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ryuodoes sRGB matter much to laptop LCD screens?02:33
ryuosupposedly 45% is considered crap, but does it matter? i've never noticed a difference.02:33
jaegerDepends on your needs02:35
jaegerIf you want to do color-sensitive stuff, maybe02:36
jaegerFor example, at the brain research place where I used to work, we paid shitloads for nice monitors with full RGB color gamut02:36
brian|lfshey all02:37
brian|lfsCRUX 3.4 rc2 no issues so far02:40
jaegergood deal02:40
brian|lfsof course been running 3.4 for months02:40
brian|lfsUpdated my cura packages to 3.302:40
brian|lfsand it seems when you open one STL file the pervious ones still open02:41
brian|lfsthey could of fixed that guess they don't like Linux the devs02:41
brian|lfswow lol02:44
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ryuojaeger: eh, i only ever edit pixel art, and it uses much shallower bit depths.03:49
ryuojaeger: like 16 bit colors.03:49
jaegerin that case, not worth the money/worry03:50
ryuoi'm not a graphics designer ether.03:50
ryuoplus i'm also partially color blind.03:50
ryuoso that might explain why i don't notice it.03:51
ryuocrisp fonts are far more relevant to me anyway.03:52
ryuoi actually do notice that.03:52
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pedjacolor management on Linux was a PITA. it's a bit better these days10:14
pedjaFirefox is color-aware, with a bit of tweaking10:15
pedjacolord (no, it's not part of systemd) seems to be the way to go10:24
pedjabut 'dispwin -I $monitor.icc' is the simplest way10:25
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john_cephalopodaOh, another Intel bug.11:46
john_cephalopodaMy next processor is RISC-V ;รพ11:46
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: sounds RISC-Y.11:46
john_cephalopodaryuo: You mean I shouldn't go into battle unARMed?11:49
ryuojohn_cephalopoda: Yep. It's hard to fight without any arms.11:50
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SitriWhat's the new intel bug?12:20
SitriThat's the old one12:21
john_cephalopodaGerman computer magazin heise reported exclusively about it.12:33
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pedjatwo weeks offline. that should be fun...14:09
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frinnstgood luck14:58
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SiFuh pedja: did you know there was a new Stargate series?16:10
joacimjust some 10 minute episodes or so arent they?16:35
SiFuhdon't know haven't seen any yet16:36
SiFuhThe series consists of 10 episodes, each 10 minutes in length, essentially a 10-episode feature length movie16:37
SiFuhoh yeah16:37
joacim10 minut episdoes are a little annoying i think16:44
joacimso i think i'll wait until they edit it as a movie =)16:44
joacimalso. thinking about picking up killjoys16:44
joacimthinking it might be fun16:44
SiFuhyeah they did even shorter episodes for DC's Arrow (Specials)16:45
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ryuoSitri: a guy that gets shot out of a bow. how original. :P17:19
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pedjaSitri, I watched a couple of episodes of SG:Origins. not too interesting, imho18:35
pedjaI would've loved a continuation of the tv series instead of a sort of prequel to the movie18:38
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joacimi wouldnt mind either tbh19:02
joacimscifi with old fashioned equipment could be sweet19:02
pedjaunfortunately, all the stages from SG-1 were scraped a while back19:04
pedjathey 'took too much room in the warehouse'19:05
pedjajoacim, agreed. I'd take an 'old fashioned' SF with charming cast over soulless, highly polished one any day :)19:07
pedjacase in point, Travelers19:08
AnselmoACTION sighs at recent startrekery19:09
pedjasecond half of the ST:D season 1 was decent19:09
Anselmoahm, havent seen past the first bit19:10
Anselmobut. . . . I feel bad watching it unless I watch other modern scifi series. . . and so will prbably refrain . .19:11
pedjathanks to some of the supporting cast, mind you19:11
AnselmoI feel with star trek I may be too distracted by the fact that things are being fit into a preexisting universe. .  .and in many cases that means a lot of contortion is neccisary to make things work..  . . .19:13
joacimi always wondered, why dont they sell the sets19:14
Anselmoas an horrible star trek nerd I get bogged easily in nitpickery19:14
joacimim sure fans would love to drive a truck over to gather up some bits and pieces19:14
joacimlike a stargate19:14
joacimi'd have one in my yard19:14
joacimjust need a yard19:14
joacimuntil i get one, it can be in my bedroom19:14
Anselmothey auction some set peices in my recollection19:14
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Anselmotaking a whole set would be difficult I am sure. . . . .like trying to pick up a building and move it elsewhere19:15
joacimwas thinking more like a staff and just the gates themselves19:15
AnselmoACTION knows little of stargate19:15
joacimprobably dont need styrofoam rocks and plywood made to look like brick walls19:16
AnselmoI think captain kirks chair might be still around or something19:16
joacimscifi is a bit depressing too i think19:22
joacimthe future seemed bright back then, but now that we're passing into the scifi timelines, we're still stuck on earth playing tv games19:22
john_cephalopodaBut our tv games have great graphics now.19:31
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joacimi can wear those when i go outside20:04
joacimand only move in groups of four.20:04
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