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Anselmo uhm, there are a lot of ways you can do it manually. . . .00:09
AnselmoI am not using one, but there are usually some programs in the kernel sources that can be used for this00:10
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hotaronohanakoI see00:16
hotaronohanakomaybe dracut is a good way00:16
AnselmoI havent used that but I am sure it should work00:17
hotaronohanakois the powerpc port active ?00:27
Anselmonot in several years I am pretty sure00:27
hotaronohanakoI see00:28
Anselmotheres an arm version active, and the x86 one, and thats all I know of . . .00:29
hotaronohanakois there any forum ?00:29
hotaronohanakoI dont see so much docs related to the distro so a forums is a good place00:30
Anselmotheres the irc,00:34
Anselmothe majority of problems that you're likely to encounter are the same as can be encountered on other distros00:34
Anselmo you mentioned that you're using gentoo ?00:40
Anselmowhat other distros have you used ?00:40
hotaronohanakowell seems 2003 quite some of them00:42
hotaronohanakofreebsd and gentoo mainly but I've used some others for specific stuff00:43
Anselmowell, I've periodically used the gentoo forums for finding crux applicable help00:43
AnselmoI imagine freebsd's would be less applicable00:44
hotaronohanakoreally ?  mm .. thats insteresting00:44
Anselmowell, most of the software is litterally the same00:45
Anselmounless you're having an issue with one of the very few crux specific features, the forums of most other distros can be helpful00:46
hotaronohanakowell Im just playing around with the distro for a while00:48
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joacimmy support ticket for my CPU is hilarious06:27
joacimso stupid that i have to laugh06:27
joacimI asked in february what the status was, got told the RMA for the CPU and motherboard was both approved06:28
joacimgot the money for the motherboard after nagging again in march06:28
joacimso i ask about the cpu, they tell me they need to check with the service center. a day or so later they tell me it's approved and expect to see a closure within the next week06:29
joacimi ask again today and get told the same shit. they have to ask the service center06:30
joacimit's been 4 months since i opened the ticket06:30
joacimat least his norwegian is way better now than it was 4 months ago. just some minor issues with the sj/kj/skj sounds06:31
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ryuojoacim: maybe the fine print said they only refund via Excuse Dollars, like monopoly money only better!07:40
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frinnstjoacim: your RMAs were all with the retailer, right?08:30
frinnstmy experience with amd was as good as can be expected. sure, took a few more days than what i would have liked but other than that..08:31
frinnstI was thinking of RMAing my motherboard too - I still have my m.2 port issue08:32
joacimyeah. with the retailer08:32
joacimit's typical for norway. usually when people contact the manufacturer directly, they're often told to contact the retailer instead08:33
frinnstsame here with the exception of the cpu. I had to take that up with amd since "Linux is not supported" according to the retailer08:34
joacimThe HDD I sent it got replaced the same day. same thing happened to the graphics card i sent in a couple of years ago08:34
frinnstIve never returned a HD.. too paranoid08:34
joacimi filled it with various fetish material before i sent it in08:35
joacimthe threadripper is working great so far. not a single issue08:37
joacima bit overkill maybe. but had crashes often with the am4 system08:38
joacim+ i can flash the firmware on the motherboard from a button on the back =)08:39
joacimdont know which motherboard I'd get if they send me a new CPU08:40
pedjawhich one did you have?09:03
frinnstother than the m.2 port, my motherboard is working great. Doesnt like my ram though, so cant run to the ram spec09:05
frinnstprime x370-pro. iirc jue bought the same one09:06
frinnstjoacim had the same. just flashed a bad bios update09:07
joacimwas asked to contact asus before sending it in to the store. they told me never to update the bios unless told to, and the bios update was removed because it was made redundant by newer ones =)09:09
joacimasked why there is a huge backlog of bios updates when they should all be made redundant09:09
joacimdont know why support have become so profit driven and full of bullshit09:10
pedja'improved system performance' is one hell of a Changelog for BIOS09:10
joacimcant even pull out the bios chip and replace it with a working one anymore09:10
joacimthese are a little better, but still not great09:11
pedjaASRock m/b seem to be the safest bet for Zen CPUs09:13
pedjait will be interesting to see their graphics cards09:14
joacimmy motherboard has sapphire branding when i boot up. so it seems like asrock and sapphire are doing things together09:15
joacimthere's bullshit about asus and nvidia too now. amd cards are getting rebranded09:16
joacimreminds me of when xfx lost the deal with nvidia, for making radeon cards09:17
pedjayeah, Nvidia GPP :)09:17
pedjaGigabyte's 'amd gaming box is not actually for gaming' 'explanation' for rebranding was hilarious09:19
frinnstasrock was spun off from asus, right? Are they independent these days?09:21
joacimi think so09:21
joacimif it was up to me, i'd spin off nvidia cards under their own brand09:22
joacimmake the name a nice acronym, that nvidia doesnt know about09:23
pedjaI think that their deal with AMD prohibits that09:25
pedjaselling AMD cards, with this cryptomining craze, is a licence to print money these days :)09:28
joacimseems to me like what nvidia is doing might be illegal in a lot of countries09:29
pedjadepends on the terms, which we don't know09:39
joacimlooks like asrock is part of pegatron, which asus is also part of09:40
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joacimwho knew cooking instant noodles was this hard09:42
joacimburnt the water once already09:43
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pedjaapparently, asus is launching a new brand for amd cards. no more rog for them09:44
pedjaI suspect that most people angry about GPP will be first in line to buy new Nvidia cards in a few months09:50
joacimsadly many of them will see this kind of crap as a victory too09:50
pedjarant on r/amd, rack up karma, buy nvidia :)09:50
joacimwhat is this karma crap on reddit?09:51
joacimreddit is confusing i think09:51
pedjaInternet points :)09:51
pedjasimilar to FB/twitter likes. the more you have, the better you can feel about your miserable self09:52
joacimyeah but my likes on twitter doesnt really gather up09:52
joacim+ people end up saying popular things instead of their real opinions09:54
joacimpedja: isn't that gainwards branding for their graphics cards?10:14
joacimseems strange for asrock to use that branding too10:14
joacimgeforce partner program10:15
frinnststop using new acronyms! i stopped registering acronyms in 200310:15
joacimyeah. sometimes when i see new smilies, i dont know what they mean10:15
frinnstI'dd like to buy a new amd gpu to make sure it works in crux. but alas, prices are fucked10:16
joacimi'll have to wait for an upgrade10:17
joacimnot worth getting an RX 580 when I have an R9 Fury10:17
frinnstvega appears to be in stock these days so thats good i guess10:18
frinnstisnt rx580 like a year old?10:18
joacimit is10:19
joacimalso more or less teh same performance as my r9 fury10:20
joacimi'll wait for something that doesn't have 3x 12V power connectors10:20
joacimand will fit within a mini itx case =)10:21
frinnstI always bought passively cooled gpus. there were some good options with hd5000 but no more it seems10:21
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joacimyeah there were some based on the r9 200/300 series10:23
joacimbut i havent seen decent cards like that in a while10:23
joacimlow end cards are limited on monitor outputs too. i want 2-3 DP outputs10:23
joacimnot one of each10:23
frinnstI have 3 screens in use at home. 2 dp and one tv (hdmi)10:24
joacimi can daisychain my monitors, but if I go 4k, I cannot daisychain anymore10:24
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pedjajoacim, I am not familiar with Gainwards GPU branding10:58
pedjaah, Phantom :)10:59
pedjahad no idea about it11:00
pedjaphantom vs phantom gaming. not confusing *at all*11:03
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pedjaif I were buying a new GPU, I wouldn't know that to get (prices being sane and close enough for AMD/Nvidia)11:06
pedjaI like what AMD is doing with open source drivers, but no CUDA :(. and I have no idea how good is openCL support.11:08
joacimapparently cuda is a bit nicer to work with11:10
pedjaallegedly, Nvidia openCL support in the drivers is gimped in favor of CUDA :)11:10
pedjathere is a project in the works that could be a sort of bridge between CUDA and openCL, iirc11:12
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pedjaidk, I've used both openCL (with Darktable) and CUDA, both work fine with Nvidia driver11:44
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playXHello everyone! How i can install CRUX to an external usb HDD?16:49
jaegerInstallation should be pretty straightforward to a USB drive, just make sure you point the installer at the proper mount point... as for booting from it later, I've never tried that, but I would think it could be done without terrible trouble16:51
jaegerdepends on the boot loader16:51
john_cephalopodaYou simply set booting from an USB device as first entry in the boot order.16:54
john_cephalopodaShould be straightforward in most BIOS or UEFI setups.16:54
jaegerOn modern systems it's probably that easy, yeah16:54
jaegerI should try it sometime so I can answer correctly16:55
john_cephalopodaLegacy systems usually don't support a 64-bit distro ;)16:55
playXMy external USB HDD in Linux displays as /dev/sdd,  i edited fstab and installed GRUB 2, when i rebooted it can't find root mount point :(16:56
jaegerunable to mount root vfs type error?16:57
jaegerThat usually means kernel support for either the disk controller or scsi disks is missing16:59
jaegerIn this case make sure your USB controller driver and scsi disk support are both builtin <*> rather than module <M>17:00
playXOk, i try to do this, now i have another question, what drivers include iso from Because it takes long time to compile kernel17:01
jaegerThe ISO config is VERY generic, it includes a ton of stuff so that it works on lots of different hardware17:02
playXI'm not tryed to use that iso, setup command in that iso automaticly install kernel? Or i still need `cd /usr/linux/src` and `make install`?17:04
jaegerIt works the same way as the official ISO, just with updates. You install the kernel either way17:04
jaegerBut you've already installed it, right? It won't take long to make a small change and recompile17:05
jaegerIt doesn't need to be fully redone17:05
playXSadly i'm formatted USB HDD, so i need to do that procedure again17:06
jaegerAh, ok.17:07
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frinnstyou'll usually need a root-wait argument (or whatever it is) to the kernel, when booting from usb17:41
frinnstthe usb drivers are low prio on the load list17:41
frinnstrootdelay=5 or something17:43
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frinnstholy fucking shit. "The Terror"20:59
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pedjafrinnst, no spoilers, please, I am still at ep 5 :)21:29
pedjayay, The Travelers got S3.21:31
pedjasmart decision, Netflix21:31
pedjaindeed :)21:39
pedja'new' Stargate web series are...disappointing. one hour, totally ignoring the series.21:45
pedja'a love letter to the fans', as it was advertised, it ain't21:47
john_cephalopodaHey, nobody says that a love letter has to be good or thoughtful! ;þ21:50
pedjagood point :)21:50
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pedjameh. it will be used as an excuse. 'nobody watches SF anymore. now, how about some reality show? people *love* those'21:58
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