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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: libreoffice: 5.4.5 -> 6.0.300:17
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: wg: 20180202 -> 2018042000:30
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Romsterlast i read the wget's --content-disposition flag/parameter? is experimental01:03
Romsterthe other problem there is then source=() does not match the stored file until you do a wget lookup of --content-disposition unless you store the result in a .cache or .file or something file for local offline tools like prtsweep01:05
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brian|lfsthat computer sounds like junk01:12
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joacimseems decent enough to me01:49
joacimonly thing that sticks out a bit is the ethernet port01:49
joacimi don't like the compact ones with latches like that01:49
joacimi think they're a bit fragile, and can cause instability01:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia-sl: updated to version 396.2404:59
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: dbus-python: updated to 1.2.811:34
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cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: qbittorrent: 4.0.4 -> 4.1.011:47
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pacmanFor all your old timers:
pacmanAnselmo: we'll stay off your lawn, grandpa. :P13:27
Anselmothe general impression I've gotten in this chan is that I may be amongst the younger13:29
pacmani see13:29
Anselmothen again I dont know I suppose13:31
joacimi'm 32 and feel too young for that board13:31
joaciman amiga is more my thing13:32
Anselmowell, Im like, early 20s13:34
Anselmobut it does look terribly cool13:35
joacimi would like something like this13:35
joacimsome modular hobby stuff seems like fun13:35
Anselmoho gosh, the internet is tiny x-x13:36
Anselmojust sent those to a friend who . . . . had already seen both13:36
joacimi dont think i should buy something like that tho13:37
joacimi like building stuff, but im not too advanced when it comes to electronics13:37
joacimi think woodworking or something like that would suit me better13:37
joacimor drawing/painting13:37
AnselmoI've done some electronics but not as much as I might like13:37
Anselmolotsa photographyish things somethimes though13:40
joacimused to draw a lot when i was a teenager13:41
joacimpretty much stopped that when i became a grownup13:42
joacimused to draw these shitty cartoons about a potatoe =)13:42
Anselmooh ;-;13:44
Anselmomaybe should start again ?13:44
joacimwont draw cartoons13:44
joacimbut wouldnt mind picking up some illustrations or stuff like that13:45
joacimwould like a drawing tablet. and try to make sprites and textures for games13:45
Anselmosounds cool13:47
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jaegertempted to get one of those gigatron kits, heh... not because I have any practical use for it, it's just neat14:41
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joacimbeen annoyed by addons not working in forefox for several days now15:07
joacimall i had to do to get them working again was restart firefox15:07
frinnstwhat port are you using?15:29
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joacimthis was on fedora. the regular firefox esr on crux just works =)16:00
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brian|lfsok this is weird packages get to 100% done compiling and just stop17:19
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ANON73528updating bash could help because the pkg manager on crux is just a bash script right?17:22
john_cephalopodaANON73528: pkgmk is, prt-get isn't.17:29
ANON73528yeah the ports system is in what lang?17:30
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ANON73528is it actually C?17:36
john_cephalopodaThe "ports" and "pkgmk" utilities are written in bash, the "prt-get" utility is written in C.17:37
john_cephalopodaIt could be that pkgmk finishes properly but a bug in prt-get prevents the next steps to be executed.17:38
ANON73528hm I have a machine on CRUX and I just refuse to use bash scripts, i guess i need to look into prtget17:44
frinnstprt-get is just a frontend. If you refuse to use bash scripts may I suggest windows? :-)17:45
ANON73528also the use of signify is silly, it just ensures that the pkg hasnt been modified since the maintainer, not that it is pure from the developer17:46
ANON73528ok now frinnst thats prepostorous. just because i use linux doesnt mean i have to use bash scripts17:46
frinnstwell then dont look at our startup scripts17:47
ANON73528wait... what?17:47
frinnst# /etc/rc: system boot script17:48
ANON73528im just kidding haha yeah i saw those and it was actually quite enlighting that the whole linux system could be brought up that easily17:48
frinnstregarding signify - that's the whole point17:49
ANON73528i replaced the scripts with a simple program17:49
ANON73528so just trust the maintainer?17:49
frinnstor don't use the port17:50
frinnstunfortunately, that's pretty much what you're left with.17:50
frinnstwe dont have the resources to audit everything. It's all done by a handful of volunteers17:51
ANON73528yes, unfortunately, I do like your developers mix of software taking some GNU and some BSD17:51
ANON73528signify was definitly a better choice for its simplicity17:52
ANON73528the maintainers should become developers and boom problem solved17:52
frinnstthe maintainers are the developers17:53
ANON73528what if in the pkgfile the along with the source link there were links to signatures and verification built right into the pkgfile17:54
ANON73528that would work? id make it but i dont know bash script17:54
frinnstrely on upstream gpg signatures? not all projects sign their stuff17:56
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brian|lfswhat the heck is QtAppStream17:58
ANON73528yeah thats true aswell, and then there is the projects that give you SHA1 Sums XD17:59
brian|lfssomething weird going on couple plasma packages won't update they just hang compiling at 100%18:12
ANON73528check ps or top to see if gcc is still running?18:13
brian|lfshmmm waited 5 minutes in both  tries to no avail18:13
brian|lfsI was thinking QT issue but good point could be  gcc18:14
brian|lfsjust sen an article about GCC 8 has CXX 2018:14
frinnstwhen you say 100% - is it during package compression?18:14
ANON73528maybe even run strace on pkgmk or whatever you are using18:14
brian|lfsit will say like linking 100 percent and just stop18:15
brian|lfsI could postg my last compilie of plasma-workspace18:15
frinnstyour odd problems strikes again!18:15
brian|lfsdon't we all have issues now and then18:16
joacimyeah but you get all the strange ones :318:17
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] wget: updated to 1.19.5. Fix for CVE-2018-049418:18
ANON73528oooh check i think its ps to see if the program is in a waitq or in other words stuck on some kind of blocking function18:18
brian|lfsthat would be weird previous versions compiled fine18:20
brian|lfsI will in a bit human needs food18:24
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brian|lfsrunning top I see a bunch of msgfmt and 1 cmaoke running18:42
brian|lfscmake is using 45.4 cpu18:42
ANON73528wooah thats weird so cmake is hanging and pkgmk is waiting for it to return?18:55
brian|lfsya and older version of plasma-worksspace is doing the samething18:56
brian|lfsjust bumped the version down to test18:56
brian|lfsso does that mean maybe rebuild cmake lol18:56
ANON73528that is strange18:56
ANON73528yeah i woukd try using an older cmake18:57
brian|lfswell was going to rebuild the same version firstg18:57
ANON73528if that doesnt work, i would just cd into the src directory and run gcc myself19:00
brian|lfsyou mean run cmake19:00
ANON73528sorry caps, no just gcc directly19:01
brian|lfsright now wget is compiling from my sysup19:02
brian|lfsbut I already rebuilt cmake so we shall see what happens19:02
ANON73528wget is what version now?19:02
ANON73528oof im on 1.1819:04
ANON73528was there another vuln?19:04
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brian|lfsits not cmake19:07
brian|lfseven bumped it down19:07
brian|lfsmaybe new deps19:08
brian|lfsnot sure19:08
ANON73528what a mess19:08
brian|lfsI see that as a build dep on archlinux19:09
brian|lfsdo we have extra cmake modules19:09
brian|lfsquick search we do may be the issue19:10
ANON73528too many deps i just dont get it19:11
brian|lfsahh it was already installed on my system19:12
brian|lfswhat the hell is kuiserver19:15
ANON73528yeeeeah id check that out19:16
ANON73528are you running CRUX?19:16
john_cephalopodabrian|lfs: ecm is in 6c37.19:16
john_cephalopodakuiserver sounds like some KDE thing.19:16
brian|lfsits on kfs also and was already on my system19:17
brian|lfsfrom what I see it was already built on my system19:18
brian|lfsdid rebuild it for shits19:18
john_cephalopodaOh, gimp is outdated.19:22
brian|lfsdoing it manually I get an error ccache is broken19:22
brian|lfsso rebuilt ccache19:23
john_cephalopodaPosted a ticket for opt/gimp.19:25
brian|lfsproper permissions always help19:27
brian|lfsstill building manually19:27
brian|lfsstarting to think something wrong with my gcc19:28
brian|lfsseem pretty like getting the same result compiling manually19:28
brian|lfsoh it finshed strange19:33
brian|lfsso maybe bug with the source code19:33
brian|lfshmmm make install doing the samething hanging lol19:35
brian|lfsvery weird need food19:35
jaegerIf you're using ccache or distcc and run into weird problems, 90% of the time one of those is the cause19:36
ANON73528yeah maybe rebuild gcc19:36
brian|lfswhen ccache come into play compiling manually19:37
jaegerDepends on how you set it up19:37
jaegerIf you use the gcc wrappers or whatever it does first in your path, sure19:37
brian|lfsguess I will recompile gcc and when I get back try again and disable ccache if need be19:38
jaegerCould be something else, certainly... but disabling ccache/distcc is where I'd start first19:39
brian|lfsagree but stepping away for food so easier to recompile gcc while I"m away19:40
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ANON73528did u get it to compile?20:46
brian|lfswell left home came backa nd it was installed20:48
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brian|lfsso after being idle for half an hour it installed20:49
brian|lfsso did jaegers susgestion disabled cache20:49
brian|lfsand that didn't help20:49
ANON73528maybe its just a big program?20:49
brian|lfsbut will let it sit this time and install with pgkmk20:49
brian|lfsno not big at all20:49
brian|lfsso not gcc or cache issue that I can see20:50
ANON73528hm that would bother me severely20:50
brian|lfsits bothering me20:50
brian|lfswish tsaop was around20:50
brian|lfsask him if hes getting the same results20:50
ANON73528most things i install are very small and i can just run gcc main.c20:51
brian|lfsonly other idea downlaod latest 3.4 iso and reinstall everything on th e iso20:51
ANON73528whats new 3.4?20:52
brian|lfscrux 3.420:52
brian|lfsI think it went to rc1 few days ago20:52
cruxbot[contrib.git/3.3]: go: updated to version 1.10.220:54
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