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Romsterfrinnst, with all the web crap you deal with i am happy to maintain chromium :D00:15
Romsterbrian|lfs, i haven't got to lapack yet but there is a new version out 3.8.000:30
brian|lfsya I know was trying to build the new version01:28
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brian|lfsdoes anyone have a package for atlas?19:09
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pedjawhat do you need it for?19:15
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jaegerNot I19:23
pedjathere is a package in Arch AUR which should be easy enough to modify for CRUX19:23
pedjajudging by the comments, building it might try to melt your CPU :)19:24
pedja'bugs: cpu_meltdown spectre_v1 spectre_v2' heh19:29
pedjadamn, my traditional Easter tiramisu is gooood19:30
pedjaI am slowly learning the Blender basics, there is some internal logic in how things are set up. GIMP, otoh, I could never figure out, no matter how much I tried. weird.19:37
Anselmotoday I've spent already over an hour learning to do something in blender that I could do in under a minute with the gimp . . x-x19:41
pedjameshmixer runs pretty good with wine, it is great for fast mesh cleanup19:43
pedjabut its far more powerful then that.19:44
Anselmowhat sorts of things are you working on making ?19:44
Anselmoor just. . . weird testy things ?19:46
pedjaI am playing with photogrametry for now, out of curiosity. I'll be back to FreeCAD later19:46
Anselmolike SFM type things ?19:46
AnselmoACTION spent a while trying to get software for that working without success19:46
Anselmoso curious what you're using . .19:46
Anselmoor are these non free things perhaps . .19:48
pedjaI tried VisualSFM and Colmap (CUDA acceleration ftw). atm I am running one of the tools from MVE on images.19:49
pedjathey are all free/open source19:49
Anselmocolmap looked promising but I kept getting compile errors19:50
pedjalike what?19:50
Anselmothere was something relating to converting integers to a different type19:51
pedjaidk, I built release and git master without issues19:51
Anselmoperhaps I should give it another shot and repull all the things19:52
pedjahere is a nice overview of available software
pedjaif you do, and get the error again, paste the log, maybe I can help :)19:54
AnselmoACTION reads over article19:54
Anselmoare you doing this on like, buildings, or household items, or just whatever takes your fancy ?19:56
pedjawhatever that won't melt my potatoputer, basically :)20:02
pedjaI am experimenting to see what is the best way to photograph objects, so I keep the number of images small and relatively low resolution for now20:07
pedja8-10Mpix seems to be the sweet spot, wrt to quality/time20:08
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brian|lfsseems to be a dep for python-numpy or scipy forget which20:57
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pedjanumpy depends on lapack, but I built it with openblas, which provides lapack. works fine, afaict21:03
brian|lfsnot sure where the issue is21:10
brian|lfsfortran seems fine21:11
brian|lfsthen mumpy is looking for libs from the old version of fortlran21:11
pedjahere is the openblas Pkgfile try to build that instead (it should be a drop in lapack replacement as far as numpy is concerned, afaik)21:22
brian|lfsthanks seems new fortran broke stuff21:27
brian|lfsbut you would need the new fortran for the new gcc21:27
brian|lfsI'm compiling atlas right now21:27
brian|lfspedja, some days I love CRUX other days I wonder why I bother it seems like a lot of work21:35
pedjaflexibility and freedom come with a cost :)21:35
brian|lfseither way needed atlas for numpy not sure why21:36
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