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brian|lfsI see what you mlean jaeger about CRUX 3.4 lol01:43
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brian|lfsis there a better way to deal with broken stuff then AUTOPOINT='intltoolize --automake --copy' autoreconf -fiv01:50
brian|lfsin a bunch of ports on CRUX 3.4 I won't01:51
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SiFuhThis is pretty cool06:12
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SiFuhIt installs in Russia though06:57
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: time: update to 1.911:39
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frinnst wow complete with a website and everything14:54
frinnstno cves and nothing in depth. lots of fluff for their company though15:01
frinnstThe researchers gave AMD less than 24 hours to look at the vulnerabilities and respond before publishing the report. Standard vulnerability disclosure calls for 90 days notice, so companies have time to address flaws properly.15:12
pedjaI smell Intel all over this15:17
frinnstthey probably just want to make a name for themselves15:18
pedja'The report and all statements contained herein are opinions of CTS and are not statements of fact.' wtf does that mean?15:19
pedjaif there is a vulnerability, and you have PoC for it, that's a fact, isn't it?15:20
frinnstyeah very odd15:21
frinnstbut with fancy websites and catchy names theres a lot of money to be made15:21
pedjait's interesting that a point of contact is a PR firm15:22
frinnstthe youtube "interview" is very cringey15:22
joacimAMD sucks ass. I've had loads of intel CPUs and none of them broke. I have two broken AMD CPUs tho15:27
joacimone i broke myself, ones just because i was a stupid early adopter15:28
joacimThink I would have some Intel RMAs too if I adopted their stuff early15:29
frinnstwhat, broken?15:34
frinnstyour ryzen/threadripper?15:34
joacimthe ryzen. but thats just early adopter pains. i think intel have had some recalls too15:37
joacimi think the soc used on many mini ITX server boards and NAS units have a massive issue too15:38
frinnstyeah intels atom stuff..15:38
frinnstlike all cisco 5506 manufactured before nov 2016 will die after ~1 year or whatever it was15:39
frinnstand cisco didnt recall it. So we have to wait for them to die before getting a replacement15:39
frinnsti think we have ~5 soon-to-be-dying FWs at customer sites15:40
frinnstthey only replace them *after* they die too, so we cant spend ~25k SEK out of pocket to replace them ourselves15:41
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pedjano, this is not fishy *at all* :)15:46
pedjais Intel really this worried about Epyc in the data-center, or is this just another day at Wall Street, I wonder15:50
abenzblatantly obvious whos' behind the "amdflaws" website16:08
abenzthey should be slapped with really hefty sums, like 20% of your value or something. To really force a shuffle of that disgusting predatory culture in upper management16:10
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pedjaapparently, there is no way to switch to 'classic' YT interface. bite me, google16:34
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joacimI dont know which interface I'm using now. I switched back to the old one when I was given the option a long time ago. The new interface didn't work well at all. Lots of things didn't load in, or didn't respond when I clicked on them16:40
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BurnZeZHaven’t used CRUX since around when x86 support was removed17:13
BurnZeZAny useful things to know?17:14
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BurnZeZAlso, is there any documentation regarding an installation using LVM?17:21
john_cephalopodaHey BurnZeZ17:22
john_cephalopodaDoesn't look like there's documentation on an installation using LVM.17:22
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BurnZeZThis might be relevant17:32
BurnZeZLooks like it doesn’t involve base installation using LVM, though17:34
john_cephalopodaMaybe Arch wiki has some info that can be translated to work with CRUX.17:38
jaegerBurnZeZ: mostly crux still behaves the same way, just with multilib support now instead of 32-bit only17:54
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: glib: updated to 2.56.018:55
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: updated to 1.42.018:55
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ryuoBurnZeZ: not so much x86 support is removed but that they moved to x86_64 with 32 bit application support.19:43
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: pango: added fribidi to deps23:26
brian|lfshello all23:34
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brian|lfshmm what does Could NOT find PerlModules_URI::Escape (missing: PerlModules_URI_Escape_FOUND)23:39
brian|lfscome with isn't that just with perl23:39
frinnstmissing p5-uri ?23:40
brian|lfsnah had to rebuild it strange23:41
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: quvi: update to 0.9.5 release23:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libquvi: update to 0.9.423:47
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libproxy: added dependency of new libquvi23:47

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