IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2018-04-25

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nwedoess someone in here running gogs? with client certificate? and now what I should add for http_header to set email for a user (via client certificate) ?06:51
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pedjafrinnst, how is gaming^Wextensive testing of that p600(?) going?09:54
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frinnstwaiting for a 10G switch10:13
frinnstits connected to a c7000 with 4x1gbit switches currently. 2 switches for traffic and 2 for storage10:14
frinnstsince the blade doesnt have a mezzanine with nics on it we cant connect it to the storage network switches10:14
frinnstour testing environment is still in the early 2000's age wise :)10:17
pedjaprod runs on 10gbit?10:22
pedjaVMs are huge, after all :)10:23
pedjais 10gbit gear still pricey as hell, or did prices somewhat gone down over the years?10:25
frinnstnot really10:26
frinnstthere are some cheaper options but not for our environment10:26
joacimtoo expensive for my home i think10:26
frinnstnot many options for chassis switches10:26
frinnstyou can get refurbed hardware pretty cheap these days, and 10gbit has been around for a long time now so more to select from there10:27
ryuofrinnst: any suggestions for arm or x86 routing hardware that can be loaded with nearly any distribution?10:29
ryuoi've found some rather extreme ARM ones.10:34
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frinnstthere are some whiteboxes out there11:13 has some options for example11:14
ryuofrinnst: do they even exist still? it's not connecting here.11:15
frinnstadd a www11:15
ryuoUgh. It's one of *those* places.11:16
ryuo... that's overkill.11:17
ryuough. i may be forced to use some mini pcie cards.11:18
ryuoi was wanting to have an ISR with more software flexibility.11:19
ryuoI'm already using OpenWRT.11:19
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pedjaryuo, if custom OS is not a requirement, maybe check out some of the Ubiquity or Mikrotik gear?11:40
ryuopedja: no thanks. too proprietary.11:41
pedjaah. OK :)11:41
ryuopedja: i have a wrt1200ac...11:41
ryuodecent HW.11:41
ryuoi don't know how i can possibly boot anything but openwrt.11:41
ryuoso i was considering HW that's infinitely more flexible.11:42
pedjasomething low powered, passive cooling, that kind of stuff?11:43
ryuopedja: yes.11:43
ryuoplenty of ethernet ports too, ideally, but i can get by with 2. i have a spare external switch.11:44
ryuoI need at least 5 for my LAN and internet.11:44
ryuoproblem is all the routers i've seen are for business routing.11:45
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ryuoi also was wanting wireless AP.11:46
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ryuohopefully able to easily run any distribution.11:46
ryuox86 is an easy choice here11:46
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pedjasomething like, but x86, I guess11:53
ryuopedja: no wireless though.11:54
pedjayeah, that11:54
pedjathat's a common theme :)11:54
ryuopedja: it has card slot, but no antenna slots.11:54
ryuowhy do they have them?11:54
ryuo1x miniPCIe (WiFi)11:55
pedjathat's a good question12:02
pedjaone of the alternatives suggested
ryuonot enough lan ports...12:03
ryuoeven if it was available12:03
ryuoALIX APU2 is rather tempting, despite the price.12:04
pedjaI think someone here has apu4c12:04
ryuoyea, i'm considering importing from PC engines directly.12:05
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pedjaiirc, they run nice, but get pretty hot12:08
pedjawell, hot-ish12:08
joacimnot too hot tho12:11
joacimthey just sit around 60C for the most part12:11
joacimworks well enough for me12:11
joacimbut frinnst complains it is too slow for his 1 Gbps internet =)12:12
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frinnstonly when running vlans12:36
frinnstno vlan offloading im afraid12:37
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joacimi think sweden is third world actually12:59
joacimgreen is third world13:00
john_cephalopodaI always suspected that Austria is 3rd world.13:04
pedjamy neck of the woods is still green :(13:09
pedjaah, that's during the Cold War. yeah, SFRJ had it's own thing13:11
pedjavery messy breakup in the late 80s/90s13:14
pedjahence our contribution to English language, 'balkanization'13:15
pedja(the other one is, apparently, 'vampire')13:16
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python-pip: 10.0.0 -> 10.0.113:19
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: python3-pip: 10.0.0 -> 10.0.113:19
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pedjacute. they are offering 'we'll help you cheat on the import taxes' as the default option :)14:04
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ryuostill, it's surprising how much you can find here.14:05
ryuoi search for pfsense because it's associated with what i'm looking for.14:06
ryuoone of these has 2 HDMI...14:06
pedjapeople here buy so much stuff from there that they are considering opening up a warehouse nearby14:07
ryuoit's jaw-dropping how much random tech stuff you can find here. the selection is ridiculious.14:08
ryuoit makes newegg look pathetic.14:08
pedja1+ billion market14:09
ryuomy only reservation about some of these is the long term support is probably worse than the big brand OEMs.14:10
jaegeraliexpress, gearbest, banggood are all kinda like that14:10
ryuojaeger: banggood? Is that supposed to be a joke?14:10
jaegerHow would I know? heh14:11
jaegerI suspect it's just engrish14:11
ryuoeither way i'm amazed how much more selection there is.14:11
pedja'good bang for the buck' -> banggood14:11
ryuopedja: and here i thought it was a name of a chinese porn firm.14:12
pedjaI know that Japan has a big AV industry, not so sure about China14:16
pedjaaren't China and USA in a sort of trade wars these days?14:18
ryuoi guess.14:19
ryuoRump is being an idiot.14:19
pedjawell, nuclear winter *could* fix the global warming thingie14:21
ryuopedja: so could waiting long enough.14:21
pedjawait for what? the miracle? not many of those around14:22
ryuopedja: well, nature solves its own problems one way or another.14:22
ryuopedja: i didn't say the "fix" would be pretty. =p14:23
pedjafair enough14:24
ryuoi don't worry about problems like that. they're too big for me to do much about.14:25
pedjaand people with the power to do something about it have a different agenda, so we are basically fucked :)14:28
ryuoyea, i think i'm going to look for my next router HW here.14:30
ryuox86, so it works like my regular stuff.14:30
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jaegerI bought my laptop from gearbest, great so far... If I ever need support it may be an issue but we shall see, I guess18:02
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dbrookeryuo: not sure of your router requirements but just wondered if you'd seen
joacimlooks like every site i have an account at is updating their privacy policies19:43
jaegeryay GDPR?19:44
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ryuojaeger: what authority does the EU have to impose this on places with no EU presence?23:14
joacimthey have agreements with non-eu nations that ensures a certain level of compatibility23:59

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