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orbeahey, you guys should update feh already...
orbearepology shows you guys ship feh-2.14...02:21
Anselmoits 2.18.302:27
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orbeaACTION looks again, oh...repology is tracking crux 3.2 too02:29
orbea2.18.3 is still old, 2.26 just got released02:29
AnselmoI am not quite sure what the standards for maintaining contrib ports are02:35
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pedjaAnselmo, orbea if you have issues with ports, open a bug at
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pedjapatches welcome for ports :)12:09
joacimthink you mean to highlight the other one12:15
pedjaI meant to highlight both :)12:22
pedjabut I failed12:23
pedjawhat's up, joacim? any new toys on the way?12:25
joacimgot a switch12:28
joacimbut been too lazy to set it up12:28
joacimdont like disconnecting stuff once they're all connected =)12:28
joacimand yeah i missed the second nick12:28
pedjathat 24(?) port switch you talked recently?12:29
joacimno idea where to put it12:33
joacimupright next to my computer maybe12:33
frinnstsweet, my ram seems to be stable at the specified clockspeed on my mb these days12:53
frinnst2133 -> 2400mhz, not that big a deal, but still12:54
pedjatests I've seen with Ryzen 2000 series suggest that 3200mhz ram is optimal for it13:07
frinnstprevious bios versions didnt handle 2400mhz with my sticks at all13:08
pedja470 chipset seems to be a bit more robust wrt memory support13:09
frinnstrust is interesting.. always something new breaking with each version13:10
frinnstlets see if this build breaks also, afk13:11
joacimapparently not all reviewers have spectre and meltdown patches installed on their amd and intel systems when reviewing the new ryzen stuff13:15
joacimthe pricing in the anandtech review is wrong too. the 1800x isn't $499 anymore13:16
pedjathe table lists launch prices13:36
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joacimthey should list current prices at the time of the review13:49
joacimso you can tell which brings better value13:49
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orbeapedja: its not my issue, its your issue. I was just pointing it out, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised no one cares13:50
orbeaACTION shrugs13:51
joacimim sure he is glad someone reports it13:51
pacmanSo, anyone else been watching the Ryzen laptops?13:51
joacimbut the likelyhood of someone noticing that you reported it increases by a lot if you make a ticket about it13:51
pacmanNo business grade yet, but Acer Aspire 3 is the most practical so far.13:52
joacimacer have been a bit iffy on laptops in my experience13:52
joacimoften had some strange issues with the ones i had to fiddle with13:52
pacmanyea, i wouldn't trust them for other reasons.13:53
pacmanall i'm saying is they're the only ones with a practical offering so far. the rest are thin & light crap heaps.13:53
pacmanaside from the Dell anyway.13:53
pacmanEven that has its limitations.13:53
pacmanI only expect HP or Lenovo to have any real offerings for Business grade.13:54
pedjaorbea, as joacim said, bug tracker is the place to report things like that.13:56
orbeaACTION sighs...i dont care enough tbh. I was just looking at replogy and noticed crux was shipping ancient feh versions. If it was me I'd appreciate if someone told me....13:59
samsepi0lhello i just installed crux and firefox from ports but it just throws a bounch of errors under terminal, and it does not display the web pages. Is anyone get the same problem as me?14:00
pacmanorbea: we are "meh" about "feh", apparently.14:01
pacmanorbea: i can't access contrib anyway.14:01
Anselmosamsepi0l: what errors does give you14:01
samsepi0lthe reported error is GraphicsCriticalError with a lot of output14:01
samsepi0lCrash Annotation GraphicsCriticalError: |[C0][GFX1-]: Failed 2 buffer db=0 dw=0 for 0, 0, 855, 715 (t=1.64755) |[C151][GFX1-]14:03
samsepi0lsomething like that. I am installing another browsers to test if it is a generic failure on my machine or only related to firefox14:03
samsepi0lbtw, i am using nvidia 390.48 driver and i have crux update14:05
Anselmohave you looked up this error online ?14:08
samsepi0lyes, but i only found a similar error with a ppc64 architecture-related issue under a redhat and it does not exactly the same thing, i am surfing for more details about this error, anyway14:13
joacimorbea: suggesting that you use the bug tracker doesn't mean people don't appreciate your feedback.14:15
samsepi0lAnselmo: it is strange: i ran firefox with root account and crash with a different error, but after two refresh, it's load the web page14:16
samsepi0lunder root, throws this error: ###!!! [Parent][RunMessage] Error: Channel error: cannot send/recv14:17
samsepi0li will search about it14:17
samsepi0land under root crash after do any click on the web page with the "channel error.." thing14:19
Anselmoare you sure your system is uptodate ?14:21
samsepi0lyes, prt-get sysup says system is up to date after ports -u command. I updated the whole system and it did not throw errors.14:25
samsepi0li look the firefox build log to see if there any suspicious14:26
samsepi0lbtw, i built all packages with ccache, but i don't know if that may cause the error14:28
Anselmoyou could ask in a firefox channel, I dont have any idea what the issue is and cant do anything really but suggest general debugging advice14:28
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dbrookesamsepi0l: it might be worth running revdep15:14
samsepi0ldbrooke thanks for that. revdep shows ok on firefox15:32
samsepi0liam launching revdep without argument to see if something is wrong15:32
dbrookejust 'revdep' should hopefully return silently to shell prompt15:43
samsepi0lyep, nothing show up15:44
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TimB_I ran into problems though. mate-indicator-applet now requires ayatana-indicators (?), I tried to create all new dependencies but I can't seem to get it right.17:19
TimB_beware that I created a new meta package (mate-base), maybe just for my convenience :) it's all I use actually (plus atril)17:21
jaegerOK, I'll check them out, but probably won't have the time to fully test for a while17:24
TimB_no worries, I'll try to spend some more time on it and maybe I get stuff figured out.17:25
TimB_btw, maybe my repo could get added to the portdb :) I think most of them are polished enough to contribute them17:27
TimB_and of course: thanks to all CRUX devs for their work!17:28
jaeger <-- some short instructions here for sending your repo in, also I'd suggest running prtverify on everything17:31
TimB_alright, some junk files are still left, I'll fix that before submitting my email :)17:33
TimB_btw, I didn't care to change the Maintainer line for now. Hope that's ok?17:36
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