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brian|lfsanyone having issue with compiling file on crux 3.402:54
jaegerbuild it as root or remove libseccomp temporarily02:54
brian|lfsok interesting02:54
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jaegerdunno if it'll get fixed upstream but that's an easy workaround for now03:05
brian|lfsI've had other things that only compile as root03:42
brian|lfsnot recalling anything specifically right now.03:42
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frinnstI remember syslinux producing another footprint with fakeroot years and years ago07:02
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frinnstYou are now a registered user with DK Hostmaster.08:58
frinnstI feel dirty08:58
ryu0frinnst: why?09:00
john_cephalopodaDanes are great! That's why they are called "Great Danes".09:04
joacimthought you said drones09:05
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frinnstThere is nothing scarier than when a Dane tries to "speak" Danish with you09:09
dbrooke_when I worked in Denmark there was a meeting together with a Swedish sales rep and a Danish colleague, which was held in English for my benefit - they both said they preferred it to the normal expectation to have each spoken their own language09:28
frinnstyeah one of our customers just merged with a danish company and bought up another danish company. we are in the process of migrating their email servers.09:29
frinnstthey sent us some documentation previously and it was all in danish.09:30
dbrooke_at least the newer documentation within the company I worked for was in English as it was by then part of Philips09:33
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pedjaI hate this 'slight fever, feel like shit' time of year10:55
pedjarevdep hates me today. all applications that are broken are massive and PITA to rebuild on potatoputer11:01
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pedjatime to get a build server in the sky, err, cloud11:03
ryu0pedja: why'd you get such a spud?11:05
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joacimone day people will thank me for warning them about the clouds11:05
joacimthey will honor me by naming a national holiday after me11:05
pedjaryu0, I had to DDG 'spud'. nice one :)11:06
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pedjaSt.Joacim Day, the defender of the clueless?11:07
joacimif you can do it tomorrow, you wont do it today11:07
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pedja'Si potestis facite et cras non faciam hodie', if you want to make escutcheon (heraldic shield thingie)11:14
Romsterpedja, i got packages as you should know.11:16
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: mpv: 0.27.2 -> 0.28.211:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: [notify] ffmpeg: 3.4.2 -> 4.0 new dependency libsdl211:17
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: gtk-doc: 1.19 -> 1.2811:17
pedjaRomster, I know, and I use them extensively :) Not this ones11:17
pedjaRomster, I'd promise you beer as thanks for them, but I don't think I can afford it, you being from down under and all that :)11:19
Romsteri have paypal and bpay options :P11:21
Romsterbut anyways i just put them out for others to use.11:21
ryu0Romster: i'm just hoping thinkpad E series ryzen launches soon.11:22
pedjaRomster, and I thank you for that. sure saved me a lot of work quite a few times11:22
ryu0e485/e585 still isn't available, even online.11:23
ryu0i found out there's apparently "smart printers" now that can order ink when they run low.11:24
pedjaryu0, is E series one of their business class laptops?11:25
ryu0pedja: yes, but it's not the higher end.11:25
pedjaX and T are higher end, right?11:26
ryu0A, etc.11:26
ryu0The A series ryzen launches in the 3rd quarter.11:26
Romsteri want a threadripper but should i be waiting longer?11:28
pedjasecond gen in the autumn11:28
ryu0Romster: The new Ryzen 2nd gen launched recently.11:28
ryu0seems it's already available for purchase.11:30
pedjaI prefer this one
ryu0Romster: i know someone that's using Epyc for their workstation.11:31
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pedjaBaidu got a shitload of them11:32
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pedjathis is interesting
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Romsteri know and a pro series is not far away.11:44
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: alsa-plugins: 1.1.4 -> 1.1.611:54
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: chatty: 0.9 -> 0.9.112:05
pedja'dark mode for RGB heathens' as one of the Wraith Prism features.12:24
ryu0pedja: interesting. the HMMs afor the e485/e585 are already out.13:20
pedjano mention of Pro CPUs in the specs, afaict13:29
ryu0pedja: correct. they won't use Pro.13:30
ryu0these aren't laptops that require them.13:30
ryu0They're compared to HP Probook.13:30
ryu0If you want Pro level stuff, then you'll need to wait for A285 or so.13:30
pedjamakes sense, non-Pro for lower level, Pro for middle/high end models13:32
ryu0amusing though. these are more serviceable than the current Probooks ...13:32
ryu0the battery pack is much harder to get to in the Probooks.13:32
pedjahow rare are HMMs in that class of notebooks? catered for businesses?13:33
ryu0pedja: what do you mean?13:34
pedjaare business class notebooks, on average, easier to maintain/have a better documentation for it then consumer stuff?13:36
ryu0first, the service manuals in my experience is mostly dependent on the OEM.13:36
ryu0I only know of HP, Lenovo, and Dell provding them for both consumer and business products.13:36
ryu0to be sure, i'd check before purchasing a specific model though.13:37
ryu0pedja: now, business class won't necessarly be easier to maintain. it varies with the model.13:38
ryu0one major factor is the desgn.13:38
ryu0consumer laptops tend to be less serviceable.13:38
ryu0for various reasons.13:39
ryu0But, it's not a guarantee.13:39
ryu0I refuse to buy any laptops now without a service manual.13:39
ryu0mostly so I can find out how hard they are to modify or repair.13:39
pedjaultra thin ones must be a nightmare to tinker with most of time, I presume13:40
ryu0mostly true, but it varies.13:40
ryu0HP Envy X360 is surprisingly serviceable.13:40
pedjamy sister has Lenovo Ideapad. didn't look for its manual yet13:41
ryu0it should exist.13:41
ryu0Ideapad tends to be less serviceable, such as non-removeable components.13:42
ryu0soldered RAM13:42
ryu0glued batteries13:42
ryu0the Ideapad ryzen's RAM is soldered last I heard.13:42
ryu0in fact i think the envy is the only thin ryzen laptop that doesn't have soldered RAM.13:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gutenprint-gimp: update to 5.2.1413:43
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: gutenprint: update to 5.2.1413:43
pedja110-15ibr, and there is a HMM for it, apparently. nice13:44
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: file: disable use of libseccomp13:46
ryu0pedja: evidence suggests Raven Ridge is up to 2x faster than Bristol Ridge.13:47
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frinnstVMs associated with the graphics device "GP102GL [Quadro P6000]"14:33
frinnstplaying games at work is legit testing, right?14:33
joacimbest way to make sure your stuff works the way it should14:33
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pedjafrinnst, try this
frinnstGah. Your tab just crashed.14:39
pedjaweird, that site is using WebGL14:41
pedjadamn, that thing is power hungry14:41
frinnstwill be interesting to stress it14:44
frinnstfor the pcie model of p6000 the max power consumption is 250w14:45
frinnstthe power usage im looking at is for the expansion blade14:45
pedjaUnigine benchmark should push it quite nicely14:48
pedjafrinnst, what was the VM you tried it from? Win10?14:49
frinnsthavent tried it yet14:51
pedjathere are some reports of OpenGL crashing in Win10 VM on HyperV, but you are using Vmware, so hm14:51
frinnstjust got it installed. still need to sort out storage. since it only has 2 nics we need to do some storage vlan trunking14:52
frinnstno, that was from my crux machine :)14:52
pedjaah :)14:52
pedjawhat GPU you have in there?14:52
frinnst Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750/8740 / R7 250E something14:53
pedjaradeon drivers are supposed to work fine these days :)15:12
joacimi still get the stupid comments about my amd graphics cards and their drivers15:26
joacimhadnt had an issue with them since the redesign a couple of years ago15:26
joacimi think there was an issue with certain overlays like maps and compasses in games15:26
joacim+ they just works with xorg15:27
joacimin my experience, amd drivers have never really been more unstable than nvidia ones15:27
jaegerback when they were fglrx they were pretty shit, in my experience15:27
joacimthose worked well enough for me15:28
jaegerI have read/heard they're MUCH better now but I don't have any AMD GPUs to compare15:28
joacimgot an nvidia card later due to everyone telling me they were better, but i didnt notice much of a difference in games under linux15:28
joacimi was a little bummed out due to having bought a 9600 instead of a 9200 tho15:29
joacimThe Radeon 9200 had proper working free drivers15:29
jaegerI hated fglrx, had to support it on a bunch of workstations at the brain research institute, it was a nightmare15:29
joacimyeah i guess you run into a lot more issues when you have to support it like that15:29
joacimas long as i could run enemy territory, i was happy for the most part =)15:30
jaegerI've been really curious about current cards and drivers but with the GPU pricing I haven't been able to buy one to play with15:30
jaegerI'd like to get an RX 580 for example15:30
jaegerI'm unwilling to spend 2.5x MSRP for one, though15:31
joacimwant a rx 570 for the linux machine. bought an rx 550 due to being stingy, but i want more displayport outputs15:32
joacimused to be less than 200 euro for one15:32
joacimjust a few weeks ago they were nearly 400 euro15:33
joacimabout 300 euro now tho15:33
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pedjaWestworld S2E1 and Killing Eve, because it's 'quality TV' night21:45
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