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elderKHey guys, I think I've discovered a weird issue with pkgmk.04:36
elderKI can do all the steps my Pkgfile script does - and successfully build a program.04:37
elderKI can even install it somewhere local.04:37
elderKBut pkgmk always seems to fail.04:37
elderKJust came to me: Maybe it's because I have -j4 on my make options...04:37
brian|lfswhat package04:48
elderKOne of my own for Chicken Scheme.04:51
elderKTurns out it can't be built parallel.04:51
brian|lfsah ok04:51
elderKWhat's the accepted way to disable -jN setting for Make?04:51
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brian|lfsjust do an export and -j 104:52
brian|lfsin your Pkgfile04:52
brian|lfstying to think oif aj good sample package for that04:54
brian|lfsdrawing a blank04:54
elderKso, what, I override MAKEOPT?04:55
brian|lfswell either way just add export MAKEFLAGS="-j 1" to your pkgfile04:56
brian|lfsit will overide /etc/pkgmk.conf04:56
elderKWhich would override any other settings?04:56
elderK:P Any way to do it without disrupting other potential settings?04:56
brian|lfswell it will only affect that one package04:57
brian|lfsnext package that is built will go by default settings04:57
brian|lfsNot sure if thats what your asking04:58
elderKIt's good enough :)04:58
elderKI mean, really, what other settings are worth altering for Make anyway? :P04:59
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frinnstanybody speak romainian here?13:58
Anselmoyes more or less13:58
frinnstoh wow13:58
Anselmowhy ?13:58
frinnsttrying to find an owner of a ro-domain thats registered for one of my customers trademarks13:59
frinnstbut according to its registered to a private person and such details are not public13:59
frinnstand the registrars website is all in romainian: www.rospot.ro14:00
Anselmobut you want to like, contact them to ask the contact info for who owns it  ?14:01
frinnstyeah pretty much14:01
frinnstah found an email address finally14:01
Anselmooh hey I've walked down the street of their office x-x14:02
frinnst:D but not today I take it? :D14:02
Anselmonot in the right city  :P14:03
Anselmobut I assume you can just send them a request in english .  .14:05
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pedjaheh, WebAPI Manager FF add-on kind of breaks that site14:44
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joacimif they're anything like the germans, the response will come in romanian =)15:51
joacimi guess german ebay sellers aren't confident in their english15:51
Anselmowell, if translation help is needed I can do my best,15:55
john_cephalopodaIf you need translation from German to English, I can help.16:06
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frinnstthanks but spoke with my client. they are sending in their lawyers :-)16:38
Anselmokay :316:38
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] openssl: updated to 1.0.2o. Fix for CVE-2018-073918:58
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: [notify] firefox: updated to 52.7.3esr. Fix for CVE-2018-514819:12
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: zstd: updated to 1.3.419:12
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brian|lfsyay 6922:05
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