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arbathanks you, nice to try, what my risk if i try use without booting from the iso?00:00
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ryuofrinnst: how is AMD's open source support for more recent models? i'm considering buying an AMD HP elitebook or probook.02:25
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brian|lfshmm not sure what the issue was with spellcheck but realized I didn't rebuild enchant and hexchat last night and spellcheck seems to be working03:13
brian|lfsalso hexchat and few other apps need AUTOPOINT='intltoolize --automake --copy' autoreconf -fiv03:15
brian|lfsadded before the configure script r uns03:15
brian|lfson CRUX 3.403:15
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brian|lfsinteresting the 390.48 seems to work on my SLI but none of the previous versions did except 387.soemthing05:20
frinnstryuo: im not sure on the exactly newest models. I imagine they are a few months behind still05:56
joacimtook some time for vega to get support didnt it06:02
frinnstperformance wise is very good tho06:29
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frinnstgod damn danes. why do they assume swedes understand them at all?08:10
frinnstits the language of drunk 3year-olds08:11
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cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: procps: update to 3.3.1312:49
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: iproute2: update to 4.16.012:49
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sqlite3: update to 3.23.012:51
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: python3-pyxdg: fix source13:35
Romstermaraku, oops i missed that python3-pyxdg source is fixed now13:39
ryuoRomster: see #crux? :)13:41
ryuolmao. sorry.13:42
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frinnsttrying to upgrade chromium makes me happy i'm maintaining firefox and not chromium :-)14:35
frinnstACTION feels for Romster 14:35
ryuohuh. came across a new distribution while looking at laptops.14:39
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ryuoyea... it seems to be yet another solution seeking to make PCs dumber.14:41
frinnstwell if it does good its obviously a good thing (tm)14:43
Anselmo''digital literacy for all''14:43
ryuoi found it on an ASUS vivobook page claiming it was supported.14:44
ryuo$10 says it ships with no terminal by default. (:14:44
Anselmowell, all their boxes dont have any visible terminals or such . .14:45
Anselmobut nor do they have prices14:46
ryuoand it's all dated.14:46
ryuocherry trail? ewww.14:46
Anselmoand 'up to 1.5GHz' type things. . .14:47
AnselmoI wonder if some of those are arm14:47
ryuono idea.14:47
ryuothe intel ones are obvious garbage though.14:47
ryuonot even based on something like Apollo Lake.14:48
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marakuthanks Romster16:14
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frinnstholy shit "The Terror" is awesome23:41
ryuofrinnst: did you soil your pants?23:44

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