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joacimpedja: while they air some reality and wrestling, i'll watch babylon 5 again03:33
jaegerI've been watching b5 again :D03:40
joacimgood show i think03:44
jaegerone of my favorites03:44
joacimnot many like it that are allowed to air to completion03:44
jaegerand new expanse tomorrow03:44
joacimsounded like the writers of dark matter had a complete plan for the show, but got canceled halfway through03:45
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frinnst beautiful07:53
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: sqlite3: update to 3.23.107:58
frinnstwow, modern kernels are like 25mb. 2.4 were <1MB08:08
joacimwas surprised when i installed fedora and i found out my typical 250MB /boot was too small08:09
joacimbut yeah. takes longer to compile my typical config with my ryzen than it took on my old i5 when i used crux on that08:10
joacimtwice the number of cores, and took twice as long08:11
joacimKernel 3.14.12 (i5-4690): make -j5  270.97s user 11.21s system 348% cpu 1:20.90 total08:11
joacimKernel 4.12.8 (1700X): make -j9  759.84s user 416.07s system 733% cpu 2:40.31 total08:12
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frinnstwindows update during "Downloading NNN updates": CPU 85%, ethernet 0%08:32
john_cephalopodafrinnst: It downloads through a secret NSA backdoor that doesn't appear on the ethernet meter.08:33
joacimit's calculated from hash08:39
john_cephalopodaYeah, downloads an md5sum and file size and then tries to reverse-engineer a valid file :D08:40
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ryuofrinnst: windows update, totally incapable of doing anything quickly.09:26
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pedjavulkaninfo really doesn't like vulkan libs from 32bit mesa14:09
pedja'they are 32bit' no shit, Sherlock14:11
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chinarulezzzRomster: Hello. I see you have not updated torsocks in a long time.15:59
chinarulezzzIf you don't mind, I could make your job easier. :)15:59
chinarulezzzI regularly use torsocks, monitor releases, and can maintain this port.16:00
john_cephalopodachinarulezzz: Hello fellow tor user ;)16:05
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chinarulezzzjohn_ceph: Hi :)16:11
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