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joacimhope you guys like video games00:09
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nekoseamI'm really interested in Crux. How good is it stability-wise?03:16
nekoseamAnd how long is the release cycle03:16
ryuonekoseam: every 12-24 months they release a new toolchan.03:17
ryuorecently 3.4 was released.03:17
nekoseamDoes Crux support the XFS filesystem?03:17
ryuostability wise, i'm not sure.03:17
ryuonekoseam: if you configure your kernel with it. as for userspace support, i'd check the ports.03:18
Anselmoone can run it reasonably stably,03:18
Anselmothere are tools for xfs in the packages on the install disk (as of 3.3)03:18
Anselmo(I am pretty sure, Ive not used xfs though)03:18
nekoseamDoes Crux have anything similiar to USE flags in Gentoo?03:21
ryuoOnly some general purpose CFLAGS or so for pkgmk.03:21
nekoseamDoes it have dependency management?03:21
ryuonekoseam: some primitve ones if you use prt-get.03:22
ryuobut it's not as thorough as gentoo would be.03:22
nekoseamWhat do you mean by "primitive"03:22
nekoseamtl;dr is it as painful as slackware's package management?03:23
ryuonekoseam: the implementation is very basic. it's not part of the actual package manager.03:23
ryuobut prt-get does resolve dependencies to some extent when building ports.03:23
ryuoit's just not done by the PM at all.03:23
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brian|lfsuse flags are over rated03:24
brian|lfsI rather adjust whatever package I need an additional option for manually03:25
nekoseamI dislike USE flags myself03:25
nekoseamBut I'd dislike having to manually install dependencies myself03:26
nekoseameven more03:26
ryuoprt-get has some dependency management.03:26
ryuoit's just not very sophisticated.03:26
nekoseamIs prt-get installed by default?03:26
ryuojust be sure you're using depinst.03:27
ryuoand, fyi, you may want to install some dependencies early on because ports usually only request very minimal depends.03:27
ryuolast time i used it, stuff like png or jpeg weren't automatically draw.03:27
ryuoif they were optional.03:28
brian|lfsryuo, there could be optional deps still but I think they are very few and far between03:53
ryuobrian|lfs: oh? that was my experience in 2006 with like gtk+204:10
ryuoPNG/JPEG was optional.04:10
brian|lfsI figured from a long time ago04:47
brian|lfsgtk deps Dependencies: atk,hicolor-icon-theme,gdk-pixbuf,pango,xorg-libxcursor,xorg-libxinerama,xorg-libxrandr,xorg-libxcomposite04:56
brian|lfsdon't see and optional04:56
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smolboyeive been installing crux but i get "vfs unable to mount root fs in unknown block(0,0)07:58
smolboyeand above that it has a few lines of something like07:58
smolboyeram1 ram2 ram307:59
smolboyeam i missing something07:59
Romsterdisk controller, most likely is not built in to the kernel08:04
Romsterlspci -k08:04
Romsterthen check your kernel make menuconfig08:05
smolboyehm, im p sure i got the config right. i will still check it once yeah08:05
Romsteralso file system needs to be built in too probably ext408:05
smolboyeyes i have that08:06
Romsterand fat32 for uefi08:06
smolboyeyes both of those08:06
smolboyecould be the controller then, let me check08:06
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Romsterfstaab an/or boot loader misconfigured is another.08:06
smolboyeim using efistub08:06
smolboyefstab is right08:07
john_cephalopodaI am using EFI with GRUB and it keeps renaming my disks. Sometimes it's gpt0, sometimes gpt1, depending on wether a USB drive or SD card is inserted.08:09
Romsteri remember reading that the images need to have -version on each of and vmlinuz or it would not be found on grub08:12
Romsterlike vmlinuz-$(uname -r)08:12
Romsterother than that i don't know still using lilo08:14
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smolboyeok im building the new kernel now, lets hope this one works08:16
Romsterwhen i was new to kernels i got fed up and i did a sed to change all modules to  built in on the .config then it booted08:18
smolboyei have a saved config that worked on all other distros but idk why this thing isnt booting on here08:25
smolboyebut apparently before this i wasnt using the config, now i am and i hope it works08:26
SitriOther distros have initrd's08:27
Romsterinitramfs is overkill unless you want root to be on a logcal volume or crypto or something that's not raid1 or a raw disk08:30
SitriAye, it also adds a few seconds to boot08:33
smolboyeugh it still wont boot08:53
cruxbot[xorg.git/3.4]: libinput: update to 1.10.708:58
cruxbot[core.git/3.4]: usbutils: update to 01009:03
dbrookesmolboye: if you're using efistub are you passing the correct root device to the kernel? e.g. (in efibootmgr) I have:09:05
dbrookeBoot0002* Linux HD(1,GPT,f65c7c9c-8a47-4a89-8cf8-2cae82618311,0x800,0x100000)/File(\EFI\CRUX\VMLINUZ)r.o.o.t.=./.d.e.v./.s.d.a.3.09:05
dbrookewhich passes root=/dev/sda3 to the kernel09:06
smolboyeyes and i have it built in the kernel as well09:07
dbrookeOK, I can't really add any more ideas to what's already be said09:10
Romsteriscsi ahci?09:13
Romsterboot off the cruux iso and lspci -k use them in your kernel09:14
Romsteras built in09:14
dbrookein case it's any help this is dmesg from my efistub booting system
smolboyei did09:27
smolboyeRomster: ^09:27
Romsternot relaly helpful as i said "lspci -k"09:35
Romsterit'll list modules in use look for the ata one09:35
Romstermake sure it's marked as * builtin in your config09:35
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smolboyeok it still panics even after i set all modules to be inbuilt09:58
smolboyei remember having crux installed once but i dont remember how i did it09:58
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pedjayay, new cuda supports gcc7, so I don't have to repackage gcc612:04
pedjasince 4.14.36(?) basically ate my ext4 partition, I am a bit hesitant to try 4.14.41. I might try my luck with 4.16.912:08
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deep42thoughtHi, I just updated to crux3.4 and all went smooth except, that I keep failing to compile gcc-fortran12:30
deep42thoughtit is version 6.* - does this even work together with gcc7?12:31
pedjaI think you need other gcc6 frontends to compile fortran part12:49
pedjaand, if I am reading GNU manual correctly, to actually use it12:50
deep42thoughtok, so I'll just wait for a version bump of contrib/gcc-fortran, then :-)12:50
pedjado you need gcc6 fortan specifically, or could gcc7 work?12:51
deep42thought7 would work, too12:53
deep42thoughtbut the package is version 6, currently12:53
deep42thoughtanyway, I need to go now12:53
pedjathen bump it to 7 :)12:53
deep42thoughtbut it's in the "official" repositories12:53
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pedjaso? make your own modifications, if it works, tell the developer12:54
jaegergcc-fortran is at 7.3, maybe he didn't rejmerge *.rsync13:32
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: imagemagick: update to 7.0.7-3315:13
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox-pa: updated to 60.0.118:45
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: firefox: updated to 60.0.118:45
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onoderawhat was that tool to find files not managed by pkgmk again?19:59
joacimis it pkg-not?20:07
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