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john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: The image that is displayed as video of that compilation is a guy who has 6 fingers on one hand and 4 on the other hand.09:01
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pedjaRomster, I've read it, and, if anything that I use *requires* ffmpeg4, I'll just reuse ffmpeg3 port but for ffmpeg411:25
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SiFuhanyone know of a PC similar to the Onenuts T1 mini PC without the need of a projector. Must have rj45 connection?18:03
ryuoNo. That could be one of a kind.18:08
ryuoHow many people actually need a projector integrated with a PC...?18:09
john_cephalopodaMaybe some normal tablet supports USB ethernet dongles.18:10
john_cephalopodaMicrosoft Surface maybe?18:10
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ryuough. people.18:21
ryuothey ask for a repo with ZFS and get all indignant when it's not exactly what they actually wanted.18:22
SiFuhryuo: 'without the need of a projector'18:24
SiFuhI am looking for something similar 'without the need of a projector' but must have an rj45 connection.18:25
SiFuhI could go rasberry pi or some similar shit.. but I'd prefer something prebuilt18:26
ryuoWithout the need of a projector?18:27
SiFuhyes i don't want a projector18:27
JanCSiFuh: something like this:
SiFuhand that onenuts is not realy for public sale18:28
SiFuhJanC: Yeah, but I didn't like that but I am considering it ;-)18:28
ryuoSiFuh: so what are you looking for? an external monitor?18:28
JanCone Onenuts T1 review described it as "a Gole 1 with a projector"18:29
SiFuha computer the same size as a moblie phone   about 5"  don't care if it is thick. something that is not embedded, and I sure as hell don't want windows or android on it, so I want the capabilities of installing a unix like system on it. I need RJ45 for ethernet ability, touch screen and some USB ports18:30
SiFuhJanC: yes Janc, but the gole1 is a little larger18:30
SiFuhJanC: if worse come to worse then yeah I will probably go the gole118:32
JanCthere are some touch display modules for RPi & similar small computers, of course18:33
SiFuhyeah, it may be the last resort18:33
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SiFuhI just wish my nokia n900 had opensource hardware ;-)18:36
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JanCyou could also look into some phones which can run a custom OS (you'd likely need an Android kernel & some binary drivers, but everything else could be like a regular linux)18:37
JanC(not even a real Android kernel per sé, although it might need some Android features for the drivers, I guess)18:42
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SiFuhJanc: i may go that18:51
SiFuhI can kill the windows18:52
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jaegercan someone using libinput with a touchpad on crux 3.3 run 'udevadm test /sys/class/input/eventX' for me and pastebin the output? replace eventX with the proper one for your touchpad22:32
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joacimi thought i used libinput on my laptop, but it turns out i still use evdev23:05
jaegerall good23:12
jaegermaraku: is your ports host down currently?23:28
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joacimcan i not choose how many lines a notch on my scroll wheel skips with libinput/xorg?23:55
joacimscrolling with this mouse feels so slow23:55
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