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ryuoSomeone in another channel just leaked their nicksrv password.00:08
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frinnstfuckups are easy01:03
frinnst7msg nickserv doh01:04
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joacimmy nickserv password is unique02:19
joacimeasy to screw up like that. so best to use unique passwords02:20
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brian|lfsok thats werid after firefox updated yesterday it wouldn't play youtube just ch eck now and its working03:37
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aysiuFor uefi do I need to copy bzImage and to boot/efi folder after kernel compile or /boot ?06:12
brian|lfsno just /boot06:15
jaegerdepends on the bootloader06:16
aysiuI will use grub06:16
jaegergrub can find them anywhere if you configure it correctly06:16
jaegerSo your choice06:16
aysiujaeger: can you share your grub config I see you offer to someone yesterday06:19
aysiuI also want to dual boot06:20
jaegersure. give me a min, gotta go get the laptop06:20
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brian|lfsjaeger, your grub users uuids?07:54
brian|lfsmine always generates drive letters instead of uuids07:54
brian|lfson CRUX at least07:54
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frinnstyou know you can modify it, right? :-)09:39
ryuoIsn't OO grand?09:42
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pedjajaeger, is your ext4 rootfs 'native' ext4 or ext3 handled with ext4 driver?10:50
pedjaI've been having issues with ext3 handled with ext4 driver for months now. even had boot fail with 4.14.30something. fun :)10:53
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frinnstdoubt it gets much testing, report upstream?10:53
pedjatainted kernel10:54
frinnstmight still be worth to try10:54
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pedjaI am building 4.16.9 atm, if it happens with it too, I guess I'll try my luck with LKML :)10:55 is often pretty good. depends on what subsystem your report to10:56
pedjaah, didn't think of that. thanks, frinnst10:57
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pedjathe joys of running obsolete hardware10:59
pedjahaving*, rather11:00
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pedjathat ain't changing anytime soon, so11:04
frinnstwhat gpu are you using?11:04
pedjaa.k.a the next generation that nvidia will stop supporting in the official drivers :)11:07
pedjahashcat isn't impressed with its openCL capabilities11:09
pedjanot that Nvidia cares about openCL11:09
pedjaafaik, AMD kicks its ass in Blender when using it11:11
pedjabut CUDA works just fine, afaict11:12
frinnstisnt a cheap low-end card quicker and more capable these days?11:14
pedjahaven't looked, tbh11:15
frinnstshame gpu prices are still fucked11:15
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pedja~400 euros for rx580 8gb :)11:21
pedjagpu prices might come down-ish at some point, no such luck for RAM11:22
pedjanot before late 2019/2020, at the earliest11:23
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pedjafrinnst, did you check recently how much would you pay for your 64G these days?11:29
pedjaaccording to Gamers Nexus, the prices are gone +150% for some modules11:31
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pedjacheapest 4g nvidia gpu is 90, cheapest 4g amd gpu is ~150 euros. damn11:35
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pedjagranted, nvidia one has ddr311:44
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joacimalmost 300 euro for 16GB of the kit that matches what i already have13:29
joacimi think it is cheaper to just go with registered ddr3 these days.13:30
joacim32GB for 50 euro =)13:30
john_cephalopodaUse a RAM to SATA adapter to connect your HDD as RAM ;þ13:31
joacimthat would surely work =)13:31
john_cephalopoda2TB for 100€!13:48
john_cephalopodaOf course it would be super-slow.13:48
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onoderacan someone please try to run `telnet 18081`14:30
onoderaand ping and tell me the results?14:30
john_cephalopodaServer lookup failure:, Name or service not known14:31
john_cephalopodaping: unknown host node.xmrbackb.one14:31
onoderathanks john_cephalopoda14:32
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jaegerbrian|lfs: yes, and as was mentioned, you can always replace the drive names with UUIDs if you want (and if you use GPT)14:48
jaegerpedja: native ext414:48
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pedjathanks, jaeger14:50
pedjathat narrows it down a bit :)14:50
pedjaI am not sure why ext4 driver doesn't(and, with some kernel versions, *really* doesn't) like my ext3 rootfs14:51
pedjaI'll have to format it to ext4 at some point, this random broken behaviour is getting annoying14:55
jaegerno idea, that's odd15:20
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joacimi think the root on my server was made as ext3 at first16:36
joacimnow mounted with the ext4 driver16:36
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ryuopedja: why are you using ext3 still?16:42
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pedjaryuo, never got around to change it, I guess16:43
ryuoI see.16:44
ryuoext4 has advanced a lot.16:44
ryuoit has metadata checksums now, too...16:44
pedjaI was thinking of doing it on a next hw upgrade, but that never happened, so :)16:44
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malloc_anyone know more details about how to set locales? localedef doesn't seem to do very much18:29
frinnstit just generates the locale. then you need to specify it with "export LANG=en_US.utf8" or whatever18:32
frinnstif you want to set it system-wide, you can place that export in /etc/profile (for bash shells), or for each user in ~/.bash_profile18:33
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frinnstBackpfeifengesicht what a wonderful word18:38
frinnst(colloquial) a slappable face, a face "in need of a slap"18:39
unamearlearning German ?18:39
frinnstnah, i stopped doing that in school :)18:39
unamearmy favourite is freizeitmoglichkeiten , freetime activities18:40
unamearI'm new to crux , liking it a good bit tbh18:42
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brian|lfsOf course the UUIDs could be put in grub manually jaeger why isn't grub using them as default on CRUX?19:38
brian|lfskwhen you run the script to auto generate a grub config file19:39
frinnstask grub20:51
pedjaisn't using uuid already the default?21:05
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pedja'GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=true' is commented out in default/grub21:09
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brian|lfswhere is default grub located?21:13
brian|lfswell peja there is no default/grub on crux so that would explain why it doesn'tgg use UUIDs as default21:24
pedjathere is in my grub2 port. didn't I mention that? no? sorry about that21:39
pedjaCRUX devs know how to, and love to, lovingly handcraft their grub configs, so I never bothered to suggest adding it to official port :)21:44
pedjaI, otoh, am a lazy bastard21:45
rmullteK_: ping, contrib/libreoffice could get bumped 6.0.3 -> 6.0.4. Existing tarball is 404 anyway21:45
pedjaheh. one of the folders in new intel microcode tarball is named 'intel-ucode-with-caveats'21:49
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jaegerbrian|lfs: hell if I know, check the script or upstream source23:16
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