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jaegerpedja: it could be worse, it could be something like 'intel-ucode-DONOTUSE'00:18
brian|lfsI looked didn't see anything obvious00:27
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frinnstFUCK YOU CISCO07:04
frinnstinterface GigabitEthernet1/207:04
frinnst bridge-group 107:04
frinnst nameif inside_107:04
frinnststarted bridging the non-switched interfaces on new firmware models07:05
brian|lfsdeep breath frinnst07:11
ryuofrinnst needs a hug, but we're all sold out. D:07:18
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frinnstfuck it, some snes classic instead07:45
pedjajaeger, since using fw from there without several kernel patches 'might lead to unexpected behaviour', it might as well be called that :)08:08
pedjait's for Xeon E5/E7 v4 and Core i7-69xx/68xx08:09
pedjaand, since CRUX doesn't ship with 'distro kernel', I am inclined to omit it from the package08:12
pedjaor add 'be sure to run the latest kernel' to the README, since, presumably, those patches were upstreamed by now.08:15
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pedjait'll have to wait until I update to 3.4/'test' it a bit08:17
pedjatest that it at least loads on boot, that is08:18
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deep42thoughtHi, I finally got my usb-serial converter. It pops up in dmesg, but no new device node appears under /dev - any idea what might be wrong?16:05
deep42thought"USB Serial Converter support" - I guess, I need _that_ :-D16:07
jaegeryes :) And the driver specific to its chip16:08
deep42thoughtis there anything additionally under that point, that I need?16:09
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jaegerNot that I recall16:19
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ryuosounds like it's not a supported one...16:41
ryuoi've only seen prolific or ftdi.16:42
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frinnstlsusb doesnt suggest anything?17:19
ryuono idea. they left.17:19
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