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joacimand a lot of these services are hosted within eu nations00:00
joacimapparently this sucks for services like whois00:01
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jaegerryuo: no idea02:26
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ryuoi found the product page for a future Ryzen based mobile thin client.05:28
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ryuopedja: https://protectli.com07:00
ryuopedja: found this. a US based rebadger of some of the aliexpress stuff.07:00
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deep42thoughtHi, I have problems compiling gegl: any help would be appreciated.07:29
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frinnstdeep42thought: seems to be a problem with ffmpeg 4.007:36
frinnstit also breaks html5 playback in firefox07:37
deep42thoughtcan I tell gegl not to compile against ffmpeg? It seems not to need it (according to the dependencies)07:38
frinnstprobably, afk work07:43
deep42thoughtk, thx07:44
SiFuh pedja: Salyut-7 is an awesome movie07:52
deep42thoughtok, I was not able to tell gegl to compile w/o ffmpeg, but removing ffmpeg fixed the compilation08:04
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TimB_Collision with core/filesystem: drwxrwxr-x != drwxr-xr-x -> usr/ <- how would I fix that?09:29
frinnstseens your permissions for usr is a bit off09:31
frinnstif you run rejmerge you can fix it09:31
TimB_this is the output of prtverify for a port I wrote (obs-studio)09:33
TimB_so I need to fix the permissions for the pkg, right?09:33
frinnstah, yes09:33
frinnstchmod it ?09:33
TimB_but then it changes everything in $PKG/usr09:33
TimB_it's just $PKG/usr and $PKG/usr/{bin,lib}09:34
frinnstcan you paste your Pkgfile somehwere?09:36
TimB_so, I didn't delete the chmod part I tried already. But I think that's not a fine solution, right?09:38
frinnstchmod 775 $PKG/usr changes the permissions in everything inside $PKG/usr/* ?09:40
frinnstoh right, now I follow09:40
frinnstnot enough coffee09:40
frinnst"chmod 775 $PKG/usr/" doesnt look like it does anything good09:41
frinnstnor does chmod 775 $PKG/usr/{bin,lib} - but you have that commented out09:41
TimB_exactly my thoughts09:41
TimB_it's the work in progress file :)09:41
frinnstjust remove those parts09:41
TimB_but then prtverify gives an error09:42
frinnstI take it that the binaries are installed with odd permissions, and you tried to fix it with those two lines?09:42
frinnstjust run chmod on the binaries itself, $PKG/usr/bin/* or something like that09:43
frinnstI need more coffee09:45
ryuofrinnst: "bit off"? you comedian you.09:45
ryuofrinnst: the perms were "one bit off"09:45
ryuo0755 vs 075509:46
ryuo0775 vs 075509:46
TimB_will try, but I got kicked out of the room (at uni) so I'll get back to you in 20mins09:49
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TimB_doesn't seem to work when I do chmod $PKG/usr/bin/*10:20
TimB_I see that Romster has obs in his repo and it has the same 'fault' - so, is it a fault or can I ignore it?10:23
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frinnstboth probably :-)10:54
frinnstdepends on how paranoid you are10:54
TimB_very <.<10:56
TimB_but I guess I can make an exception10:56
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: poppler-data: update to 0.4.913:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: samba: update to 4.8.113:02
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: exfat-utils: new port13:07
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: hpcups: update to 3.18.415:46
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