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joacimregenerating locales is recommended after upgrades like these?00:53
joacimI'll start saving my locales as a script00:56
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jaegerjoacim: make a cron job to check /var/lib/pkg/rejected weekly or daily and email you the result :)01:34
joacimi always run rejmerge after each sysup tho01:34
jaegerWell, I was guessing you hadn't in the past, base on your "been a while" comment01:35
joacim+ a script is useful since i have 6 locales setup01:35
jaegerI've got a script somewhere that I use to do a chunk of my installation/setup, though it's a bit out of date now01:35
jaegerI should update that01:35
joacimoh yeah. often during major crux updates, I forget to update the files in /etc/ports01:35
joacimso when i run ports -u, I end up with old ports gain01:36
jaegeryeah, that could cause lots of problems :)01:36
jaegerbreak the toolchain, etc.01:36
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brian|lfsya I've done that its annoying but usually I catch it pretty quick02:11
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frinnstACTION just ordered a nes classic and snes classic for work09:12
frinnstlooks like a lot of work will get done this summer......09:12
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joacimthey are for entertaining clients ofc10:08
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Romsterat least with an xbox you can clam it's a "web server"11:36
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joacimuntil your boss steals it to play games on it12:11
frinnstI have a feeling we will use these for about 2 days before getting bored12:38
frinnstalthough super metroid is awesome12:38
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maccampusCrux using systemd or init ?13:59
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workoderamaccampus, "init"14:16
workoderasysvinit and rc14:16
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maccampusWhat Linux is crux using as base14:25
frinnstits from scratch14:25
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jaegerTimB_: did you run into panel applets crashing on startup with MATE 1.20?17:12
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: xorg-libdmx: updated to 1.1.417:13
TimB_jaeger: yes, mate-indicator-applets fail to build17:26
TimB_iirc at least, I'm not at home, but soon on my way and can check again then17:26
jaegerI didn't have trouble building mate-indicator-applets, I'm talking about a crash on start17:27
TimB_i tried getting it to work, but frankly, this goes beyond me right now.17:27
jaegerlike so:
TimB_are you sure you have 1.20.* indicators?17:28
TimB_I was able to run it with 1.18.*17:28
TimB_well this is weird. I'll have a look in an hour :)17:29
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jaegerTimB_: the behavior is the same whether using ubuntu's libindicator or libayatana-indicator/ayatana-ido18:10
TimB_jaeger: re. need to rebuild qemu after my 3.4 upgrade ^^' I am only using mate-base + evince iirc. Everything else was updated on a clean qemu image18:10
jaegerI have it running in a clean 3.4 qemu VM as well as on one of my desktop machines, same behavior on both18:10
TimB_I didn't really figure out what to use as I didn't find any documents that exactly pointed me to the right source.. so I created many unneeded ports for the ayatana part.18:12
TimB_for me, mate-indicator-applets just don'18:12
jaegerThe only ones required to build are the two I mentioned... but I haven't investigated any others18:12
TimB_*t build, failing on finding either libayatana-ido or libindicator18:12
jaegerwith that said, I don't think this is indicator-related. The same crash happens if mate-indicator-applet isn't installed18:13
TimB_ok, I didn't come across that issue then. I had something similiar with the old mate-indicator-applets version18:16
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