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j_vdarfo: strange, that patch didn't make it into the 4.14 or 4.15 branches. I've been running into occasional X lockups that appear to be related. I may have to try that kernel to see if it clears up my issue.01:00
ryuojaeger: yea.01:21
jaegerWhat does it do?01:26
ryuojaeger: you could always pop in and find out.01:27
ryuojaeger: anyway, it pretends to give them a cookie.01:27
jaegerI just checked the topic, wasn't in there :)01:28
jaegerAh, ok. Just curious01:28
j_vdarfo: ahh, I was wrong. that patch went into 4.14 and 4.15 last spring.01:28
ryuoi came up with the idea because i wanted to see if some people actually read the topic.01:28
ryuothough it won't measure the people that do and don't do it.01:29
j_vno matter. the commit I have been waiting to get backported to 4.15/4.14 is 949b93250a566cc7a578b4f829cf76b70d19a62c from linus' tree01:37
j_vunfortunately for me, there are some other related patches that are layered with that one, or at least must precede it01:49
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brian|lfshmmm crazy challange06:45
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brian|lfshello workodera07:48
brian|lfsare you Romster07:49
brian|lfsor just similar name07:49
ryuobrian|lfs: that's not Romster.08:21
brian|lfs oh ok didn't think it was08:24
pedjabrian|lfs, I've seen you talk about Cura. which 3d printer do you have?08:33
brian|lfsyes I use Cura and 3D printers08:40
brian|lfsbet drunk right now but whats up08:40
brian|lfspedja, you around08:41
brian|lfsso do you 3D print?08:42
pedjanot yet :)08:43
pedjaI do play with Cura/slic3r08:43
brian|lfsmmm whats the point of Cura and slic3r if you don't print lol08:44
brian|lfswhat part of the world you in perdja08:45
pedjaand testing some 3d models I might actually send to print08:45
brian|lfsoh ok cool08:46
brian|lfsso get a 3D priner man08:56
brian|lfsmaybe $300 for a creality CR-1008:57
pedjaspeaking of 3d printing, one of the coolest yt channels, imho,
pedjagerman engineer explaining stuff? I am sold :)09:02
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frinnsthaha awesome. remote powershell crashes windows server10:15
frinnstlol. running "services.exe" crashes the fucking OS10:19
ryuo"Doctor, doctor. Come quick. It's the worst case so far!"10:44
ryuo"What is it?"10:44
ryuo"The patient became hysterical after trying to administer a windows server..."10:44
ryuo"Not again... this is the 10th case this month."10:45
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pedja'and that's why we drink'11:09
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: newsboat: update to 2.1111:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-2811:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: libusb: update to 1.0.2211:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: hdparm: update to 9.5611:12
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: update to 1.44.111:12
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abenz_haha funny scrolling above, everyone here randomly says something they seen/had happen during the day but no real chat12:25
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BurnZeZopt/openntpd is broken15:54
BurnZeZIn a weird way, even15:54
BurnZeZpatch in the Pkgfile fails15:54
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Anselmoare you using the preinstall script, BurnZeZ ?16:01
BurnZeZThere isn’t one16:01
Anselmooh, I thought it had one16:01
jaegerinteresting... I don't think openntpd has been changed in a long time, has nobody tried it until now? heh16:01
BurnZeZpost-install script16:01
BurnZeZNo pre, though16:01
AnselmoI've had problems, am pretty  sure the I guess post install thing should solve them16:02
Anselmothough the first time I messed with it I ended up setting up some wonky solution with a custom rc script or something x-x16:02
BurnZeZWell, take a look at the patch file16:03
j_vi can confirm that the patch fails to apply, might be silent tarball change upstream16:03
BurnZeZDoesn’t the patch file seem odd?16:04
j_vah, it is old, for 5.7p4, that may be problem, right there16:04
jaegeryeah, I suspect the patch just wasn't updated with the last version update16:07
j_vupstream is at 6.2p3, so might make for sense to try updating to that version at some point16:08
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onoderahas anyone ever seen this problem before? (`undefined reference to `pthread_create'`)?18:04
onoderait seems to be crux (or at least my machine) specific18:04
tilmanonodera: link with -lpthread18:10
jaegerbrian|lfs: which 3d printer(s) do you have?18:48
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