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j_vI'm finding so pretty cheap deals on Toshiba HDD's. Haven't used Toshiba in years... anyone have much luck with them? Seems biggest complaint I'm finding is noisy.04:29
jaegerI've used one or two in the past, no recent experience. I don't recall them being bad or problematic but it's been some time.04:35
j_vI wasn't aware that WD had bought out Hitachi05:04
brian|lfsugh brother pritners are pieces of shit on linux05:06
brian|lfsprobably why I never got arouind to packageing the drivers.05:06
marakuwatcha got brian|lfs? i've got a package for the hl2270dw (from the archlinux package)05:13
marakuthat works pretty well through cups (lpr)05:13
brian|lfsI have an hl825005:20
brian|lfsdo you have a repo05:20
brian|lfsfor me to look at the package file05:20
brian|lfsI found your package05:23
brian|lfsguess I just need to change the model numbers for mine lol05:24
brian|lfsok getting a headache05:32
brian|lfsthey totataly changed the fodler struture from your pritner to mine maraku05:32
marakuah rip05:32
marakulooks like there's an archlinux package for yours though05:33
brian|lfsoh there is?05:33
brian|lfsI must of missed it05:33
brian|lfscan you send me a link05:33
marakuoh wait05:33
marakuits a brother-hl-l8250cdn... might be semi-compatible05:33
marakuat least a bit more than my Pkgfile05:33
brian|lfsno thats what I have05:33
brian|lfsI probably forgot the second L earlier05:34
brian|lfscan you send me the link please05:34
brian|lfsso much for searching in my browser lol05:35
brian|lfsthanks for the urls what is $pkgrel mean05:36
jaegermaraku: just noticed you have an endless-sky port in your repo, I just packaged it on one of my local systems earlier today. have you played it much?05:40
RomsterBurnZeZ> I almost managed to get steam to run with native libs < care to send me a list of those or the Pkgfiles etc. i've been meaning todo that but i haven't yet05:44
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brian|lfsmaraku, can you look at my code
brian|lfsI'm getting sed -i 's|$SRC||' '/home/pkgmk/work/brother-hl8250/src/usr/lib/cups/filter/*lpdwrapper*'05:52
brian|lfssed: can't read /home/pkgmk/work/brother-hl8250/src/usr/lib/cups/filter/*lpdwrapper*: No such file or directory05:52
brian|lfsguess I could drop the pointless export05:53
j_vis it supposed to located in the $PKG dir? because it doesn't look like it is, an looks like it should be.05:54
brian|lfsgood point it isn't archlinux05:55
marakupkgrel is release, so that's not too important unless used in the source URLs05:57
marakui haven't had much of a chance to play endless-sky yet :( have you?05:58
brian|lfsya I figured pkgrel05:58
marakuas for the Pkgfile, looks like you haven't replaced some of the archlinux specific variables, like pkgname and what j_v pointed out05:58
brian|lfsah ok05:58
marakuprinting's a bit of a mess unfortunately05:59
marakui wish it was a lot simpler + better linux driver support/one unified interface05:59
brian|lfsI guess the problem I'm having is dont' know what else in this code is arch specific and what I would change it to06:00
brian|lfsbecause I'm not good with this IF stuff and sed06:01
marakui'd recommend going through some tldp tutorials on sed/sh scripting... super helpful when making/reading Pkgfile's06:02
marakuand doing quick edits06:02
marakubut for quick stuff, just skim and look for variables which haven't been defined... or just trial and error using pkgmk + checking the footprint/checking prtverify06:04
brian|lfsso how would I define say     _wrapper_source=`ls cupswrapper*`06:06
brian|lfson CRUX06:06
emmett1 try this06:12
brian|lfsI figured it out06:16
brian|lfstrial and error06:16
brian|lfsI missed one or 2 lines I just had to read the code closer06:16
brian|lfsthe driver installs now and says no such file or directory maraku06:21
brian|lfsERROR : Brother LPD filter is not installed.06:25
marakuthere should be /usr/lib/cups/filter/brld* and /usr/share/cups/model/hl-l850cdn.ppd brian|lfs06:32
marakuat least those are the important ones i can remember from looking at the hl2270dw's footprint06:33
brian|lfsI figured it out06:34
brian|lfsneed to change -name to -$name06:35
brian|lfsfok I'm done lol06:38
brian|lfsI get no such file or fodler as an error lol06:38
marakuhmmm, dunno then. i don't remember getting any error when setting up mine06:44
brian|lfswell my system didn't have cups-filters or ghostcript on it06:45
brian|lfsthat probably doesn't help06:45
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brian|lfsahh not sure what the issue was06:53
brian|lfsinstalled ghostscript and cups filters rebooted added my pritner back and magic06:54
brian|lfsit must of needed the spooler cleared like windows does lol06:55
marakuprobably cups-filters then07:04
marakuglad it works for you now07:04
brian|lfsI know now I can print once every 3 years07:06
brian|lfsany will upload my port07:06
brian|lfsand anyone its that has a hl-l8250cdw will be able to print07:06
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j_vhas mozilla stopped providing source tarballs, then?08:32
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libvorbis-32: 1.3.5 -> 1.3.609:02
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: libinput-32: 1.10.2 -> 1.10.309:02
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: bindutils: update to 9.11.312:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libaio: update to 0.3.11112:10
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: intel-ucode: Update to 2018031214:36
SiFuhSiFuh slaps pedja around a bit with a large trout.15:08
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jaegermaraku: I played it for just a few minutes to make sure the port worked but haven't spent time on it yet. It looks like simple fun, though, so I'm going to play some today if I have time15:30
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BurnZeZRomster: Regarding steam15:57
BurnZeZIt is still, unfortunately, broken15:57
BurnZeZI solved a few dependencies though15:58
BurnZeZYou should probably not rely on my packages installing the right crap, too15:58
BurnZeZI might have missedd something and allowed overlap for things like /usr/include or whatever15:59
BurnZeZmissed *16:03
BurnZeZIs there a standard place to put built packages?16:03
BurnZeZ/var/somepath or something?16:03
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BurnZeZ/var/ports/(pkgs distfiles work)16:53
BurnZeZWorks for me16:53
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