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Romsterpedja, on what port and what locale you using?01:54
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rmullRomster: FYI I finally finished building rust, installed your librsvg, but inkscape still fails to build03:30
rmullNot that big of a deal, so don't spend any time thinking about it. Thanks for the librsvg suggestion anyway.03:32
rmullMaybe poppler related:
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rmullRomster: Okay, I updated contrib/inkscape to 0.92.3 and downgraded poppler to 0.63.0 and everything seems okay. I think the inkscape update should be made regardless, but if poppler 0.64.0 is kept, the patch for its support should be added to inkscape04:04
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aysiuI'm installing Crux UEFI and I followed how to ,but when I try to install grub14:43
aysiuError /bootefi is a directory14:43
aysiuCan someone help me14:44
jaegerhow is your ESP mounted? How are you invoking grub-install? And does efibootmgr work?14:45
aysiuIt's mounted on /boot/efi grub-install /boot/efi14:46
aysiuI just found efi variables aren't supported on my system14:48
jaegeris efivarfs mounted?14:48
jaegerThe install media does this for you if it can14:49
jaegeryou can try to mount it manually with 'mount -t efivarfs none /sys/firmware/efi/efivars'14:50
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: xorg-xset: disabled xf86misc15:35
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pedjaRomster, the latest handbrake upstream tarball17:34
pedjait's a weird one. bsdtar chokes on it when called as a part of the package build, but extracts it just fine directly17:35
pedjaso I remade it, and no issues with it.17:36
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joacim20% sale on microservers, but even with that discount, it is still 100 euro more expensive than they used to be...23:51

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