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joacimtook me long enough to figure out that bash has case insensitive tab completion01:54
joacimworks fairly well. really convenient01:54
j_vjoacim: is that by default?03:06
joacimyeah you should have told me about insensitive tab completion earlier. if you already did, you should have told me twice03:07
j_vdamn, I didn't know about it either. I will need to play with that some. Thanks for sharing it.03:09
joacimremind me to learn how to read03:10
joacimi thought you said "is that my fault"03:10
joacimyeah i dont think it is by default =)03:11
j_vseems I need to spend some for time with the bash manual page again03:12
j_vI look a certain parts of it often. to remind my self about specifics for modified parameter expansion stuff, but that's mostly for scripting.03:13
joacimi mostly just search for a solution for my problem, and take various snippets from other people03:14
joacimi think i would save a lot of time if i just learnt my shell and solved my own problems =)03:15
j_vheh, that works... for some silly reason, i'm always forgetting the difference between ${var#..} and ${var%..}03:15
][_R_][To be fair, that's not intuitive at all03:15
j_vi know that one is prefix and other is suffix, but too often i forget03:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: st: update to 0.8.1 release03:22
joacimwould be nice if gtk applications could stop throwing up warnings and errors in my terminal03:24
j_vseems they are all that way. i wonder if qt applications any better about that03:34
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brian|lfsjust don't open a terminal joacim04:15
][_R_][<j_v> seems they are all that way. i wonder if qt applications any better about that <-- Qt applications don't04:57
brian|lfsomg memories
j_v][_R_][: I'm not surprized.05:47
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frinnstyeah I need to rewatch beavis & butthead again08:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: apache: update to 2.4.3310:26
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hpcups: update to 3.18.310:26
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pedjaI really need to get a build server somewhere in the cloud13:20
pedjaor stop packaging sw that needs it to build in the reasonable time :)13:21
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joacimdo people ever throw out LGA1366 stuff where you live?13:41
joacimcan buy used 6 core xeons cheap enough13:42
joacimbut, LGA1366 mothebroards tend to be expensive13:42
pedjajoacim, old washing machines-yes, old computer hardware-hell no :)13:59
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darfoj_v: i learned to remember the bash substitution that # is left of % on the keyboard so it leftmost match and % is right of # on the keyboard so it is rightmost match.14:38
joacimpedja: washing machines might be able to do the job14:43
j_vdarfo: nice. that is a good visual aid. even i should be able to remember it that way. thank you.15:19
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darfoyou're welcome, I don't remember who/where I was taught that but it stuck16:30
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