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vredervHey folks, is GRUB the recommended bootloader for CRUX?06:52
vredervDo you need a BIOS boot partition when using GPT + BIOS?06:55
vredervapparently not,
ryuovrederv: yes you do.07:27
ryuovrederv: GRUB2 needs somewhere to embed its next stage payload. for MBR labels, this is the space between the MBR and first partition.07:28
ryuoBut for GPT labels, this space is occupied by the disk label so a dedicated partition is used instead, aka the BIOS boot partition.07:28
ryuoIt should be at least 1MiB. That's usually enough.07:28
brian|lfshey ryuo would the microsoft boot partition work I never tried that before just cujrious07:42
ryuobrian|lfs: no. that's some microsoft crap.07:45
ryuobrian|lfs: besides, Windows doesn't support GPT + BIOS.07:45
ryuobrian|lfs: only MBR + BIOS or GPT + UEFI07:45
brian|lfswindows supports GPT07:45
ryuoI know. That's not what I was saying.07:46
ryuoIt doesn't support usage of GPT for a BIOS bootable disk.07:46
ryuoIt won't boot from it.07:46
brian|lfsah ok07:46
brian|lfsgot you I've had a few drinks07:47
brian|lfsmy mind is working too hard for drinking07:47
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brian|lfsok that was weird had to relog07:49
brian|lfsI would click on one program and another program would minimize or maxamize07:50
brian|lfsso far 4.14.28 seemed more stable then 4.14.2907:51
ryuovrederv: you can also use extlinux instead if you now what you're doing.07:52
ryuobrian|lfs: kinda makes me wish CRUX provided a kernel package...07:54
brian|lfs I think someone in the community made one07:54
brian|lfsdreawing a blank right now who it was07:54
ryuoit could be designed to take a custom config from say /etc, or use a default one.07:55
brian|lfsbut was thinking of stealing the arch one and redoing it for CRUX the aur one with KVM passthrough support07:55
brian|lfstake care of 2 birds one stone07:55
ryuogiven how CRUX is released, LTS kernels would make the most sense.07:55
ryuoregular ones are too short lived.07:56
brian|lfsthats the thing I'm using an LTS kernel right now 4.14.2907:56
brian|lfsnot sure why the nvidia driver is picky with SLI07:56
brian|lfsI'm using the nvidia-sl package07:56
brian|lfsthe normal nvidia driver won't load with my cards but should07:56
brian|lfsat th is point CRUX 3.4 seems very stable07:58
brian|lfsthere few packages that need to be re-written like pulseaudio and hexchajt but all and all not bad at all07:58
brian|lfsohhhhh jaeger you around08:00
ryuo"that depends who is asking"08:01
brian|lfswhat part of the world you in again ryuo08:01
brian|lfswhats NA? not avaialble08:02
ryuoNorth America08:02
brian|lfsoh lol08:02
brian|lfswas going to say not applicable for my next answer08:02
brian|lfswell ryuo I'm in DC08:33
brian|lfsand could use a city to go to for a weekend have a few drinks with a cool friend08:33
brian|lfsand have a passport08:33
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brian|lfsOmg 6909:48
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: mailx: update to 14.9.1009:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: tzdata: update to 2018d09:59
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ryuoHeh. I introduced a social experiment in #learnprogramming to see how many people actually read (part of) the topic.19:27
ryuowe've gotten some fish to bite, revealing they did read it.19:27
jaegerThe cookie thing?19:29
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pedjaI have to say, after a couple of days of having it, I like the subtle LED thingie on g203 :)19:56
pedjajaeger, you are using cuda, iirc?19:58
jaegeronly a little... haven't done much yet19:59
pedjame neither :)19:59
pedjabut I hope it'll help to speed up some software I plan to use20:00
pedjaeven with my weak ass gt64020:00
pedjaapparently, it only works with gcc620:04
pedjaif that's the case, I'll have to see how PITA would be to build it so it can coexist with gcc720:05
pedjaor just put it in opt, symlink it to opt/cuda/bin, and call it a day :)20:06
jaegerI just used the installer from upstream instead of building it20:19
darfointeresting commit for kernel 4.9.90 for drm/nouveau/kms.20:20
darfocommit 7be76fbbd25c4cd838125f8ea843d1fb1c657db020:20
darfois anyone having nouveau hangs? Says it has an upstream commit so I'm guess20:20
darfosome newer kernel got the patch too20:21
john_cephalopodadarfo: I uused to have some.20:21
pedjajaeger, nvcc is using hosts c++ compiler for non-CUDA portion of the code20:28
darfoyou might want to read the changelog for that commit on www.kernel.org20:28
darfobrowse the 4.9.90 changelog and search for that commit number20:29
jaegerI haven't tried it with gcc 7 yet, so may not have to worry about that20:29
pedja9.x series supports up to gcc6, according to the handy table here :)20:31
pedjapeople do use it with gcc7, though20:32
pedjaI'll patch it at some point to automagically find opengl/libx11/openglu libs on Crux at some point. but that's for examples only20:35
pedjacompiling cuda kernels works fine, afaict20:36
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