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Romsterhow cute01:35
brian|lfsthats all that POS is worth02:33
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joacimbrian|lfs: it's a good computer for running MacOS, also good if you're interested in running MorphOS, since that supports PPC macs now03:22
joacimhe previously went by the name The iBook Guy also =)03:24
brian|lfstrue but he said it was dead03:41
brian|lfsthats why I said it was uselsss lol03:41
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joacimbrian|lfs: discord works for you?04:20
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: libgudev: 230 -> 23204:20
joaciminstalled all dependencies as suggested by your port, but i get an error when i try to run the application04:20
joacimi dont get a useful error either04:20
jaegerI've tried to port it too but haven't had any success so far. I don't get any errors but it freezes on getting updates04:24
joacimtried it once on my fedora system, and that just gave me a blank window04:24
joacimlooks like i was missing the libc++ stuff. getting those from marakus repo04:26
jaegerunrelated, anyone tried wine-pba?
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gst-plugins-base: fix dependencies and added opus04:28
joacimfirst time hearing about it04:28
jaegerI only read about it today, supposed to immensely help some d3d stuff04:29
jaegerMight try to build it tomorrow04:29
jaegerIf you get discord working, please report what fixed it :) AFK for now04:29
joacimif the libc++ stuff doesn't fix it, i will probably give up04:30
joacimand keep using it in firefox =)04:30
joacimthat or boot a windows vm for it04:31
joacimi prefer irc, but a lot of people rather use discord for some reason04:31
Romsteryou can't strace it?04:49
joacimit forks to the background04:52
joacimcould probably do that if i knew how04:52
jaegerstrace -f might help. I didn't learn anything from it but I'm no expert05:17
jaegerlibc++/libcxx didn't make any difference for me last time I tried05:18
joacimill have a go with strace once in done with libc++. still compiling05:20
joacimall i have to do is fire up a vm with distcc on my desktop...05:20
joacimnot sure if cmake works with distcc05:20
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] webkitgtk: change dependency gst-plugins-bad -> gst-plugins-base05:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gst-plugins-ugly: remove meta tag packager05:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gst-plugins-bad: fix dependencies05:49
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gst-plugins-good: fix dependencies05:49
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Romstercmake works with distcc through ccache for me05:56
marakujoacim, libc++ fixed discord for me06:11
marakuor rather, the only reason i packaged libc++ was to use discord :)06:12
joacimgot libc++ installed now, and discord works06:17
joacima bit of a mix of brians and your ports tho06:18
joacimdiscord itself i just extracted somewhere in my home folder, and run it from there06:25
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: sed: update to 4.509:35
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: fuse3: update to 3.2.209:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: cups-filters: update to 1.20.209:37
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nettle: adopted09:40
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chinarul1zzzHi all,10:26
chinarul1zzzIs there a way to subscribe to bugzilla?10:26
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frinnst is very useful11:02
frinnstdo you have a flyspray account?11:03
onodera man this is amazing12:08
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chinarul1zzzfrinnst: yes I have12:49
chinarul1zzzStill don't understand how to track bugzilla events.12:52
chinarul1zzzI've read
chinarul1zzz'The bug tracker feed' solution does not work. 404.12:54
john_cephalopodachinarul1zzz: Not all the feeds work.12:58
john_cephalopodachinarul1zzz: Try this feed:
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chinarul1zzzjohn_ceph: cool. One question. If someone will comment one of FS# , I'll not get a notification?13:07
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-hyperlink: 17.3.1 -> 18.0.014:22
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: meson: 0.45.0 -> 0.45.114:26
john_cephalopodachinarul1zzz: You will only get notified when a new FS is added. BUT you can enable e-mail notifications if you got a FS account on
frinnstchinarul1zzz: if you are assigned the ticket, yes15:19
frinnstbut like I said: is the bee's knees15:19
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ryuofrinnst: bees have knees? TIL.18:55
frinnstyes and they are awesome19:08
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frinnst happy easter19:26
Sitri <-- more along the same line19:26
brian|lfsI put the second one on my facebook19:55
brian|lfsshould go over good with my aunt19:55
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joacimi think my aunts would be the kind to post that kind of stuff21:05
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ryuodoes anyone here regularly use a laptop with an aluminum case?21:26
jaegerMy work laptop is aluminum... macbook pro21:29
jaegerMy personal one is magnesium, I guess21:29
jaegermagnesium alloy21:30
ryuojaeger: how do you deal with how cold they are from a period of disuse?21:30
ryuoit seems like only metalic cases have this problem.21:30
jaegerHaven't really had a problem with that... I've noticed it but that's all21:30
jaegerof course it depends on the ambient temp21:30
ryuomaybe it's just me then but it always bugged me when i have to touch metal that hasn't been warmed recently.21:31
ryuoit makes them kinda hard to use after a period of disuse.21:31
ryuoi don't like the temp shock.21:31
ryuoother than that i usually like aluminum.21:32
ryuoshould i just wear gloves and call it a day then?21:32
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jaegerheh, maybe... does seem like a subjective thing21:33
ryuoyea... i guess i'm used to plastic keyboard rests which are about the same temp most of the time.21:34
ryuomy wrists get an uncomfortable shock when i try to use these aluminum ones.21:34
ryuobut it seems like all the nicely built laptops use aluminum.21:35
ryuodecisions, decisions.21:35
ryuojaeger: i guess i'm reminded of when i had to use metal chairs and crap when i was youngr.21:36
ryuoi always hated sitting in those because they were always much colder than room temperature.21:36
ryuoso i guess i've identified one reason i may not like using an aluminum case on my next laptop purchase.21:37
jaegeryeah, maybe so21:39
jaegersomething like this:
ryuofair enough.21:42
ryuoso, i guess i can wear gloves if it bothers me too much.21:42
ryuoget something that conducts heat poorly.21:43
ryuomakes sense; aluminum conducts heat and is often a heat sink material.21:43
joacimor get some pimp velour for your wrist rest.22:00
ryuolol, what?22:00
joacimi mostly think aluminium wrist rests feel too harsh22:04
joacimI'm fine with the temperature for the most part, they heat up fast enough22:04
ryuojoacim: oh. i had a 2 in 1 where the keyboard didn't get any heat from the base...22:06
ryuoit was always cold.22:07
ryuodo regular aluminum laptops heat up?22:07
ryuoand solve the cold problem that way?22:07
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joacimthe macbook pros and airs ive used at work never really felt that cold to me22:20
joacimfeels better than a metal table22:20
joacimmetal tables are just annoying to use due to how cold and harsh they feel22:20
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frinnst wtf23:18
frinnstValhalla vs. Calgary - 2018 Quidditch Canada National Championships23:18
frinnstthey are actually holding sticks between their legs23:19
frinnst wohoo23:21
frinnstdie v4, die23:21
frinnstshame its april 1st23:22
joacimyeah. I'm going to miss winter23:50

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