IRC Logs for #crux Wednesday, 2018-05-16

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joacimThis wifi is great. limited to about 3-5 Mbps03:25
ryuojoacim: i've never had good results with wifi in real places.03:33
ryuoalways was inferior to ethernet.03:34
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joacimthe driver for this one has bugs which intel wont fix03:41
joacimperformance is horrible03:41
joacimcan swap it out, but the laptop bios has a blacklist in place. have to patch that out before i can install other cards03:41
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SiFuhAny ideas on how to configure a button/key so that I press it and it opens the program, and I press it again and it closes the program ?06:41
SiFuhDon't worry, I thought of a way.06:49
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SiFuh hey13:03
frinnstlet's go13:04
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crash_i should update to 3.4 later this week i think :)13:31
SiFuhI should format and install void this week13:31
crash_never tried void13:34
SiFuhcrash_: so what version you using?13:35
SiFuhany reason for not updating?13:36
crash_time mostly :P13:36
SiFuhnot windows right?13:36
SiFuhgood answer13:37
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joacimi dont get it13:59
joacimanyways. the update was pretty painless14:00
joacimoutside of the vte3 rename14:00
joacimthat was a bit fiddly, but i never use any vte applications anyways14:00
SiFuhjoacim: wrong room :-P14:01
joacimyou made me check which channel i was in14:01
SiFuh;-) thank gosh it aint April 114:01
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BitPuffinSo I started working on upgrading my server (3.2->3.3->3.4) but I get a kernel panic when booting the 3.3 installation disk, not enough ram maybe? It fails on the copying files from rootfs.tar.xz step14:57
BitPuffinnot enough ram maybe?14:57
BitPuffinhere's the screenshot of the booting
BitPuffinbut I'm not sure how I managed to install 3.2 if I didn't have enough ram14:58
BitPuffinhandbook says 192mb, I have 512 on this server14:59
workoderathis is iso is 777mb so it could be possible15:11
workoderathat its not enough ram15:11
BitPuffinit seems like it15:12
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BitPuffinwait isn't it 555?15:12
BitPuffinit's 3.4 that is 77715:13
BitPuffinhm strange meme then about the system requirements in the handbook15:14
BitPuffinmaybe if I could use the swap partition in the installation somehow hrm15:18
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BitPuffinfrinnst: is this just a wrinkle in the manual or is there something I can do15:22
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smolboyei was reading the installation guide, dont i need an initramfs to boot the system?15:27
SiFuhBitPuffin: whats your disk setup and memory size?15:28
SiFuhsmolboye: actually no15:29
smolboyeso i can just boot the system without an initramfs? i was planning to do an 'efistub' setup15:29
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SiFuhyou don't need initramfs unless you make one15:29
smolboyebeen using gentoo but i couldnt really boot the system without actually building initramfs inside the kernel15:29
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SiFuhin Gentoo you can make the sytem boot without the need for initramfs if you built you system to not use it.15:30
smolboyefair i guess, i dont really consider myself _that_ good at linux15:31
smolboyethank you15:31
SiFuhinitramfs is a choice15:31
smolboyei will read up on it in a while, thank you :)15:32
SiFuhI use it in Slackware, and hate it ;-) but it works15:32
SiFuhI also use it debian and it always cries bitch chips at me15:33
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smolboyei *tried* slackware briefly but i guess its too much of an initial hassle if u setup a minimal system15:33
BitPuffinSiFuh: I have 512mb ram and 512mb swap and two partitions one for root and another for boot15:33
BitPuffintotal 50gb disk space15:33
BitPuffin(- swap)15:33
SiFuhsmolboye: it is very good, but I understand.15:34
smolboyei really want to like it, maybe i might give it a spin someday15:34
SiFuhBitPuffin: is the problem. workodera told you so.15:34
smolboyethe problem with my ocd (or ego?) is that i want a minimal system, i just dont really want anything that i wont use on my system.15:35
SiFuhsmolboye: I am changing next week from slackware to void.15:35
BitPuffinSiFuh: right, so the handbook is wrong15:35
SiFuhslackware is great, but I am growing tired of constantly configuring crap15:35
smolboyei am on void on my macbook, it is good but it _kinda_ feels a bit unpolished15:36
SiFuhBitPuffin: no, a basic system can be installed on limited/minimu hardware.15:36
smolboyevoid is great, i would be lying otherwise, i do have some problems on it but thatd probably be nitpicking15:36
BitPuffinwell alright then, I'm just trying to upgrade a basic system15:36
SiFuhsmolboye: void works right?15:37
SiFuhBitPuffin: it is an upgrade15:37
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BitPuffinwell I haven't even been able to get to that stage15:38
BitPuffinI'm just booting the cdrom15:38
BitPuffinand don't even get to a prompt15:38
SiFuhthen that's differnet15:38
BitPuffinit panics when setting up the rootfs thing15:38
BitPuffinlike in the screenshot15:38
SiFuhso on 512mb machine the cd don't boot?15:38
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ryuois that even an x86-64 capable CPU?15:39
BitPuffinpretty sure it is15:39
ryuoi can't remember the last PC I had with less than 1G even.15:39
BitPuffinI mean it has been running 3.2 for years15:39
BitPuffinit's a vps ryuo15:39
SiFuhI should take my OpenBSD 3.2 Toshiba Tecra 510CDT with 32MB ram and try what BitPuffin is doing ;-)15:40
ryuoSiFuh: why not a commodore 64 while you're at it?15:40
SiFuhyour 3.2 reminded me of the last install15:40
SiFuhryuo: I have a commodore 64 SX  here now...15:41
ryuoIt SUX? :p15:41
smolboyeSiFuh: void works, yeah. i just have a bit of time on my hands and i want to experiment i guess15:41
SiFuhyeah cause some keys on the keyboard dont work15:41
smolboyecrux might be my new home15:41
SiFuhsmolboye: you got 1 computer ?15:42
BitPuffinmaybe I should migrate the server to gentoo15:42
smolboyeit is kinda like gentoo but without all that "insecure portage" crap that i get15:42
SiFuhsmolboye: i have some Test PC's and void is nice.15:42
smolboyeand yes i run everything on my macbook. i dont have anything serious stored on here though. i mostly use nfs to store all my stuff so i can end up switching distros without much of a hassle15:42
SiFuhBitPuffin: server with 512mb ram...  the year is 201815:43
smolboyevoid is good, i am not denying.15:43
SiFuhsmolboye: test machine runs void well. I kind of like it15:43
smolboyecrux seems more of my thing where it compiles stuff for me on my system. void has that thing too with the 'hybrid' package management that xbps gets you15:44
ryuosmolboye: could always remaster the ISO to remove packages you don't plan on using.15:44
smolboyei could but that is additional work ngl15:44
BitPuffinSiFuh: yeah, but it's only costing me £3.6 per month and I'm poor right now :)15:44
SiFuhsmolboye: void also takes the liberty of providing binaries as opposed to src since compilation is not really needed15:45
smolboyebut i like compiling :c15:45
SiFuhme too15:45
smolboyeidk it just feels more satisfying15:45
ryuoACTION signs smolboye and SiFuh up for "scrolling text addicts anonymous".15:45
SiFuhBitPuffin: try moving hard disk to another machine, running install and returning the drive after completion?15:46
smolboyealso on an unrelated note, i am trying to get rid of all the google stuff on my phone/pc. so far i have managed to get rid of everything else gmail.15:46
SiFuhryuo: what is a scrolling text addict?15:46
smolboyeperson who likes to look at compiling text?15:46
ryuoSiFuh: what happens when you compile shit? you get lots of scrolling text.15:47
SiFuhI don't look at that15:47
smolboyei do lol15:47
smolboyeor maybe sometime15:47
ryuoit was meant as a joke.15:47
SiFuhi compile and watch movies15:47
smolboyecause mostly my mbp is unusable while it compiles lol15:47
SiFuhsmolboye: on my phone i disabled everythat could be, with exception of a couple of things.15:47
ryuosmolboye: either way i just know VPS are usually a pain to install custom distributions on.15:48
SiFuhthen I installed a firwall and bloacked everything15:48
SiFuhno advertisements15:48
ryuosmolboye: OVH not so much, but then it's because they use an actual KVM.15:48
smolboyeyes and the thing with vps is, they seem way too expensive for a student15:48
BitPuffinSiFuh: I don't have physical access, it's  a vps15:48
smolboyeespecially with self-hosted mailservers15:48
BitPuffinsmolboye: for email I host my own and use k-9 on android15:49
frinnstyes the 3.4 iso grew a lot. thank firefox & rust for that15:49
ryuoin the future i'm upgrading this dedicated to a newer host distribution...15:50
BitPuffinwhy have those on the iso instead of in the ports?15:50
frinnstwell we have always had a gui browser in there15:50
frinnstand it takes a long time to compile so we left it in15:51
frinnstpersonally I wouldnt mind leaving it out15:51
BitPuffinI guess a binary package repo could be offered just for firefox for the probably small fraction of users that need that on the iso15:52
ryuoalways option B.15:52
ryuomake an ISO with only essential packages.15:52
smolboyeBitPuffin: how much does it cost you15:53
BitPuffin£3.6 per month + like 10 dollars per year15:53
ryuosounds like digital ocean pricing.15:55
ryuocheapest dedicated servers i've ever seen was at KimSufi.15:55
smolboyethat is not really expensive15:56
smolboyei need to get a job as soon as i graduate just so i can host my own shit15:56
ryuoI rent an AMD KimSufi with Romster.15:56
BitPuffinit's not DO15:57
BitPuffinyou can't run crux on DO15:57
BitPuffinat least not when I set it up15:57
ryuonor can you officially with OVH VPS.15:58
ryuobut i found a way to run FreeBSD on it once.15:58
ryuoIt required some hacks from Rescue Mode .15:58
ryuosince OVH boots VMs like a regular PC, it was rather trivial.15:59
ryuobut i had to use a local disk image install of it15:59
AnselmoI havent worked much with vpsi, but I think I'd have some ideas of how to do that15:59
ryuoupload to rescue mode15:59
ryuothen extract it over the old image.15:59
ryuorebooted into FreeBSD.16:00
ryuoI imagine the same could work for CRUX.16:00
BitPuffindunno what OVH VPS is16:00
BitPuffinI use a kvm vps16:00
BitPuffinthat lets me compile the kernel and everything I want16:00
ryuoBitPuffin: OVH uses QEMU for their VPS.16:00
ryuobut only supports predefined images.16:01
BitPuffinyou mean like openvz?16:01
ryuoa REAL kvm.16:01
BitPuffincuz I think the one I use uses QEMU too16:01
ryuoit runs n QEMU.16:01
Anselmoand so you should be able to do some tricks to get crux ontop of the main partitions I'd imagine. . .16:01
BitPuffinjust that it lets me compile kernel from source16:01
BitPuffinwhich you can't in openvz16:01
BitPuffinor so I think16:01
ryuoopenvz doesn't use distribution kernels.16:01
ryuoit uses a shared kernel.16:01
BitPuffinyeah exactly16:01
Anselmobut you dont need to swap the kernel to install another linux16:02
ryuoit's just a lot messier if you can't boot from another instance, Anselmo.16:02
ryuoi used rescue mode as a spring board to a custom install.16:02
Anselmothe fun-est installs are messy :P16:03
ryuoACTION finds the zipper on Anselmo's mouth and closes it.16:03
ryuoACTION snickers.16:03
AnselmoI mean, Id imagine if you had enough memory you could do something like, run a crux iso from memory as a chroot, and rewrite the disks16:05
Anselmoin most kvm ish things16:05
Anselmoand if you need pass over the kernel modules16:05
BitPuffinwell I feel like getting to compile and run my own kernel is a little bit better for trust16:07
smolboyealright i guess im gona install crux soon16:10
ryuoAnselmo: OVH VPS is kinda cheap, though storage is little.16:11
ryuo2GB RAM, 10G storage. Like $4.49 a month16:11
Anselmothat doesnt sound bad16:12
ryuoother hosts offer less RAM but more storage.16:12
ryuoreally about what you need.16:13
ryuoi'm letting the VPS run out because I switched to a dedicated.16:13
ryuobut, for some use cases it's a better buy.16:14
AnselmoI have enough physical servers already x-x16:20
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joacimhad to deal with a lot of those crappy repair shops at work16:57
joacimcustomers had issues with their phones that were covered by warranty, or it was something mundane and cheap like a back cover16:57
joacimhad some mall repair shop fix it, and at the same time void their warranty completely16:57
joacimeven for lame crap like displays that got unglued16:58
joacimthey "glue" it. two weeks later the display is loose again16:58
joacimthen they come to me when they learn they cant hang up after phone calls anymore because the sensor under the front glass thinks you're still holding it up to your ear16:59
joacimi think the worst laptops to work on are the ones where you must lift up the keyboard tray to get to the internals.17:07
joacimand the cable for the keyboard is so short you can't really plug it back in17:07
ryuojoacim: i've seen A in a lot of laptops, but only components you rarely need to service.17:07
ryuobut not so much B.17:08
joacimpained me when people brought in somewhat new laptops with new issues17:14
joacimthe service centre that asus/ms/hp/apple has could never figure out the issue, so it must've been user error17:14
joacimreinstall and send it back, + charge the customer17:14
joacimwas so much bs. the customer that came a month or two later with the same issue would get their problem fixed under warranty17:16
ryuojoacim: where did you work, or what did you do?17:19
joacimworked the support counter in an electronics store17:19
joacimsimilar to geek squad i guess17:19
ryuogeek squad. shudder.17:19
ryuoAmateurs as far as I could tell.17:20
joacimleft around the time they started selling data recovery services together with hdds17:20
joaciminstead of teaching people to do backups17:20
joacimtwo external hdds would be half the price of the data recovery service17:20
joacimand wouldnt void their warranty =)17:20
ryuoit's hard to figure out what to buy anymore, but i've considered sticking to HP's business or enterprise level products.17:21
ryuoHPE's service was good compared to past BS.17:21
ryuoi had a server motherboard failure.17:21
joacimfrom a stores perspective, hpe was a bit fiddly17:21
joacimsince nobody would take the service17:21
ryuoTake the service?17:22
joacimhp insists on having a direct line with the customer17:22
joacimlike they send the technician to you17:22
ryuoYea, that was my experience.17:22
joacimthey wont take it in to their service centres (the ones intended for consumer stuff)17:22
ryuoHPE isn't consumer level.17:22
joacimi know17:22
joacimbut probooks and elitebooks find their way into store shelves anyways17:22
ryuoI see.17:23
ryuoThat's HP business, not HPE.17:23
ryuothey're now separate entities.17:23
joacimi still like them tho. fewer issues than their cheap crap17:23
ryuoyea... i won't touch HP consumer crap ever again.17:23
joacimthe charging plug is a bit flimsy tho17:23
joacimthe centre post bends, and people dont notice it, so they try to force it in, ruining the post in the process17:23
ryuoThe cable or the port?17:24
joacimon the cable end17:24
ryuoAt least that's a cheap repair.17:24
joacimso 20-40 dollars for a new charger17:24
joaciminstead of having the port replaced inside your laptop =)17:24
ryuoIt's nothing like Apple's crap.17:24
joacimif you catch it before you ruin the plug, you can just bend the post back with a needle or something17:24
joacimapple crap has that amazing magsafe connector17:25
smolboyeok bois i guess its time17:25
joacimi love it17:25
joacimit never breaks17:25
smolboyeto install crux17:25
joacimat least my customers never figured out how to break them =)17:25
smolboyejoacim: apple crap heats up a lot17:25
joacimthey did ruin the charging cable tho17:25
joacimthey dont heat up a lot, they dont know how to get rid of the heat17:25
smolboyemagsafe isnt really safe17:25
smolboyenice 117:25
joacimmagsafe on the laptop side is great. never seen that actually break17:26
smolboyeit gets really hot near the charging area17:26
ryuoi'm thinking of buying a ProBook 600 series.17:26
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ryuoBut i'll see what i can afford.17:26
ryuothose are the only probooks with 3 year warranties standard.17:26
joacimso does my t420. tho the fan for the cpu etc. is louder. different fan profiles17:26
smolboyeyeah i mean it works fine but that heat is unbearable17:26
joacimlots of third party software for macs to make the fans ramp up more and earlier17:27
smolboyealso, time to install crux, see you in some hours i guess17:27
smolboyefirst post will be on weechat bois17:27
ryuoACTION changes the locks while smolboye is away.17:27
smolboyeACTION reads the lock pattern17:27
smolboyeACTION is smarter17:27
joacimour consumer laws says laptops lasts for 5 years17:28
joacimso stores have to fix issues related to manufacturing defects and such without cost to the user17:28
joacimso i never really care much about the warranty =)17:28
ryuojoacim: well, 1 year is the standard for most electronics here.17:28
smolboyeok bois here i go17:29
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joacimoh yeah sony is fiddly like that too. if you send it to them, the box always says warranty, if it is older than two years, they refuse to repair it and send you an invoice for how much repair will cost you17:29
ryuoI see they enjoy playing with their wee.17:29
joacimyou have to fill out this fiddly form to have the repair instead covered the 5 year "warranty" that our laws dictate17:29
joacimsend it implies phones17:30
joacimi never had to deal with large items like tvs and such17:30
ryuoI get the feeling Thinkpads are also getting crappier.17:30
joacimmostly stuff like phones and laptops17:30
ryuoSoldered RAM? Check.17:30
joacimare their ssds soldered too?17:31
ryuoNo idea, but that could be next.17:31
ryuotheir 12" X series is becoming next to useless i've heard.17:31
joacimthe two thing i care about replacing on a laptop is ram and storage17:31
joacimi dont care if the battery is behind 12 torx screws or whatever, since i dont replace that often anyways17:32
joacimbut having ram and storage is something you run out of once in a while17:32
ryuoThis evaluates Thinkpad X series.17:32
ryuoFrom like 2006 to present.17:32
joacimhate that you have to buy way too much ram and storage compared to your current needs, in case you might want that much in a few years17:32
ryuoX230 is the last one they recommend.17:32
ryuobasically, modern computers are moving towards...17:33
ryuobeing landfill ready out of the box.17:33
joacimit is silly to me to have to buy a whole new 2000 dollar macbook pro just because i need 16GB instead of 8GB RAM17:33
joacim"good for the environment"17:33
ryuoi think you're stuck buying PC business laptops if you want to have a real laptop these days.17:33
ryuoBut not so much from Lenovo.17:34
ryuoHP has largely kept shit serviceable, but not always the case.17:34
ryuoTheir super thin PC lines, no bueno.17:34
joacimi like os x, but i dont want to pay for their computers anymore17:34
joacimthey dont have the ones that i want17:34
ryuoHP, Dell, (maybe) Lenovo are the ones i'm sticking to.17:35
ryuomostly because they actually make all their service manuals public knowledge.17:35
ryuoyou can research shit from the source to make a proper decision.17:35
ryuoif you care to.17:35
ryuoNo idea how good Dell is. I've never owned a PC of theirs.17:36
joacimthey seem decent enough17:37
ryuoIt was interesting when I got my HPE serviced.17:38
ryuoThe technician said it was the first time they had a service call to a residential address.17:38
ryuoAnd it was the first desktop-style server they'd serviced.17:39
joacimi imagine i'll get that kind of reaction if i have issues with my switch as well =)17:42
joacimrackmountable switch, sandwiched between the side of my table and my desktop computer17:42
ryuoWell, there's not much of a choice if i want computers that don't suck.17:43
ryuoConsumer stuff has become obsessed with impractical shit.17:43
joacimasus consumer laptops have been bothering me a lot. their zenbooks only have two rubber pads to prevent slipping17:45
joacimon a lot of them, the frame is a little crooked, so only one pad would touch the table17:45
joacimlaptop would slide around as you typed on it17:45
ryuojoacim: we stopped buying ASUS after they changed to that horrid new touchpad.17:46
joacimthe touchpads they use on their zenbooks werent alyways mounted right either. alignment was a little off, so when you clicked on it, the touchpad got stuck under the palmrest17:46
joacimhad to push the touchpad to the side to get it unstuck17:47
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jaegerBitPuffin: sorry, was gone earlier. Yes, that means not enough RAM... the rootfs alone is ~430MB these days, sadly. We need to update that part of the handbook if it still says 192MB18:06
ryuojaeger: probably 1GB would do it.18:07
ryuothough experts can get it to run in less.18:07
jaegerThe ISO is set up so that the media could be unmounted if need be, so the rootfs and ramdisk are big... it could be smaller if we reworked the ISO not to work that way but I wonder if it's worth the effort18:08
jaegerIf you want to install it on a VPS with 512MB RAM I think the easiest way would be to boot some minimal live ISO and use the static pkgutils to install the crux packages18:11
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: libgphoto2: update to 2.5.1818:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-3218:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nano: update to 2.9.718:41
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: samba: update to 4.8.218:41
frinnstResolution 1 of 9: The General Meeting adopts the RIPE NCC Financial Report 2017.20:17
frinnstThis vote weight: 120:17
frinnstyou all should now be very afraid20:17
BitPuffinjaeger: hmm you mean like a custom iso?20:18
jaegerDoesn't have to be custom. Could be finnix, DSL, something like that20:24
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.44.220:30
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: e2fsprogs: updated to 1.44.220:30
BitPuffinoh I thought you meant a crux live cd20:32
BitPuffinbut this makes sense20:34
BitPuffinjaeger: would it be any different from just doing it on the running crux system?20:34
jaegerIf you already have a running crux system, not much different20:36
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BitPuffinI do20:59
jaegerOK, I missed that part, sorry for the confusion21:10
cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nvidia: updated to version 390.5921:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.3]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.5921:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: Merge branch '3.3' into 3.421:27
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nvidia: updated to version 390.5921:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: Merge branch '3.3' into 3.421:27
cruxbot[compat-32.git/3.4]: nvidia-32: updated to version 390.5921:27
BitPuffinno worries21:31
BitPuffinjaeger: would it be best then to chroot and stuff in the running system into the iso or something?21:35
jaegerProbably not necessary. Just make sure you rejmerge and reboot after upgrading packages, so you're not running a different glibc than is on-disk, etc.21:37
BitPuffinhmm so I don't run the setup, just install the things manually that I see in the script?22:06
BitPuffinso contrasting it to the instructions here22:07
BitPuffinI just mount the CD instead of the iso (cuz I do have the CD available to me)22:08
BitPuffinthe vps lets me virtually mount cds22:08
BitPuffinI skip all the mounting22:08
BitPuffininstead I pkgadd the stuff that I see in the script like here;a=blob;f=iso/bin/setup-helper;h=0f71c287ae8655b4381c99130da70700275bb1cb;hb=6ea5c28a2855e756a74df8784c4e1d6dc3637a3422:09
BitPuffin(can I use the pkgadd already installed or should I use the one in the iso?)22:09
BitPuffinthen run the steps at the end on the wiki22:10
BitPuffinand revdep22:10
BitPuffinor is there a flaw here22:10
BitPuffinI probably don't even need to compile a kernel right?22:10
BitPuffinoh I also need to update the port rsync files of course22:11
jaegershould be pretty straightforward, yeah. Do what setup-helper does, pkgadd -u the new files, run rejmerge22:11
jaegerrejmerge will take care of those for you22:11
BitPuffinjudging from the script there22:12
BitPuffinthink I pretty much only need to pkgadd dash, gperf, start-stop-daemon22:12
BitPuffinhm setup-helper doesn't seem to touch the port files or am I blind?22:13
joacimthats what i did when i upgraded my system in place22:15
joacimdid that a few years ago because lazy22:15
joacimpkgadd -u, fix issues, build a new kernel, reboot and hope for the best22:16
joacimmight have been a bit more involved than that =)22:16
jaegersetup-helper doesn't need to touch them specifically, they're part of the port22:19
pedjaThe Expanse has been canceled?wtf, syfy?22:20
jaegeryep :/22:20
pedjathey are fucking insane22:20
BitPuffinwait what's part of the port?22:21
BitPuffinor well22:21
BitPuffinthe rsync files are part of which port?22:21
pedja'pr-get fsearch $file'22:22
pedjaprt-get, even22:22
BitPuffinwell it's in core/ports22:23
BitPuffinbut core ports is not touched by setup-helper by the looks of it22:23
BitPuffinor oh22:24
BitPuffinjaeger: do I pkgadd -u everything in core?22:24
BitPuffinor will rejdep do this magic somehow22:26
jaegerare you confusing setup with setup-helper, perhaps?22:27
jaegerby mounting the ISO and pkgadd'ing the packages there, you are doing what setup would... the stuff in setup-helper is extra to account for various one-off situations like new deps, etc.22:28
BitPuffinummm I dunno I'm looking at setup-helper22:28
BitPuffinI'm just thinking about what would cause the upgrade of the ports files to happen22:28
jaegerupgrading the core/ports package with pkgadd would22:28
BitPuffinah wait so the stuff I'm pkgadd'ing is everything that's currently installed that I have on the iso?22:28
jaegeryeah, that's pretty much what setup would do22:29
BitPuffinoh ok22:29
BitPuffinso I guess I'll just use prt-get listinst22:29
BitPuffinand I'm set22:29
BitPuffintho isn't basically every package in core obligatory?22:30
BitPuffinobviously you could even switch out the userland and what not22:30
jaegerI would consider core to be expected22:30
BitPuffinso I should pkgadd -u or just install whatever is in core because it might not already be in my system22:31
BitPuffindoes it matter at what step in the process I build the kernel?22:32
jaegerprobably not22:32
BitPuffinI'm not even sure why I'd need to build a new one at all but maybe it has to do with glibc stuff22:32
jaegeryou might not even need to22:32
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cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: [notify] curl: updated to 7.60.0. Fix for CVE-2018-1000300, CVE-2018-100030122:55
cruxbot[core.git/3.3]: [notify] curl: updated to 7.60.0. Fix for CVE-2018-1000300, CVE-2018-100030122:56
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