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joacim"This information has been redacted to comply with European Union General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)"01:46
joacimas nice as i think it is that they care about my privacy, i'm not against having my name and email visible through whois01:47
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joacimlooks like they're making changes to put that back at gandi. so you can enable it if you want it02:30
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Workstersteam for windows and linux both are working fine for me.03:18
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elderKHey guys, I was wondering how you guys update to the next version of Crux. Normally I perform a clean installation. This takes serious time.08:45
elderKSo, by upgrade, I mean, clean installation.08:45
elderKBut I was wondering: How many of you say, do it in a VM, keep working until you've got the VM running.08:46
elderKThen image that, and overwrite your native system with that image, say?08:46
elderKOr, I guess, to put it plainly: Is there a more efficient way to move to the next release?08:46
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: psutils: fix source URL09:13
frinnstthat sounds unnecessary complicated10:25
frinnstand why a "clean" installation? just use the upgrade and then rebuild whatever is broken afterwards10:26
frinnstprt-get -fr update $(revdep)10:27
frinnstthats how I do it on all my systems10:27
frinnstor you can just mount the iso and manually pkgadd -u the packages10:29
elderKfrinnst: The release notes advise against that?10:32
elderKI mean, you'd have to know which ports to remove, too.10:33
frinnstyes its much better to use the setup program on the iso10:33
frinnstyeah, if you do that you'll need to check the iso scripts so its just extra work10:33
elderKI mean, will the update option from the ISO remove ports that have say, been replaced?10:35
elderKBecause I would most certainly like to avoid having to rebuild the entire system from scratch - even partly automated, this will take serious time - just building the software.10:36
pedjaelderK, upgrade is smooth, in my experience. last time I did a clean install was around 3.1(?)10:47
pedjaboot the iso, update core/xorg/some of opt, build the kernel, rebuild broken stuff on a first boot into the new system. easy :)10:49
pedjait takes a while, since I have a potatoputer and a lot of stuff installed, but that's a my problem10:53
pedjaand depends on if any of the widely used libs was updated, so I have to rebuild ALL THE THINGS :)10:54
pedjalibpng, libjpeg, that kind of thing10:54
pedjasetup takes care of injecting/removing ports that were dropped/added between releases10:56
pedjaI think I'll just upgrade core this time, and do a sysup later11:00
pedjait's an extra work, since I modified some of the opt ports slightly(conf files in '/etc' instead of '/usr/etc')11:03
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joacimi prefer the upgrade too. a rejmerge, then running revdep a few times, rebuilding everything broken in between each run is good enough12:59
joacimi always build a new kernel during the upgrade process too13:00
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elderKThanks for the hints, guys.13:34
elderKI usually run the (near) latest kernels. And, I don't often tweak ports unless I need to enable a certain feature or say, skip building stuff I don't need.13:35
elderKI guess I have nothing to lose by trying the update option and seeing how it goes :)13:35
elderKAlthough starting fresh would let me setup a "totally encrypted" system. But, really, that's not a necessity.13:36
joacimjust remember to rejmerge13:36
joacimand accept the changes in /etc/ports13:36
elderKrejmerge after update process completes?13:36
elderKRoger that :)13:36
joacimchroot into it and rejmerge13:36
joacimif you don't, you'll end up with 3.3 ports again after a ports -u13:36
elderKIt'll probably be a little while until I have time that I can spend updating - University finals are closing in and there's much to do.13:37
elderKMakes sense.13:37
elderKAlso, to those involved: Good work on the new release, guys :)13:38
elderKI say this from time to time and I'll say it again: Thank you for Crux. It's a fantastic distribution, I love it :)13:38
elderK:P Loyal user since sometime in 2011/2012.13:38
pedja2003 :)13:39
elderKWow :) I was still using either Redhat or Slackware back then.13:39
elderKI was a Linux neophyte :)13:39
pedjaI bought RedHat cd box, they weren't burned properly, so I tossed them away and d/l Crux instead :)13:40
elderKActually, Crux is pretty much the only reason I still use Linux today, as I was extremely fed up with the way things were going. I had grown out of Slackware in a sense and I wasn't that impressed with Gentoo, although I used it for a time. I tried recent Redhat, also not that impressed. Debian was never my deal. I was ready to move to FreeBSD or something - but then I found Crux.13:41
elderKNever looked back :)13:41
elderKThe fact that it was so simple to create your own ports played a big role in that.13:41
elderK:P I have a healthy distaste for RPM.13:42
pedjaI'll take rpm over deb any day13:42
elderKWell, yeah :P13:43
elderKStill. I just love how Crux gives you all the advantages without the needless complexity.13:43
pedjait's a solid base to build on13:45
j_vI'm pretty sure I would have switched to one of the BSD's by now if it weren't for Crux. I'm hooked, no looking back.13:49
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cruxbot[opt.git/3.3]: nss: updated to 3.37.117:33
cruxbot[opt.git/3.4]: nss: updated to 3.37.117:34
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crash_how long is 3.3 supported?19:40
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john_cephalopodacrash_: The 6c37 repo will stop supporting it in one month. Not sure about the official repos.19:54
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crash_thanks i just noticed the cruxbot showing both versions :)19:57
ivan_Noob question, anyone using crux as web development distro (go, node, sql, etc)?20:13
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john_cephalopodaivan_: I'm only using plain HTML written in my text editor :รพ20:57
john_cephalopodaivan_: The node port is maintained by Romster though, so they might use it.20:58
ryuoivan_: it can be done, but that depends what your definition of web development is. anything server side is open to interpretation.21:02
ivan_Yeah, it is pretty general use case so I can't be very specific.21:08
ivan_I guess I wanted to consult with you guys, since I really like crux philosophy but I'm concerned how much effort is going to be necessary for maintenance.21:08
ryuoivan_: last i checked the crux website is built on PHP, running on crux. you'd have to ask the operator of it...21:13
ryuoi think it was one of the ops.21:13
ryuofrinnst probably.21:13
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rmullivan_: I think crux maintenance is easier than gentoo, fwiw21:57
rmullYou might encounter ports that are a bit out of date, but maintaining your own ports independently of the official repos is pretty straightforward21:58
rmullPlus, maybe your stack doesn't need to be bleeding edge21:59
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ivan_Yeah, I also saw that docker is available so I could spin those images to reflect production and quickly setup whatever deps are needed22:03
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