IRC Logs for #crux Saturday, 2018-03-24

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john_cephalopodaAnybody remembers where the repo with krita in it was?13:02
joacimnto me13:46
jaegerNo idea here14:05
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pedjajohn_cephalopoda, have you tried krita AppImage?17:18
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abenzcan you view the website normally?18:54
abenzall I see is a blank page..18:54
abenzwhen I move my mouse around I can see the icon changing (ie indicating links)18:55
joacimlooks good on my machine18:55
abenzbut its completely blank in firefox18:55
joacimare all websites like that?18:55
abenzno, others seem to be normal18:55
abenzno, I can see other websites have that too (spiceworks)18:56
joacimfresh install? did it work before?18:56
abenzit works an hour ago, came back to my machine, moved mouse but monitors wont come up.. I had to hard reboot18:57
abenzand its like that since it came back up18:57
abenzsome websites do work tho..18:57
abenzI can't access the firefox menu too, when I click alt and try click with my mouse on file - Edit -View..etc nothing happens18:58
abenzmoved my .mozilla/firefox and it works19:02
abenzI guess my profile got messed up beyond recovery after that forced reset19:02
joacimmight be enough to remove the contents of its cache19:03
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