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brian|lfsdrawing a blank all whats that linux virtual container thing a lot of us use called00:30
brian|lfsof course thanks00:32
ryuoHm. I think we just found out how to kill GitHub and other code hosting platforms...00:42
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brian|lfsMy friend says looks very 199701:51
jaegerIt does look a bit old-fashioned, I agree with that01:56
brian|lfsI'm trying to get us a new victom to install CRUX hes more nerdy then me01:57
brian|lfsso perfect candate01:57
brian|lfsI should of asked him if he likes porn01:58
brian|lfsthen if he said yes then said we have Kodi01:58
brian|lfsknot sure what happpend with my kodi it was all default settings I had to add back my supreme builds01:59
jaegerI can't really parse that sentence02:38
brian|lfssorry jaeger03:14
ryuojaeger: all the typos don't help, but it's perfectly readable to me.03:47
ryuoassuming i take some liberties with interpretation.03:47
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jaegerWell, I guess I can get the "kodi got reset to defaults somehow" but what are supreme builds?03:53
ryuomy guess? port customizations.03:54
jaegerah, perhaps so03:54
ryuoif it was Ubuntu, i'd guess a PPA.03:54
brian|lfsits a repo for kodi03:56
brian|lfsfor lots of good streams03:56
brian|lfsor you could call it an adon03:57
ryuos/streams/pirate streams/03:58
ryuoOh no. #crux has gotten a takedown notice because someone mentioned pirate streams.03:58
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: abcde: update to 2.9.1 release05:39
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: st: update to 0.8 release05:53
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: iasl: update to 20180313 release06:01
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ryuoWell so my HP MT21 finally arrived.12:53
ryuoThe body is cold to the touch as i would expect from a metallic body...12:53
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joacimif it was a macbook pro, you could make scrambled eggs on the body =)12:56
ryuoif it was a macbook pro, it would be too hip to have real IO ports.12:57
joacimthats so frustrating with apple these days. i dont mind having to carry around an adapter from mini dvi to something. but having dongles for everything sounds like a chore12:58
ryuojoacim: PC makers have replaced ports, but nothing like apple...12:59
ryuomicrophone/headphones are now one port...13:00
ryuoVGA/S-Video are gone; variants of HDMI/DisplayPort are usually used instead.13:00
ryuotypically only the power adapter is proprietary but maybe USB Type-C will finally replace power for laptops.13:01
joacimi like their earlier "retina" macbook pros. they had a decent selection of ports (of the kind that I actually use). But I wish you could upgrade stuff like RAM and SSDs. Not all computers need that, but I kinda expect that from a laptop that costs more than 1000 dollars13:02
ryuoif you want a real laptop, apple doesn't really provide them anymore.13:02
joacimi'm torn on type c for power. it's fine that everyone uses the same kind of charger and port, but, magsafe was great13:02
ryuoMacBooks used to be respectable. Not so much anymore.13:03
joacimtrip on the cable, and the cable would just pop out. it wouldnt bring the laptop down with it13:03
ryuojoacim: i have no opinion about either. just a standardized method for charging laptops is a nice idea.13:03
joacimbut they could make breakaway cables for type c too. like the kind xbox controllers have13:03
ryuothey already exist.13:04
ryuoseen 'em before for USB.13:04
joacimis that cable safe for 50-120W?13:04
ryuoNo idea.13:04
ryuoprobably not.13:05
ryuoit's rated for 2.4A13:05
joacimthats about 12W13:05
joacim"rated up to 60 watts"13:06
joacimgood enough for the lower end macbook pros i think13:07
ryuostill an improvement.13:07
joacimdefinitely enough for the macbook13:07
ryuogive it time, it'll probably get better.13:07
ryuoType-C hasn't been around that long.13:07
ryuostill, i could imagine a future where PCs eventually phase out their proprietary power ports.13:07
ryuofor laptops anyway.13:08
ryuoand... low power desktops.13:08
joacimi think those barrel plugs are pretty standard13:08
ryuothey are, but the power supplies not necessarily.13:08
joacimold hp and other manufacturers had very similar ones13:08
ryuoyou need to take care that they are appropriate.13:09
ryuoUSB is rather standardized so...13:09
ryuoit's a lot easier to find compatible stuff.13:09
ryuothe voltage for example is fixed.13:09
joacimi remember i had this customer that needed a high wattage power adapter for his asus laptop. i ended up having to get a hp charger for him due to the odd plug (for asus) and their charger was very expensive and hard to find13:09
joacimthe hp one was much cheaper and easier to find13:10
ryuoone reason i decided to stick with HP business grade stuff.13:10
ryuoit's easier to find replacement parts.13:10
joacimthe voltage is pretty fixed for most laptops with barrel plugs too tho. it's rare to find a laptop that take something other than 19V13:10
ryuoI see.13:11
joacimyour laptop has the tiny blue plug with the blue tip?13:11
ryuotiny blue plug?13:11
joacimif so, take care of the center pin on the connector, it likes to get bent13:11
ryuowhich end?13:12
ryuothe cable or the port?13:12
ryuomy mt21 suggests it can be charged over its type-c port.13:12
joacimseen so many of those with bent or broken center pins13:12
ryuono idea honestly.13:12
ryuopage 15...13:14
ryuoUSB Type-C power connector port, SuperSpeed13:14
ryuoport, and DisplayPort13:14
joacimthats one thing I don't like about type c. have to look it up to know what the port supports13:14
ryuoi'm likely to use the regular type-A ports for most stuff.13:15
joacimso much easier to tell customers that if it fits, it'll work13:15
ryuowhat do you do for a living anyway?13:15
joacimused to do support in an electronics store13:16
joacimnow i'm looking for sysadmin work13:16
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BurnZeZAny documentation on setting up users?16:55
jaegerNothing that's specific to crux - use groupadd for groups, useradd for users16:56
BurnZeZThinking mostly about with regard to X11 and such16:56
jaegerThere are some useful groups to which you can add new users - audio,video,disk,input,cdrom,video16:57
jaegerinput and video are useful for Xorg16:57
BurnZeZGood to know16:57
jaegerPerhaps we should add something along those lines to the handbook16:58
BurnZeZOne odd thing I noticed is with regard to the handbook is about the location of manpages16:58
BurnZeZs/is with/with/16:58
BurnZeZIt says /usr/share/man is where they go16:59
BurnZeZBut many ports place them at /usr/man16:59
joacimthey used to all go in /usr/man, but that was changed recently to match more with how other distributions and upstream software do things (/usr/share/man)17:01
joacimbut, not all ports have been updated to use the new man-page location17:01
BurnZeZI notice contrib/xfsprogs is missing xfs_dump and xfs_restore17:12
BurnZeZAlso, xfsdump and xfsrestore; no underscore17:14
BurnZeZLooks like they’re separated into difference tarballs17:15
BurnZeZdifferent *17:15
joacimdoesnt look like the arch package includes those either17:21
joacimbut there is a package for xfsdump in the 6c37 repo17:21
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frinnsthaha thats me on all projects for work22:57
frinnsti adhere to survival of the software fitness22:57

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