15
brian|lfsWhere you got to use the 5.25 floppy to repiar it20:16
brian|lfsand each one is machien specific20:16
ryuoThere's recent boards where Ubuntu installations bricked the bord.20:16
jaegerYou can certainly break your crux install without too much effort but actually bricking a machine is unlikely20:16
jaegerYeah, though I'd say those boards are the exception rather than the rule :)20:16
brian|lfsI read about the microdoe update bricking systems20:17
ryuoBricking? Microcode isn't normally permanent unless it's part of the BIOS.20:17
brian|lfsno it isn't usually permanent20:18
brian|lfseither repair the OS or revert the BIOS to a lower version20:18
ryuoOh, BIOS.20:18
brian|lfsso lot of bugs with 3.4 right now jaeger20:19
brian|lfsif I upgrade with iso and do aj ports -u and sysup20:19
jaegerpossibly. It's not widely tested20:19
brian|lfsmy other idea was to do LFS and compile lthe package system for crux while b uilding the base20:20
brian|lfsThey just came out with a new version of LFS gcc 7.3 and other stguff20:20
brian|lfsseems to painful to go through the whole LFS book to convert it to CRUX ports and  packages20:21
brian|lfsit would work jujjst take a long time20:21
jaegerThat does seem a bit ridiculous20:22
brian|lfsbut once its done anyone could install it with just the packages20:22
jaegerWhat would be the point of that instead of just using the crux tools, though?20:28
brian|lfsthats what I mean build it using the crux tools20:29
jaegerThen where does LFS come in?20:29
brian|lfsnot sure lol20:29
brian|lfswell stil would be from scratch just with a package manager20:29
jaegerSeems pointless to me, honestly20:30
brian|lfssame here just wait on the new tool chain20:30
mayfrostthere are some scripts to automate LFS20:30
mayfrostdumping some20:30
brian|lfsthat also20:30
mayfrostI think Aboriginal Linux and Linux Live do something similar20:31
brian|lfsI tried lfscript before it worke dfine20:31
jaegerI guess what I'm thinking is "if you want LFS, do LFS. If you want crux, do crux.". I don't see any use for mixing the two, personally20:31
mayfrostbrian|lfs: I like the idea personally20:32
brian|lfsI gfet your poitn jaeger agree there isn't mu0ch difference between the two to bother mixing them20:32
brian|lfsbut if someone needed more control then CRUX its definitely an option20:32
brian|lfsmaybe someone likesd the directory structore on LFS more with /usr/local and /usr/local/bin20:34
brian|lfsmaybe more then a $ for a console prompt20:34
brian|lfsand a #20:35
brian|lfsfor root20:35
brian|lfshow hard is it to change that anyhow to something meaningful20:35
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mayfrostanother project similar to crux is using libressl in their core instead of openssl20:36
mayfrostand is very similar, yet so different20:36
mayfrostI've seen differences tha could be solved by selecting packages of the core, or base system like some call it20:37
jaegeryou can trivially change your prompt on ANY linux distribution20:40
brian|lfsisn't /etc/isue20:40
brian|lfsor /etc/profile20:41
brian|lfsisn't /etc/is\sue20:41
brian|lfsisn't /etc/issue20:41
brian|lfsI figured it out bashrc21:05
frinnstah, bash prompt?21:06
frinnstdidnt follow21:06
brian|lfsya bash prompt21:06
brian|lfsissue is before you log in21:06
joacimnever see anyone pimp out PS2 and PS321:07
dbrookeI know about PS2, but PS3 is a new one21:08
joacimmaybe i remember wrong.21:08
joacim% echo $PS<tab>21:09
joacimPS1    PS2    PS3    PS4    PSVAR21:09
joacimthats for zsh21:09
dbrookeseems bash has up to PS421:09
joacimzsh have those fancy $prompt and $rprompt instead of $PS121:09
dbrookeand also PS021:09
dbrookeit's good to learn something every day21:10
joacimonly seen PS1 and PS2 in use21:13
jaegerI've only seen PS3 and PS4 used in "here's how you use PS3 and PS4" examples :P21:18
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