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ryuoA wild Romster appears!00:00
john_cephalopodafrinnst: Windows just keeps going well.00:00
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Romsterwindows craps out for no apparant reason john and i have to fix those00:10
joacimthank microsoft for solid employment opportunities00:40
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nullspoonAny chance someone could help me troubleshoot some weird issues I'm having with xorg, xinit, i3, and my intel gpu?02:12
nullspoonYesterday I was playing a game on my laptop, and it froze solid. i rebooted, and startx would freeze my system...kind of. I'd get a black screen with a mouse on it that moved fine, but my keyboard didn't work . I couldn't switch to another tty to kill the original one.02:13
nullspoonAfter some work, I rebooted a few times, managed to execute startx and switch to tty2, where I checked dmesg. I was getting gpu hang errors.02:14
ryuonullspoon: probably an intel driver bug. there's been a fair bit of those over the years.02:15
nullspoon...skip a day of troubleshooting.... I uninstalled mesa3d completely, executed startx, and x11 came up fine. Of course, I can't use much like firefox or anything that requires 3d accelleration. So, while x11 is running, I reinstall mesa3d. Now I can launch firefox, but no games.02:16
nullspoonHere's the weird and really concerning thing though ryuo, I booted linux mint live yesterday, just to test.02:16
nullspoonSame behavior...02:16
ryuoCould be a HW issue then.02:17
nullspoonthat worries me that it's hardware related.02:17
nullspoonboo. I was really hoping someone would have some magical answers for me that'd just fix all my problems. :)02:17
nullspoonWell, I guess there's always the warranty option.02:17
ryuonullspoon: fixing computer glitches is like a game of roulette.02:19
nullspoonsure seems like it02:20
joacimi used to have graphical issues on an old computer here, intel integrated graphics02:21
joacimfor me it was caused by bad ram02:22
nullspoonThe errors I've I've been googling from dmesg is all over the internet...except other people have found fixes. Either intel_iommu=off, alpha_support=1, dri off, etc02:22
nullspoonbad ram? Wouldn't that have caused other issues too though?02:22
joacimi didnt notice any instability with other applications02:22
ryuo[drm:intel_cpu_fifo_underrun_irq_handler [i915]] *ERROR* CPU pipe A FIFO underrun02:22
joacimonly with gpu stuff02:22
joacimi get that error too on my x220. every time i boot my computer02:23
nullspoonodd one. never seen that.02:24
nullspoonmine is... gpu hang ecode 9:0:0x86dffffd02:24
nullspoonLoooooooots of search results for that one.02:24
nullspooninterestingly, if I switch from modesetting to xf86-video-intel, things start fine, but the graphics are super glitchy.02:25
nullspoonvertical rainbow lines spaced about 20 pixels or so apart. Any change to the screen causes the whole screen to flicker.02:26
Romsternullspoon,  on board video using system ram is desinagted for the video only so even a memtest wont show that issue. only thing may is stress testing the graphics02:29
nullspoonMight be easier to pull a stick of ram out one at a time. See if startx + mesa3d works after that.02:31
Romsteryes that's the easiest solution02:32
nullspoonwell, sounds like it's time to reboot. see if that can fix it. Back in a bit!02:33
nullspoon(thanks for the suggestion by the way!)02:33
Romsterno problem02:37
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joacimnot sure if i mind github by itself02:53
joacimbut everyone putting their eggs in the same basket seems dangerous to me02:53
Romsteryeah i don't like that. anything i do i have a local copy here and i only use github as a mirror03:03
nullspoonI keep my code backed up on my vps, but I keep local copies on my system. Just don't trust a product as free as github.03:16
nullspooncan only keep that free up for so long.03:16
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nullspoonAlso, Romster, thanks for the tip. Unfortunately, no go. Pulled both sticks of ram and neither fixed it.03:17
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nullspoonLooks like it's a hardware problem unfortunately.03:18
ryuonullspoon: there's a remote possibility it's both sticks...03:19
Romsteri'd try a new ram module. possibly look if there is a bios/uefi update03:24
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abenzif it was working fine before, then all those suddenly happened (after a gaming session), then the errors persisted when checking mint..03:35
abenzthat pretty much leaves it to hardware unfortunately, possibly overheated after that gaming session?03:35
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nullspoontesting a bios update03:45
nullspoonwell, no go on that.03:56
nullspoonfortunately, I've got a warranty workaround still.  :)03:56
abenzwhat game was it?04:26
abenzwas the fan spinning like crazy?04:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] libvorbis: 1.3.5 -> 1.3.6 CVE-2018-514604:34
BurnZeZIs there a way to get compat-32 repos to avoid downloading duplicate copies of files downloaded in other repos?04:37
Romsteryeah set PKGMK_SOURCE_DIR="/var/ports/distfiles"04:37
Romsteror some other path04:37
Romstersome inclding i keep a local copy of all the sources and set PKGMK_SOURCE_MIRRORS=(
Romsterand job done04:39
frinnst lovely04:43
frinnstI'll take 3 racks plz04:43
frinnstoh fuck, its getting bright outside04:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] firefox: updated to 52.7.2esr. Fix for CVE-2018-514604:44
frinnstaaand my work for today is done04:44
jaeger"scale out with assloads of money"04:45
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libwebp: contrib -> opt05:01
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: opus: contrib -> opt05:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libwebp: 0.5.1 -> 0.6.105:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libwebp: contrib -> opt05:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: opus: contrib -> opt05:11
Romsteri wasn't aware sandisk is owned by western digital?05:12
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ryuoRomster: it has been for awhile. WD bought SanDisk to make their SSDs.05:24
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Romsteri still prefer to buy intel ssd's05:29
Romsteri've seen a few sandisks die05:29
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BurnZeZI was looking at some Pkgfiles in /usr/ports/compat-3208:13
BurnZeZFor example, curl-3208:13
BurnZeZHow exactly is it decided that this is an x86 build, rather than amd64?08:14
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BurnZeZA file is created, .32bit08:18
Romster yes that file08:41
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joacima bit of a shame how so much is owned by WD10:33
joacimor seagate10:34
joacimWD own HGST too10:34
joacimI think Toshiba still own themselves10:34
pedjaI think they are under Seagate(?) for a while now10:56
pedjaand they are selling their RAM division, too10:58
john_cephalopodaUltimately, all companies will be owned by some giant Chinese super-enterprise that just buys everything.11:01
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joacimare HPE OfficeConnect switches any good if you want to learn something?15:33
joacimare they loud? =)15:33
joacimthinking about the HPE OfficeConnect 1920S specifically15:34
jaegerthe non-PoE models are fanless, I think, so should be quiet15:40
jaegerfeature-wise, they look ok15:40
jaegerSince they're HPE, though, you should research if you have to have any kind of license key or anything like that to use features15:40
joacimyeah that last part i was going to check out, after seeing frinnst whine about HPE stuff before =)15:41
jaegerI had to get a license to use some features of the ilom on my microserver, for example, but I got lucky and found one where the seller included it15:47
joacimsince i still dont have all the money from the rma for my motherboard and cpu, i think ill ask for a nicer switch + other stuff15:57
joacimmy 8 port switch is getting a little cramped15:58
jaegerWhen I built my home lab vmware setup I bought a 24-port dell switch from ebay that was quite cheap.... ended up replacing it with a ubiquiti unifi switch for more features later15:59
joacimhmm. yeah. would be a lot cheaper16:01
ryuoor even:
jaegerI needed a managed one for my setup16:05
ryuohow is a managed switch better?16:06
jaegerDepends on what you need. If you want to set up specific VLAN configs or LACP, etc., most unmanaged switches don't do those things (as far as I know)16:06
jaegerIt's one of the bonding methods16:07
jaegerAnother example might be wanting to have tagged VLAN traffic on the same port as untagged VLAN traffic16:08
ryuomy network's not big enough to need VLAN...16:08
jaegerMost home networks really don't need stuff like that16:09
jaegerI only do because of the vmware lab setup16:09
ryuoisn't VLAN an alternative to subnets?16:09
ryuoas far as segregation goes.16:09
jaegerSome people use them that way16:09
ryuoexcept, different layers.16:09
ryuoVLANs... can segregate at layer 2 to make it impossible to talk to hosts on another subnet even if you change your layer 3 addressing, yes?16:10
jaegerYou can certainly put 2 subnets on the same VLAN (or an unmanaged L2 switch) but separating the VLANs effectively puts the traffic into different L2 domains16:10
ryuoi presume this only works with the same network segment? if you cross routers, i presume VLAN isn't transferred.16:11
jaegerYeah, it doesn't really make sense to think of VLAN higher than L216:12
ryuousually layer 2 protocols don't work beyond the current network segment.16:12
ryuoif not only directly connected things.16:12
ryuoconceivably you could have a router act as a proxy at layer 2...16:13
ryuobetween multiple networks it is directly connected to.16:13
ryuobut... why?16:14
jaegerMaybe if you're connecting two sites together... but you'd just have VLANs setup on either site and the router would just route traffic to the appropriate interface... which the switches would then tag with the appropriate VLANs for internal use16:14
jaegerThere's no connection between VLANs on different sites aside from maybe using the same numbers/names for organization16:15
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frinnstI run 3 vlans here at home. one for untrusted stuff like wifi, one for servers and one for my workstations16:26
frinnstand a separate network (physically) for backup servers16:26
frinnstlayer3 switches are usually a looot more expensive and often require fans, even for small port switches without poe16:27
frinnsta layer3 switch is pretty much a router16:27
joacimnot sure how cheap or expensive that one is16:28
frinnst1920 is pretty ok priced and reliable enough. we have quite a few deployed at various customer sites16:29
frinnstno proper cli though16:30
frinnsti was thinking of getting a cisco sg300. it comes with a stripped down ios-like cli im told16:31
frinnstbut with fan :/16:31
joacimare hpe switches a pain about firmware updates?16:32
frinnstnot sure these days actually16:32
jaegerBe very careful with any cisco switch that's a rebranded linksys, they have really terrible numbers sometimes... like one of their gigabit switches not having the power to push enough packets per second to actually hit gigabit speeds16:34
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: hdparm: update to 9.5516:35
frinnstyeah but sg300 seems well regarded, atleast from what i've read16:35
joacimgot an LGS308 right now16:35
joacimfor my use, i can hit Gbps speeds, but I need more ports16:35
jaegerI think it might be the SE line that was linksys16:35
jaegerbut I don't remember for sure16:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: unbound: update to 1.7.016:36
jaegerWe had one at the brain research place and I had to replace it because it couldn't handle gigabit on even one port and we needed several for that particular setup16:36
frinnstsg300 ? ouch16:37
jaegernot the sg300, I can't remember the model :/16:39
jaegeroh, I found it.
frinnstfrom what i've read sg300 is well liked. the only gripe people seemed to have is the psu is very flimsy16:45
frinnstbut im very interested in dissenting views :)16:46
BurnZeZI almost managed to get steam to run with native libs17:45
BurnZeZHad to make a couple herp-32 packages17:46
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BurnZeZOne problem is that a lot of gamedevs think /usr/lib means x86, rather than x86_6418:19
BurnZeZDoes linux support per-process namespaces yet?18:20
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frinnstBurnZeZ: in many distributions it does. debian is one of them i think18:47
BurnZeZI usually use 9front, so I’m not sure how this linux namespace stuff works18:48
BurnZeZMy idea was to re-bind the namespace for steam so that /usr/lib32 is at /usr/lib18:48
BurnZeZThus getting the stupid games to run18:49
BurnZeZOn 9front, this would be something like18:52
BurnZeZbind /usr/lib32 /usr/lib18:52
BurnZeZWith linux, there is mount binds, like,18:52
BurnZeZmount --bind /usr/lib32 /usr/lib18:52
BurnZeZBut this affects all processes18:53
BurnZeZWhereas on 9front, only the current process is affected18:53
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marakuBurnZeZ, you can try running inside a chroot, maybe?22:11
marakui have a debian chroot setup on LVM, and then i run steam from there through X22:12
jaegerinteresting idea, I hadn't thought of running it that way22:33
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