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jaegerMore keycaps:
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joacimi like that colour for the alphas02:34
jaegerI like it. Inspired by the Mini02:39
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joacimbit bummed due to ordering the wrong size belts from massdrop02:51
joacimcant exactly return them02:51
joacim"The manufacturer recommends going one size up from your regular pant size. For example, if you wear a size 32 in pants, choose a size 34 belt"02:55
joacimdoesnt help much when pants are vanity sized02:55
joacimsize 32 pants, need a 38 belt02:55
ryuoHm. Seems AMD Ryzen in HP's entry level laptops has arrived.02:59
joacimi'll wait 6-8 years when i can get a ryzen processor in a used business laptop for 100 dollars =)03:00
Anselmoclothing sizes are terrible03:00
ryuoIt seems they just took an older AMD design and retrofitted them for Ryzen.03:01
ryuoWhich wouldn't surprise me... AMD tends to support the same socket for multiple generations.03:01
joacimmost of hps low end stuff are very similar03:01
ryuojoacim: indeed. Probooks also look alike.03:01
joacimi had a hard time telling them apart when i worked with that kind of stuff03:01
ryuoThen again Elitebooks also look alike in the same general class.03:02
ryuoHP is very fond of reusing aesthetic designs.03:02
joacimelitebooks feel a bit more sturdy i think03:02
ryuoProbably are, but they're also very pricey.03:02
ryuoassuming you're pay full new price.03:03
joacimabout 100 dollars for a 6-8 year old one =)03:03
ryuooh, right. you're mr. cheap skate.03:03
joacimnah i just dont have much need for a laptop03:03
ryuothere's a bunch of elitebook 745 g3s based on Carrizo...03:03
ryuofor like $300 refurbished right now03:03
ryuonot bad for 2015.03:04
joacimi'd get a new elitebook, latitude, or thinkpad if i needed a laptop regularly03:04
joacimi spend 95% of my computing time on my desktop computers03:04
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AnselmoI've lately been using a laptop sometimes .  ..03:10
Anselmobut basically just as an interface for my desktop x-x03:11
Anselmoor other servers03:11
joacimi just use firefox on mine. as long as it can render pages without feeling sluggish, it is good enough for me03:20
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MNKyDethI have been using the 3.4-RC2 and I personally have not found any issues with the install process. Been a long while since i used Crux but it still is very familiar in it's install.11:52
frinnstgood to hear. thanks for testing!12:07
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cruxbot[xorg.git/3.3]: libdrm: updated to 2.4.9214:24
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DaVinciNeed a little help with pkgutils.17:40
DaVinciI would like to get it going mult-package,17:40
DaVincibut that has db access issues.17:40
frinnstyeah, pkgadd will lock the db during the actual installation17:41
frinnstits rarely noticed in practice though17:41
DaVinciSo my current workaround for these kinds of things, is alternate ledgers, that are then compiled after the multi-process unwind.17:42
DaVinciso instead of just /var/lib/pkg/db, make a db per port, then compile all the db's at the end.17:42
DaVincilooking through, it's hard coded.17:42
frinnstyep, sounds about right17:44
frinnstpkg/db is supposed to keep track of all port/package-owned files on the filesystem so it generally doesnt make sense to keep a db per package17:45
DaVinciI don't suppose you could assist in making that dynamic with the current static as a fallback.17:45
frinnstnever come across a usecase like yours in 15 years :-)17:45
DaVinciAfter the initial unwind, current behavior and tracking is desired.17:45
DaVinciIt's during unwind, one package at a time, takes soooooooo long.17:46
DaVinciand I have processor and disk to spare.17:46
DaVinciI found away to use xargs -P , but of course the db locking thing.17:47
frinnsttbh I still don't really see why you need this - installing multiple packages at the same time could cause issues17:48
frinnstand the db locking is much shorter than the actual decompression of even a gzipped port17:48
DaVinciNot if all the other stars are aligned.17:48
DaVinciYeah, but if you run multiple pkgadd at the same time, eventually one has the db, and the other can do it's job.17:49
DaVinciWhat I do is install about 900 packages, all the time, everyday, and it's getting old.17:49
frinnstnot sure if I can help much. atleast not with upstreaming it. the source is freely available and we are here to answer any questions you may have17:49
frinnsthuh, why? testing/lab purposes?17:50
DaVinciThere is no layout conflicts between any of them.17:50
DaVinciI'll try and hack through it. Not much of a C guy though.17:52
frinnstme neither :)17:52
DaVinciI don't suppose you could put me in touch with the dev.17:56
DaVinciprefered comms method17:57
jaegerDo you need to track all 900 installations or just need the files they install?18:15
onoderahopefully I'll start using this when 3.4 releases :)18:45
frinnst<3 btrfs18:45
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DaVinciYes, once the files are installed, I need to know where they are.19:19
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jaegerSo you need the package database to be intact21:08
jaegerI was going to suggest just untarring packages otherwise21:08
DaVinciI'm working through building the database manually as I untar.21:16
AnselmoI assume you know about the footprint files21:26
DaVinciYes. I some times let them get out of sync with whats actually in the archive, so I need to capture the archive file placement output as it happens.21:27
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