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elderKHey, is anyone else here having issues building GEGL?02:31
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AnselmoelderK: 0.4.x ?02:50
AnselmoI got some issue with a pair of undeclared variables02:51
elderKMe too03:29
elderKprt-get info gegl here says 0.2.0, release 1.03:29
elderKWhich is a very old version of GEGL.03:29
Anselmoand for gimp 2.10 it asks for 0.4.0 or more03:37
AnselmoI think pedja had a working gimp 2.10 so probably also a working gegl, . . . but I havent had the time to go through and sort that out myself yet. . .03:38
pedjayup, works fine here03:39
Anselmoand I suppose you havent done anything seriously weird with your install03:40
pedjanope :)03:41
pedjaI couldn't get gegl to build against opencl, but that's a minor thing03:43
pedjatbh, I haven't played with new gimp that much yet, but so far no issues with it03:45
pedjaelderK, paste the gegl build log somewhere, I am curious how it fails to build for you03:46
elderKFirst, I'll wipe my ports tree and retrieve.04:33
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elderKYup, just wiped /usr/ports, and ran ports -u04:35
elderKprt-get info gegl -> version 0.2.004:35
elderKunder /usr/ports/opt/gegl04:35
elderKI am using Crux 3.304:35
elderKAFAIK, I've done nothing weird. I've only stuck to the "stock" Crux repositories.04:37
elderKI have my own personal ports tree I use for stuff, but there's no GEGL or Gimp or anything like that in there.04:37
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elderKAnyone? :P07:25
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frinnstelderK: try removing ffmpeg and build it without it being installed07:55
elderKRoger that07:58
elderKAny reason why GEGL is so old?07:59
elderKIs that hte correct version in ports?07:59
frinnstthe maintainer is MIA07:59
elderKAh, okay.07:59
elderKI was worried for a bit that my ports tree was all ... bjorked somehow07:59
frinnstACTION slaps teK_ 07:59
frinnstdid it work?08:41
elderKSorry. Got sidetracked finding a way to circumvent University copy protection.08:52
elderKThe middleware they use doesn't allow students to download copies of the lecture recordings.08:52
elderKI found a very obvious hole.08:52
elderKAnd have been exploiting it mercilessly.08:52
elderKI will try it now - removing ffmpeg, upgrade gegl, reinstall ffmpeg08:53
elderKfrinnst: Workede.08:54
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pedjaI don't think gimp-2.10 will build against gegl-2.x08:57
elderKfrinnst: Thank you so much :)08:58
elderKpedja: Gimp is still at 2.8.x.y in ports.08:58
pedjaI know08:58
pedjaI thought you are trying to install 2.10. sorry about that :)08:59
elderKpedja: No problem :) I just noticed a ton of things in revdep09:03
elderKAnd thought i'd rebuild deps.09:03
elderKGEGL was one such dep - that didn't want to rebuild :P09:03
pedjaI am a lazy bastard, so I just downgraded ffmpeg back to 3.4.209:04
john_cephalopodaI downgraded it to run blender and upgraded it again to run mpv.09:06
john_cephalopodaBecause mpv was already rebuilt against latest ffmpeg09:06
pedjathere is a ffmpeg4 patch for blender, iirc09:07
pedjathink I saw it in arch blender port09:07
john_cephalopodaThe 6c37 people will have to apply it.09:08
pedjawhy don't you apply it?09:08
pedjauntil they catch up09:09
pedjausing ffmpeg3 port might be a cleaner solution, though09:10
pedjampv? ah, the mplayer fork09:17
elderKblender works for me, but I am using a binary from :P09:20
elderKI was too lazy to build it from source.09:20
john_cephalopodaThe 6c37 port is decent and doesn't take too long to build.09:22
elderKI was wondering how difficult it would be to get an initrd and such running with Crux.09:24
elderKFor say, disk encryption.09:24
elderKEncrypted root, etc.09:24
elderKI have seen dracut but it seems overcomplicated.09:25
elderKThe last time I used initrd was back on Slackware circa 2008. It was pretty simple back then.09:25
pedjahave you tried better-initramfs?09:30
john_cephalopodaI once had a script that would make an initramfs with busybox.09:35
pedjaCUDA accelerated Cycles render engine is pretty sweet, even on my ancient gt64009:47
john_cephalopodaCycles doesn't work for me. I think I'm missing some dependency.09:49
elderKbetter-initramfs? I've never heard of it09:53
elderKI just know I dislike Dracut because it seems overcomplex.09:53
john_cephalopodaBut it works.09:53
elderKMaybe. I haven't spent a ton of time learning it :)09:54
elderKjohn_cephalopoda: Do you use Dracut?09:54
john_cephalopodaI used it to make an initramfs once.09:55
elderKHow did you find it?09:55
john_cephalopodaI tried to generate one by hand first, didn't work out well. Then tried dracut and it worked.09:56
john_cephalopodaLater I wrote a script that makes one automatically.09:56
frinnstelderK: the issue is with ffmpeg 4. you can install the new port "ffmpeg3" if you encounter any other problems09:59
frinnstfirefox wont playback h.264 content with ffmpeg either, so ffmpeg3 is needed for that at the moment10:00
john_cephalopodaelderK: It's really simple to use. You only have to build busybox and install it to a directory that you then tarball. Then you write its location into the corresponding line in
john_cephalopodaFinally you edit config_initrd/init to do whatever you want to do at boot. Running then generates an initial ramdisk for you.10:04
john_cephalopodaI should really start working on my own linux distro again. It was fun and I wrote a ton of useful scripts.10:05
elderKThanks john_cephalopoda!10:10
elderKI'll check it out :)10:10
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frinnstooh, first thunderstorm of the year18:28
john_cephalopodaI had one or two already.18:40
john_cephalopodaDoesn't look like one today though.18:40
frinnstwe even got a ups alert from our comm rack \o/18:42
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john_cephalopodaI used to do the technics part of some live broadcasts at the student radio. Every time the file server crashed - which happened during a thunderstorm once - the iMac that was playing those songs froze. Beach ball of death and everything.20:17
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Romsterjohn_cephalopoda, pedja  prt-get readme ffmpeg322:40
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