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jaegerj_v: the optional deps addition thing looks ok here, just tested04:23
j_vthanks for testing it :)05:36
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Guest96587Sorry if this is considered spam, I'm just wondering how active the CRUX community is. I want to use it but the last update on the site is from last year and the mailing-list archives seem pretty empty.07:24
Guest96587so. How is it?07:24
j_vThe community is quite active. You can browse and
Guest96587oh wow I didn't think to check commit logs07:34
Guest96587I'll set it up tonight then :307:35
j_vYou might want to try it out in a virtual machine first, to try it out.07:35
j_vInstallation is pretty straight forward, though there is an expectation that you will know how to handle things like kernel building (which you'll need to do at the end of the install) and other admin tasks.07:37
j_vI recommend looking at, which is also available on the installation iso07:38
Guest96587I read the whole handbook this morning.07:40
Guest96587I've compiled kernels before so it should be fine.07:41
j_vGood deal... If you are familiar with doing the kernel config, then that is a good thing, too.07:42
Guest96587I'll report here when I'm done. Hopefully this is the distro I set upon.07:43
Guest96587No system-d, source-code packages, simple init. It looks promising07:43
j_vI like it. It's very pliable.07:43
Guest96587Also, is there any reason why the default kernel is not the current stable but the previous one? AFAIK, I can just install a newer one but I was wondering if there's a specific reason.07:48
j_vThe kernel on the iso was the one that was 'current' (or nearly) at the time of iso creation... there is an updated iso, give a moment, I'll pull up a link to it.07:49
j_v and to check it with07:51
j_vThat has 4.14.14 kernel on it, so it's a recent LTS kernel at least07:52
Guest96587Oh wow that's from yesterday. Thanks!07:52
j_vhmmm, thank jaeger, he provides them, I only pasted a link :)07:54
Guest96587welp, thanks @jaeger <307:59
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frinnstwhy is windows ntp so shitty?09:05
pedjawindows ntp?09:22
pedjaah, Windows Time Service thingie?09:24
pedja'RX 580 Gaming box is not gamer focused, so no Aorus branding for it'. Gigabyte has been smoking some heavy shit, apparently09:30
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pedjalooks like my mice/keyboard order finally came through the bank labyrinth, yay09:38
j_vcool, what did you order?09:39
pedjaLogitech G203/K280E09:40
pedjanothing fancy :)09:41
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j_vThat mouse looks pretty nice. The kbd looks clean and functional; I like the look of it, also.09:43
pedjaswitching the LED off is the first thing I plan to do with the mouse :)09:45
pedjaand the keyboard is one of the few models I could find that is not an eyesore09:45
j_vWhat I was admiring for the mouse was the locations for the extra switches. Nice choices.09:47
pedjaI like the 'classic' look of it09:49
j_vYeah, I wouldn't hesitate for either of those. I'm looking up prices of the mouse, since mine is so old.09:51
pedjarx1000 here :) 8+ years, I think09:52
pedjaif I replaced the Omron switches in it, it could go on, but that kind of hw hacking is beyond my abilities :)09:53
j_vMy soldering is ok for rough stuff, and my hand isn't as steady as it once was. I've mod'd some stuff over the years, but nothing for a while.09:55
pedjaDIY keyboard project that jaeger showed a while back is pretty cool09:57
j_vLooked like fun, the finished product looked pretty good, if I remember right.09:58
pedjayeah. i suspect frinnst is itching to do something similar, being a mech keyboard addict and all :)10:01
j_vI really like my mech kbd, but if I had to order a replacement today, would probably order one of those K280E10:04
j_vPartially because of cash flow right now10:04
frinnstIm down to 4 mech keyboards now. Managed to sell one10:06
j_vI was looking at ducky10:06
frinnstducky <310:06
j_vbut that was before I went on the dol10:06
frinnst Im using that at home these days10:07
j_vwork is picking back up soon I hope, plus I've got the second part of a certification that should improve employment opertunities10:07
frinnstgave mx clear and unicomp a shot, but meh10:07
frinnstunicomp is lovely and all, but FUCK its loud and the build quality is pretty shit10:07
frinnstwasd build quality is pretty flimsy too, dont like it10:08
j_vI was almost set to order a unicomp, but after reading complaints, I held back10:08
frinnstfirmware seems kinda buggy too. it doesnt reset the usb controller properly so I've had cases when I reboot or startup and the keyboard is dead10:09
j_vI'm using a WASD for last two years.10:09
frinnstand you can almost rotate the keys 90deg since the tooling is from the 80s or something10:09
j_vThat would be unconfortable, would think or at least distracting10:10
frinnstobviously not 90degrees but atleast enough for me to find it distracting, yeah10:11
j_vI like the look of the ducky one 2, for same reason I like the look of that K280E10:11
pedjaso that ducky review basically states that you pay premium to *not* have LED lights on a keyboard? damn :)10:12
frinnstnah, the premium price is the keycaps that you cant really get with a LED keyboard10:13
frinnstcaps need to be abs if you want it to shine through10:13
pedjathat makes more sense10:13
frinnstits cheaper than a regular ducky LED board i think10:13
frinnstI paid 1299:- for mine. the other models are around 1500:-10:15
j_vthat's sek?10:15
frinnstdivide by 10 to get a general translation to $ or €10:16
j_vno worse than what I paid for my wasd10:17
frinnstwhat switches do you have on your wasd?10:17
frinnstand are you used to using non-mech boards? I find switching to pleb keyboards very difficult10:18
j_vI was thinking of blues for my next kbd, but that'll be a while it's looking like10:19
frinnstI did not like mx clear at all. too heavy and just.. meh10:21
j_vwhat switches do you prefer?10:21
frinnstnever really tried brown. Might like those but since I didnt like clear i think i'll stay away10:23
frinnstclear are just heavier browns10:23
pedjafor two finger typing, plebs keyboard is just fine, tyvm :)10:23
j_vI'd never looked up the actuation force for the mx greens... are those designed for keying via hammer?10:31
frinnst I think they were designed for things like space, enter etc. never really intended to be used everywhere10:34
j_vAh, that makes sense.10:35
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joacimi had to use my cheap logitech membrane keyboard for a while when the usb port on my quickfire rapid broke off11:59
joacimwas very annoying. keys felt odd, the keyboard was far bigger than it needed to be, no n-key rollover12:00
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pedjawell, it *is* a keyboard for plebs that doesn't know any better, after all :)13:05
pedjaa friend of mine types gazillion wpm on any keyboard, afaict. years of practice :)13:10
Anselmowell, you could also argue that keyboards that only cost say, 5 USD have a role. ..  . .13:17
Anselmonot that I want to ever use them again x-x13:17
pedjamech keyboards are more effective as a weapon when zombie invasion starts, granted13:20
Anselmoand just, quite more comfy ^.^13:21
pedjaI wouldn't know, haven't used one long enough to tell13:22
AnselmoI am not sure if I have used them enough to tell they're more comfy, but after using them exclusively for long enough it became apparent that all other keyboards were quite a bit less comfy :P13:23
Anselmoperhaps they're not better, just crippling13:24
Anselmothat now I cannot stand to use a ''normal'' keyboard ?13:25
pedjalike 20+ years old single malt spoils all other drinks?13:30
Anselmohaving not had that I cant compare,13:31
Anselmobut something to that effect, I imagine :P13:31
pedjawe went thru a couple of bottles of those when one of my friends got married (yes, he is filthy rich)13:34
pedjaexcellent taste in booze, too :)13:34
Anselmoif I ever randomly get the chance I shall consider a try13:36
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frinnst    x86/speculation: Remove Skylake C2 from Speculation Control microcode blacklist13:51
frinnstseems stuff is getting stable? I just upgraded one of our old blades with intels microcode update13:51
frinnstlets see if it shits the bed in the following week13:56
brian|lfsI've been resisting updating my Asus ROG extreme board13:57
brian|lfseither way don't think they will fix the buggy ass USB 3.0 and 3.113:58
joacimare these supposed to come with uefi/bios updates?14:29
joacimlast one for my old motherboard is from 201514:29
brian|lfsmine better its an I9 7980xe cpu14:37
frinnstif your motherboard is new enough then probably, yeah. But for a +4year old model? doubtful14:41
frinnstIm still waiting for asus to patch the ME vulnerability in my motherboard. here at work14:42
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: mesa3d: update to 17.3.717:02
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: libpcre: update to 8.4217:05
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libpcre2: update to 10.31, new maintainer17:06
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pedjathe default on g203 is, of course, cycle through ALL THE COLORS18:03
jaegerI have a G403, happy with it so far18:04
jaegerI don't even pay attention to the LED, heh18:04
pedjaI just picked up g203 from the store :)18:05
pedjafortunately, some kind soul reverse-engineered the commands to set LED, and wrote a Python script to play with it18:06
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synthhey. I'm the guy from earlier today.18:09
Guest77143CRUX has been fun so far and holy fuck does it boot fast without system-d and with a custom kernel <318:10
joacimmy mouse flashes pink at my prefered DPI18:18
Guest77143its to tell you it loves you18:20
joacimit is a nice enough mouse =)18:25
AnselmoI wish I could just turn off the lights on my mouse x-x18:26
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jaegerGuest77143: glad you're enjoying it so far18:33
Guest77143thanks man and thanks for the updated isos. Sorry for this guest thing, as soon as I get X running, I'll set up a proper irc client.18:34
pedjajoacim, what did you use to set it up?18:34
jaegerwelcome, and not a problem18:35
joacimpedja: my mouse? i just hooked it up and pressed the dpi button until i found a setting that i liked18:37
pedjaand the pink flash :) ?18:37
joacimeach dpi setting has its own colour associated with it18:38
joacimi cant change the colour myself, unless i want to use it at a different dpi setting18:38
joacimit's the nixeus revel18:39
jaegerWhat's the DPI setting for ?18:39
joacimthats what im thinking. about 9000, to get the most out of plaid18:40
pedjaI'll hook it up to a Win10 machine one of these days, and use LGS to set it up18:41
pedjaupdate the firmware, if there is a new one, while I am at it18:42
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: nginx: updated to version 1.13.1018:50
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syntwavemananyone know why xterm might be killing itself immediately with an error 3221:00
joacimNot I21:00
syntwaveman"Reason: get_pty: not enough ptys"21:00
jaegeris /dev/pts mounted?21:00
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syntwavemanI don't think so21:01
syntwavemanWhat should it be mounted to21:02
jaegerThere's an example in fstab, the defaults there work well21:02
syntwavemancus it doesnt pop up in /proc/mounts21:02
jaegerIf you removed the default line from /etc/fstab, it looks like this:21:03
jaegerdevpts /dev/pts devpts noexec,nosuid,gid=tty,mode=0620 0 021:03
syntwavemanoh thanks I started booting the install usb to see21:03
jaegeryou can also find the default copy in /usr/ports/core/filesystem21:04
syntwavemanwelp, now it doesn't even give an error, just crashes ratpoison. eh, I'll fight with it tomorrow. Thanks for the help21:07
jaegerhrmm, odd21:08
jaegerno problem, good luck21:08
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frinnst cool21:44
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jaegerooh, neat22:01
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