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rmullteK_: Hi, fyi opt/wireshark needs a bump 2.4.4 -> 2.4.601:15
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joacimgood job dustin. when they finally sent me my money, the switch i wanted is cheaper =)12:13
joacimthe gen 10 microserver doubled in price tho...12:19
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frinnstwhat switch?13:23
joacim1920s 24 port13:23
joacimwithout PoE13:23
joacimabout 1700kr13:23
joacimhad a look on ebay and similar local sites too, but switches there were pretty expensive compared to what i could get brand new13:29
joacima switch like that would be expensive to import13:29
frinnstthe 1900 series have a very tiny buffert though. but good enough for most use13:29
joacimMyself and random wifi visitors will be the only users tho13:30
joacimcouple of desktop computers, couple of servers, and maybe a lab server later on13:31
joacimthink i can get a better 16 port switch?13:31
frinnstnot for that kind of price13:33
joacimif it is shit, i can just make a table out of it13:36
frinnstits not bad13:39
joacimnow i wonder if they sent me too much money. they already gave me the cash for the motherboard, now they're giving me the cash for the cpu + motherboard13:42
joacimi'll wait and see. see if they can figure it out13:43
jaegerperhaps it's an apology for taking so long to process :P13:43
joacimi dont know. we'll see. can shoot them an email about it on monday once my bank has processed it properly13:43
joacim4 months tho. thats a bit excessive13:44
joacimwhere i used to work, we just gave a refund/new item if warranty service took much more than a month13:45
joacimdidnt matter either since we could move the loss over to the distributor or manufactorer.13:46
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joacimbbc shows with ads is so strange to watch17:41
joacimthey say something interesting, then cuts it off with an ad, and when they return 5 minutes later, they're on a totally different subject17:41
joacimlike they just cut out an entire chunk of the show17:41
BurnZeZWrong window17:55
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ryuojoacim: 1920s? what? they didn't have switches then.19:34
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