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marakuanyone setup a crux install with a system compiled against clang?04:29
jaegerNot I04:30
marakudo you think it'd be a viable system? just wondering about replacing parts of crux for performance/simplicity04:30
marakuthinking about replacing glib with musl, on a separate LVM of course :)04:31
jaegerNo idea, I know very little about clang04:31
ryuomaraku: i don't recommend it. you'll be dealing with any complications yourself and it's unlikely you'll receive any support here.04:32
ryuomusl is a different beast and a fair amount of software has to be patched for that to work because glibc is assumed.04:33
ryuosome software won't work as well because of glibc dependency.04:33
ryuoand no patching will really fix it.04:34
ryuos/as well/at well/04:34
ryuos/as well/at all/04:34
ryuomaraku: if none of that matters to you, then go nuts.04:35
marakui'll probably try to, especially since the linux kernel should get clang support soon:tm:04:36
marakucurious if there's any noticeable difference04:37
ryuoat least research what the trail blazers have done.04:38
ryuobut, you'll basically be looking what amounts to another crux port.04:40
ryuobecause switching libcs usually means a lot has to be changed.04:40
marakui'm probably just going to try clang for now04:41
marakumaybe musl if clang works out04:41
ryuoi don't expect glibc to be replaced for general purpose distributions.04:41
ryuobecause of binary compatiblity.04:41
marakuwon't binary compatability not be an issue with a from source distro?04:41
ryuoit is for proprietary or binary only packages.04:42
ryuootherwise it's a rather moot pont.04:42
ryuoyou can't use proprietary drivers with a musl system last i checked.04:42
ryuofor example.04:42
ryuoat least not without having some hackish dual libc arrangement.04:43
marakuah right. i run discord's chromium/nodejs/crap app04:43
marakuso that'd probably stop working04:43
marakualong with some games04:43
ryuoYes, which is why musl has failed to catch on outside specialized cases where you don't need that.04:43
marakui see04:43
ryuoAt least it's the best theory i have for why.04:44
marakuchroots would still work though, so maybe running games/proprietary stuff through a debian/normal crux chroot04:44
ryuoservers are probably the best candidate for musl.04:44
ryuomy proliant has proprietary crap for interacting with the management system.04:45
ryuobut i don't have it installed.04:45
ryuoit's non-essential to regular operation.04:45
marakucan you bind mount /dev, /sys, or /proc in a chroot and use the management system?04:46
marakuor does it require an out of tree driver04:47
ryuomaraku: i don't think so.04:47
ryuoi just don't bother.04:47
ryuoi only need it on rare occassions.04:47
ryuoit's not used in some enterprise or business settng.04:48
ryuoand it supports ssh the few times i need it04:48
ryuoincidently i disabled IPMI network access because of how flawed it is.04:49
ryuoamusingly, they lack a physical serial port.04:52
ryuoyou have to use ssh to get to it.04:52
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marakuon the topic of ipmi:
ryuoOh. What a hack.04:55
ryuoi thought it was just going to be a serial console.04:56
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ryuoanyone in North America interested in old embedded devices?10:25
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jaegerAnyone use wicd regularly? Sometimes it gets into a state for me where it flaps, constantly connecting and disconnecting from the wireless network15:24
jaegerWondering if anyone knows a fix for that15:24
joacimI haven't. I just use NetworkManager here15:29
john_cephalopodaUsing wpa_supplicant directly here.15:30
AnselmoIve had an issue like that using wpa_supplicant, but it was a very poor wifi connexion15:32
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john_cephalopodaSome networks are also poorly working. Even when you are next to the router, they will drop the connection every few minutes.15:38
john_cephalopodaDoes that happen with all connections or only one?15:38
pedjacool 404 page, jaeger :)15:41
jaegerI use wpa_supplicant most of the time, just wanted to try wicd because lately I've been switching locations a lot15:49
jaegerhome, coffee shop, coworking space, data science meetup15:50
jaegerpedja: :D15:50
jaegerIf I use wpa_supplicant the connection is rock solid but two of those locations don't use WPA15:50
jaegerSo I installed wicd as a way to switch between them15:50
jaegerjoacim: are you using the one from contrib?15:50
joacimyeah i think so15:50
joacimi usually pick from opt or contrib when they're available there15:51
jaegerok, I'll give it a try. Hadn't looked at it yet, really15:51
jaegerAt my current position in my house the laptop has 35% signal strength... but it's consistent15:52
jaegerMaybe wicd thought that was too low?15:52
joacimi think i've seen people on freebsd use bonding for switching between wired and wifi =)15:52
joacimwas kinda trippy15:52
jaegerinteresting idea, heh15:53
jaegerI use wifi 100% of the time on this laptop but still, interesting idea15:53
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joacimwould be useful for docking stations i think15:53
joacimbut yeah. i use wifi 100% of the time on my laptop15:53
jaegerNo ethernet port on this one, hasn't bothered me so far. I can plug in a USB one if required15:56
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juejaeger: no sure if I understood the problem right or missed something, but you can use wpa_supplicant with none wpa connections as well, just set key_mgmt=NONE for those connections17:22
jaegerInteresting, I didn't know that was an option17:24
jaegerThanks, will check that out17:24
juenp, hope it works ;)17:25
jaegerI won't know until next week when I'm around one of those unsecured networks again but will see :)17:27
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joacimbeen meaning to setup a vpn for those unsecure connections17:59
joacimbut i've been putting it off for so long17:59
joacimbasically have it so i cannot do anything on my laptop, unless it goes through vpn18:00
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xckojoacim: what's your vpn? or do you run your own?18:26
joacimplan is to run my own18:40
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: btrfs-progs: updated to 4.16.120:07
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