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jaegermessing with glvnd on 3.3 again, still not having much luck. X works this time without a black screen but gl doesn't00:43
brian|lfswhats glvnd01:03
brian|lfsok in english how does this help us01:11
jaegerIt allows GL implementations to coexist01:12
brian|lfsdoes it let us different vendor video cards at the same time or something.01:12
brian|lfshuh don't it exist already01:12
brian|lfsjust install Ubuntu and it will work lol01:16
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brian|lfsvery quiet crowd tonight05:06
frinnsttimezones dude, timezones06:51
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joacimwould someone take it seriously if you released an actual vulnerability on april 1.? =)07:32
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frinnstits funny has hell. but there is an actual issue if you use that binary :)08:13
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joacimpiping scrips from curl to bash is just stupid08:20
frinnstvery much so08:22
frinnstbut github seems to be built against that principle. every other thing suggests it08:23
joacimchocolatey warns you about how stupid it is08:24
joacimbut, still tells you to in their documentation08:25
john_cephalopodaWhen you look how to install pip properly, they also tell you to pipe curl into bash.08:26
john_cephalopodaOn the other hand, if you download a script and execute it manually, do you actually read through it to make sure that it doesn't do something malicious?08:27
joacimi give it a quick glance usually08:27
joacimif it is something small and unknown08:27
john_cephalopodaIf it's small, then there isn't really the need to make a script, they could just list the commands on their website.08:28
joacimdepends. when you have loops and conditions, i think a script is a better choice08:29
joacimalso, you have Pkgfiles and install scripts =)08:29
joacimi usually trust stuff from core/opt/contrib, but i give the files a good look when i grab something from a user repository08:29
john_cephalopodaI usually trust those, although I glance over the Pkgfiles from time to time.08:32
john_cephalopoda(The user repos)08:33
frinnstbuild() rm -rf /*08:57
john_cephalopodaIt will delete my home directory, which is unpleasant.09:03
john_cephalopodaBut not that much of a big loss. I don't store important things on my computer.09:03
workoderafrinnst, that would be a good april fools joke09:05
workoderafor next year maybe09:05
TimB_I managed to forget $PKG once and deleted /usr/etc D:09:08
TimB_fun times09:08
john_cephalopodaTimB_: I always use fakeroot to build packages, so I can't delete any system directories by accident.09:09
TimB_john_cephalopoda: I just do the same ;) although this sticks in my head whenever I write Pkgfiles :)09:10
john_cephalopodaHeh :D09:10
TimB_first parts missing a 'should' ;)09:12
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: talloc: update to 2.1.1310:30
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libinput: update to 1.10.410:31
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funOne of Per's email regarding fakeroot :
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joacimMicrosoft has 1705 repositories on github14:39
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ryuojoacim: the more you know (TM)16:04
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nss: updated to 3.36.116:38
frinnsta webdev just asked me to place backups of customer data "somewhere public" so he can download with a download manager17:03
tilmanfuck everything17:03
tilmaneverything's terrible17:03
frinnstso true17:04
ryuofrinnst: what do they teach web developers? it's like they have no concept of what IT does.17:08
ryuofrinnst: why does a webdev need copies of customer data anyway?17:15
frinnstits not really customer data per se17:19
frinnsthe has legit need of it17:19
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ryuofrinnst: somewhere public... ugh. this is one reason I like to use SFTP to replace FTP for uploading crap. it comes free with SSH.17:36
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ryuoit's perfect for private FTP.17:37
pedja'warning: no AVX compatible CPU or OS detected'. hm18:15
joacimwhat are you trying to do?18:18
ryuoisn't that encryption related?18:20
ryuoSeems not.18:20
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pedjajoacim, I am trying to convert sparse point cloud to mesh, but my CPU doesn't support a bunch of instructions18:49
pedjaI already created a mesh using CUDA acceleration in Colmap, but I was curious to see the quality of openmvs output.18:52
pedjaopenmvs is built to use CUDA, too, but apparently I missed disabling all CPU features :)19:00
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jaegerstill, I like the idea of a "stupid shit no one needs and terrible ideas hackathon"21:10
tilmansounds a lot like what's going on at my day job21:10
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hotaronohanakohi guys .. ! is pretty quite this channel23:45
ryuohotaronohanako: you haven't seen quiet if you think this is.23:48
hotaronohanakothats remains me master joda23:49
Anselmothere exist channels where you can go months without so much as a person accidentally typing something into their buffer. . ..23:49
hotaronohanakobtw ..! Im currently installing the distro so maybe will be here for a while23:50
Anselmois it fun yet ?23:51
hotaronohanakowell I just put another HD in the machine and installing while Im in the main machine witch is a gentoo based23:56
hotaronohanakowhat is the recomended way to make a initramfs ?23:57

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