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brian|lfshello all05:26
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frinnst havent watched that one in a while.09:05
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ryuofrinnst: "Enough about languages that suck. Let's talk about JavaScript."09:12
SiFuhEnglis sucks ;-)09:13
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Romster i dunno if this does a lot it's hard to tell. but i set it to 3 for phenomII because why not. on kernel 4.9.8709:44
Romsterof course 88 is already out -_- only updated it on the weekend09:49
frinnstbe very careful with those types of patches09:58
frinnstthey are not included upstream for a reason (usually)09:58
Romsteryou are talkng to a guy that used bfs bfq ck patches in the past. this one only sets -march10:01
Romsteri did look over the entire patch before deciding to use it10:02
Romsteri would be cautious to use a buggy gcc version with that though10:03
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ryuoi would be cautious with using prerelease GCC period.10:04
ryuolet alone the first few patch levels.10:04
Romsterhence why i am usually the last one to upgrade my crux version that and being busy and setting aside that much time to quality check all ports before diving in10:08
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: wine: 3.3 -> 3.410:12
Romsterbut do tell me if you know some risk with setting -mtune in the kernel10:12
Romstermy uninterruptible power supply keeps scaring me when it goes kathunk hummm beep beep, every time the power company reconnects a bunch more without power...  well now it's under 900 customers without power so hopefully i wont get any more brownouts.10:33
frinnst"Start New Life with European Passport."10:41
frinnstI love this useful spam10:41
ryuoRomster: only thing i can think of is the occasional rare bug that effects code gen.10:42
ryuoRomster: one time i made Geordi segfault GCC with a code sample that used modulus.10:42
ryuogeordi being a C++ bot in some channels on Freenode... it uses prerelease GCC.10:43
ryuothere's quite a few channels with language bots in fact...10:43
Romsteri'll be sure to keep a stable gcc and nothing that unproven/tested11:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-2711:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dnsmasq: update to 2.7911:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-qt5: update to 0.63.011:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-glib: update to 0.63.011:21
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] poppler: update to 0.63.011:21
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BurnZeZRomster: Around?17:15
ryuoBurnZeZ: nope. it's sleepy time in Australia.17:26
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: postgresql: 10.2 -> 10.320:02
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brian|lfsok who broke konqueror lol21:33
j_vbrian|lfs: you check revdep yet?21:51
brian|lfsyup lot of broken shit21:52
brian|lfsqt4 qt5 webkit and webkit engine21:53
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brian|lfshmm anyone have a realtek external usb 3.0 memory card reader21:56
brian|lfsseems buggy as crap on my system21:56
brian|lfsguess it could be a bad memory card21:58
jaegerThose are generally made pretty cheaply so I'd say it could be either one21:59
brian|lfsok so I tried two readers and they both came with the same chipset22:00
brian|lfsso what reader do you recommened22:00
jaegerAny one you can find that works :D22:01
brian|lfsthanks a lot being serious22:01
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brian|lfsmaybe try USB 2.0 one instead22:01
brian|lfsmaybe the issue is with the 3.0 chipset22:01
brian|lfsI would put an internal one in my system if I had the room22:02
jaegerEven though it may not have sounded that way, I was as well. There are so many out there with so many different chipsets there's no way to guarantee that any one recommended would work on all systems22:02
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jaeger <-- I have one of these that's never given me trouble, for what that's worth (not much)22:02
jaegereven the card reader on my new laptop that was just released in october of last year needs a funky driver to work in linux22:04
brian|lfswell in my case I have just as much issue on windows as linux wiht card dreaders22:06
brian|lfsand the bios hanging if you leave it plugged in on reboots22:06
brian|lfsit even corrupt my boot loader on windows and Linux twice22:06
jaeger <-- if I were buying one today I'd probably get this22:06
jaegerI have no experience with it but it has a lot of reviews, 4.5 stars, and it's cheap22:06
brian|lfsgood point think I'll try it22:07
jaegercalling it 8-in-1 is kinda BS, though22:07
brian|lfsI think my issue is the cable that gboes from the comptuer to the device and tghe connecter on the device22:07
jaeger2-in-1 would be more accurate22:07
jaegerIf you're looking for SD or microSD, though, great22:08
brian|lfsmy case SD22:08
brian|lfs3D pritners use SD22:08
brian|lfsthe  card reader just dropped again from my system lol22:09
brian|lfsgoing to try this 8.99 one22:10
jaegerdo you have more than one USB controller on the system? Maybe worth trying in different ports22:10
jaegeryou can see the layout with 'lsusb -t'22:11
brian|lfsya been trying different ports to not help22:11
jaegeras well as which driver is controlling the device in question22:11
brian|lfsI had amazon points on my car d so that reader wasd free22:12
brian|lfsit saysd 4 to 5 days shipping22:12
brian|lfsgoing to humer myself plug into my powered USB hub22:13
brian|lfsinstead of straight into my computer22:13
brian|lfshere jaeger this is the crap I get
brian|lfsI imagine kernel update couldn't hurt maybe a bad driver somewhere22:19
jaegeralso try a different card if you have one handy22:20
brian|lfsya different card same results22:22
jaegerAh, bummer22:22
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brian|lfsany speical kernel options I need for SD cards22:23
brian|lfsor memory cards in general22:23
jaegernone aside from the basic SD/MMC options and whatever controller support you need22:23
brian|lfsah ok what are SD?MMC under in the kernel these days22:23
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: Best check ALL the option in the SD/MMC menu.22:24
brian|lfswill do22:24
jaegerdevice drivers, then something like MMC/SD/SDIO22:24
brian|lfsoh ok22:25
brian|lfsstill rebuilding broken packages22:25
john_cephalopodaDevice Drivers >  <*> MMC/SD/SDIO card support22:25
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: You'll also want to add support for FAT or NTFS, File Systems > DOS/FAT/NT Filesystems22:26
john_cephalopodaIn case you want to e.g. use camera SD cards.22:26
brian|lfseven 3d pritners read fat22:26
john_cephalopodaOn Linux it's not in by default iirc.22:27
john_cephalopodaI could be k22:27
john_cephalopoda*mixing something up though22:27
brian|lfsmy system says kodi signature is bad jaeger22:29
joacimwould be nice to see exfat in the linux kernel22:29
jaegerbrian|lfs: looks ok here. what's the md5sum for your download?22:29
brian|lfshmmm I'll check22:31
pedjaXorg.log is 42Mb? nice job, nvidia22:33
brian|lfsa64c2fc56ddc41b9b0dded55eaabf170  17.6-Krypton.tar.gz22:33
jaegerok, that looks fine. Next question, did you copy to /etc/ports?22:33
brian|lfsprobably not22:33
brian|lfsdoing it now22:34
jaegerYou'll need to do that for any signed repo or port22:34
jaegerThough signify's error message about that is REALLY bad22:34
brian|lfssomething got updated on my system broke all of qt and qtweb stuff lol22:35
brian|lfsit all needed rebulding22:35
brian|lfsand unfortuantely qt4 failed22:35
jaegerPerhaps around the time you switched to 3.4 ports trees? :)22:35
brian|lfsno I was fine until today I had already done revdep after I switched22:36
jaegerSo what ports got updated today? Presumably something they all link22:36
brian|lfsnot sure I use anything that needs qt4 anyumore22:36
brian|lfsdon't recall is there an easy way to check22:36
jaegerwell, you would have had to update some ports or do a sysup or something22:37
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jaegerrevdep -vv will list broken files, you can run ldd on those files to see what shows up as "not found"22:37
brian|lfsah ok22:38
brian|lfsqt4:/usr/share/qt4/plugins/sqldrivers/ error22:39
brian|lfslooks like probably mysql22:39
brian|lfsthat got updated today22:39
jaegerthere you go22:39
brian|lfsnot sure about virtualbox it works fine but always thinks its broken22:39
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joacimtime for a ups i think22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/ExtensionPacks/Oracle_VBoxDTrace_Extension_Pack/linux.amd64/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/ExtensionPacks/Oracle_VBoxDTrace_Extension_Pack/linux.amd64/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
brian|lfsvirtualbox:/usr/share/virtualbox/bin/additions/ error22:40
j_vspammed it22:41
pedjapaste somewhere else, ffs22:41
pedjaadd that paths to revdep.d/virtualbox, that should shut it up22:43
brian|lfsoh ok good to know22:43
brian|lfsya time to update my kernel I'm runniong 4.14.0 and 4.14.28 is the latest22:44
pedja'man revdep' :)22:44
pedjaACTION is ordering new keyboard and mouse22:48
BurnZeZAbout to try using VT-d to pass a GTX 97022:48
BurnZeZRate the level of pain to expect22:49
jaegerDepends on your hardware quite a bit... whether or not it supports VT-d to start, and how its IOMMU groups are laid out22:49
BurnZeZPretty sure it’s all supported22:50
BurnZeZAt the moment, linux at least mentions it during boot22:50
brian|lfswell my SD card options look good except minor was sewt to 8 maybe to low for my sy stem22:51
BurnZeZ01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation GM204 [GeForce GTX 970] (rev a1)22:52
BurnZeZ01:00.1 Audio device: NVIDIA Corporation GM204 High Definition Audio Controller (rev a1)22:52
BurnZeZSeems GPU is the only thing on 0122:53
jaegerIf you don't already know this, you'll need to pass both the video and audio device to the VM. also, if you use kvm you'll need to hide that from the OS install22:53
BurnZeZThe whole nvidia driver hypervisor detection self disabling crap22:54
jaeger <-- here's my old passthrough start script if you want it for reference22:54
BurnZeZUnless there’s more than just that22:54
jaegerI don't own that hardware anymore but it worked great22:54
BurnZeZNice; thanks22:54
BurnZeZNow all that’s left is to figure out what state the card should be in22:58
BurnZeZIs it enough to blacklist nvidia/nouveau, or is there other crap that touches video cards?22:58
BurnZeZSame question with intel22:59
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jaegerOn my setup I used the onboard intel GPU as the main linux display and used the 970 for the windows VM only23:01
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jaegerso blacklisting nouveau and nvidia (or even uninstalling it) is useful in that case23:01
BurnZeZJust wasn’t sure if they were the only linux drivers that fiddled with the cards23:01
jaegerTo make sure, you can claim them with the vfio-stub module or whatever it is... it's been a while, I don't recall exactly23:08
BurnZeZProbably need to compile that23:10
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brian|lfsI must have crappy 1080-ti video cards running SLI23:14
brian|lfsthe 390 drivers won't work on them I have to use the nvidi-sl package to get the module to load23:15
john_cephalopodaTry nouveau? ;)23:18
brian|lfsya I'm sure that would work real good with SLI23:18
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: Go to #nouveau, ask them for a patch ;)23:19
BurnZeZTried nouveau the other day23:19
BurnZeZCouldn’t get my GTX 970 to boot23:19
john_cephalopodaAh, well.23:19
brian|lfsI could go talk to them give me a good laugh23:19
john_cephalopodaI had some issues with nouveau, some bugs with certain shaders etc. Super-helpful devs though, who just sent me a patch.23:20
brian|lfsoh ok thats a good sign23:21
brian|lfsI just joined their room we shall see what they say23:21
brian|lfsI take it setting minor to 256 was a bad idea for my SD card problem becuase now it don't come ujp at all23:21
john_cephalopodaLooks like SLI is a TODO because not many devs have got multiple cards.23:22
BurnZeZI tried and failed to determine if the GTX 970 is even supported23:22
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brian|lfsok rebooting turned minors back to 8 the default23:26
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brian|lfswow from very little SDcard reader to no reader23:34

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